The Poem


 The Perils of Greggie-Poo   Chapter 4: "The Poem"   Greg lay on the hard tile floor, being ever so careful as he wrote hiswords of love.   He had thought of them last night as he was being viciouslyass-raped by Luke, the huge black man that was one of his masters.   His asswas still sore from it; the thought of it made his abused asshole quiver infear.   He'd had to commit the words he was now writing to memory, for hehad been fucked all through the night that night and had been performingtoilet duties all morning, ran his errands in the afternoon and had justfinished performing for his most recent scat video his Mistress makes ofhis sessions (and sells them for a tidy sum, by the way!) This was thefirst time he didn't have a cock in an orifice or shit or piss in hismouth.    Nevertheless, he had to be careful and take his time- all he had towrite with was lipstick and his only medium for his opus was the toiletpaper that was kept under the sink.   The toilet paper, of course, hadn'tbeen used in quite a few weeks now, a fact that he should have been proudof- if, that is, he had been a willing toilet slave and not forced into itby his girlfriend.   Ever since he'd come to visit her here to confront herabout their increasingly distant relationship and discovered the truenature of the school, his fate had been sealed.   To his horror, he'dlearned that his girlfriend had been systematically instructed andperverted in every manner of sexual deviance known to man.   He resolved tostick with his girlfriend, though, he loved her deeply, and was certain hecould never live without her.   Try as he might, he was unable to convinceher to leave.   In fact, she wouldn't even touch him.   Jealously, he'doverhear her being savagely fucked by Headmistress Lynne and Coach Luke andthe others, hear her go on wantonly about the delectable taste of herclassmate Inya's copious shit. . .   Then the one day she finally agreed toallow him to orally service her, Headmistress Lynne returned from vacationand changed everything (see POGP #1).   Since then, he'd become Mishi'scomplete slave, obeying her every command in the hopes that she might cometo realize how much he loves her, how devoted he is to her.

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  . .   that somedayshe might reciprocate.    Here in the bathroom (his permanent sleeping quarters here at the NewSodom School for Gifted Youngsters), he laid on his stomach on the coldtile floor, his tiny penis shriveling up even more, carefully inscribinghis words of devotion and love for his wayward girlfriend.   His leashpulled somewhat on his collar; he was at the very end of his range in orderto lie comfortably while he wrote.    Behind him, he heard the bathroom door creak open and worried that hewould have to finish the poem later, he only had one more stanza to go. . . but he didn't see anyone.   Suddenly, he felt a rough, wet tongue licking athis asshole.   He looked down and saw Thumper, Mishi's pet Great Dane,licking him.   Instinctively, he raised up his ass into the air for Thumperto get better access to his anus.   He knew that if Thumper was foundhumping someone's leg that Mishi would find out and severely punish Gregfor not taking care of Thumper's needs.   Besides, being ass-fucked by a dog(even one with a huge penis that inflated once inside him) was better forhim at the moment than someone who'd require his full attention.   So hearched his back and presented his ass for Thumper while he continued hispoem, he wanted to get it done before he saw Mishi next.

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  . .   he had plannedto pick up a rose and some chocolates tomorrow during his errands andsurprise her when they were alone. . .   if he could just get her alone for acouple minutes.    No matter how many times he'd had dog cock plunged into his bowels, henever got used to the shock of it- the sheer animalistic nature of thefucking he'd get- and the humiliation of feeling the dog's hot jizz shootinto his guts, the dog's sperm trying in vein to impregnate hisintestines. . .   The force of the penetration knocked him off balance alittle, but the wayward lipstick left only a small smear on his work ofart.    As Thumper ground into his ass and panted, dog drool running down hisback, Greg struggled to remember the last lines of his masterpiece thathe'd been trying to keep in memory the past 24 hours.   Through the pantingand humping and drooling and thrusting, he managed to recall the last fewelusive words and finished the poem just as Thumper howled and shot hisload of dog cum deep into him.   He could feel each jet of jism shootthrough the dogs penis as it throbbed against his sphincter . . .

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    he couldfeel the hot jets smacking against the insides of his bowels, filling himup with a canine cum enema.    Thumper collapsed on top of Greg, exhausted, his swollen penis stuckinside the surrogate bitch.   Greg lay there under him, both of thembreathing in time.   He felt incredibly used, but no more than any of theother days since his enslavement.    Suddenly the door opened again and Wesley walked in.   Looking down atthe odd couple, Wesley laughed sadistically.    "Come on, you lazy bastard, it's my turn!" Wesley grunted as he liftedThumper off of Greg.   With a wet pop, Thumper's cock withdrew from Greg'sdistended anus, leaving a trail of brown-tinged semen.    "Get, ya mutt!" Wesley said as he kicked the dog out who scurried offwith a yelp.    Wesley turned back to Greg, "Okay, your ass looks pretty loose there, Iguess it'll just have to be a blowjob tonight, faggot. " he said and heldhis cock out imperiously.    Greg got to his knees and silently slipped his mouth around the boy'scock.   Wesley took no time in grabbing Greg by the back of the head androughly face-fucking him.    But, after just a few strokes, he felt Wesley's grip loosen and heardhim cry out in surprise.   Suddenly Wesley fell away from his, his dickabruptly pulled from his mouth.

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    As Greg looked up, spittle running downhis chin, he saw Mishi standing there, holding Wesley by the neck with onehand and twisting his arm behind his back with the other.    She wordlessly and relatively effortlessly threw the skinny teenager outof the room and closed the door.    "M-Mishi!" Greg was surprised and remembered too late he was never tospeak unless spoken to, that always annoyed Mishi.   Mishi was hocking andsnorting- she grabbed Greg by the one lock of hair he was allowed to keepand yanked his head back roughly, his mouth forced open, "'lo,Greggie-Poo!" she bent down, opening Greg's mouth and spit a nasty, thick,yellow-green loogie down his throat.   He swallowed obediently with a loudgulp.    Mishi watched the slimy snot slide down Greg's gullet and let him go. It was then that she noticed him clutching the toilet paper.    "What the fuck is THAT?!" she demanded.   Greg was NEVER allowed to usetoilet paper, he was always supposed to get every last morsel of shit usingonly his tongue.    "N-nothing!" Greg panicked, trying to hide the evidence.    "NOTHING?!  What the fuck do you think I am, stupid?!" Mishi shouted,"Is that it?  You think you're better than me, you little worm?  You thinkyou're smarter than me because you're allegedly a man?!  Hunh?"   Greg sat there, hunched in a defensive posture, staring up at hismistress in fear, eyes wide, not knowing what to say to appease her.    "Answer me, you fucking faggot!" She yelled and slapped him hard acrossthe face, "DO YOU THINK I'M STUPID?!"   "N-No, Ma'am!" Greg sputtered.    "Good, 'cause I got news for you, technically you don't qualify as a manin my book- bot with that one-inch wart you generously call a dick!" Mishiverbally abused him, "So, tell me again, what the fuck is that. "   "I. .

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  .   it's a poem- I - I wrote you a poem. . . " Greg held it up for her,it wasn't exactly the conditions he intended on giving it to her in, butthe power of the words would speak for themselves, he was certain, ". . . it. . . "   "Really?" She said cheerily as she snatched it from his hands, "I alwayslike to read while I'm taking a dump. "   "A. . . " Greg uttered dumbfoundedly as Mishi wasted no time squatting overhis face, her already quivering asshole right on his lips.

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     "Yup, this is gonna be a big one, too," Mishi explained, "we just had ahuge barbecue this afternoon and I haven't gone to the bathroom all day. . . ungh. . . " her asshole popped open to release a wet fart in Greg's face,prompting him to open his mouth in preparation of his duties.    ". . eghh. . . " Greg fought his gag reflex, it was a particularly nastysmelling fart and as much shit as he'd eaten over the last few weeks, hewas sure he'd never get used to the taste.    Mishi began to strain, a full day's worth of constipated shit was tryingto make it's way out of her ladylike little asshole, "RRRmmmmggghh. .

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  . ungh. . . " Greg could see her asshole distending as the shitlog pushed andstretched her skin, distorting her perfect ass, "Ahhhh. . . "   A huge load dropped directly into Greg's mouth and he pressed his mouthharder against her rapidly dilating shithole.   He got straight to the workof chewing and swallowing her load as quickly as he could- Mishi was right,this was looking to be a rather large meal, "Munch gulp gulp - guh,schlurp," Greg made obscene noises as he chewed down her fecal treats, "URP- munsh gulp slurp slurp - mlegh, gulp - urk"   "Let's see. . .   'Ode to my Mishi, how I love thee, together we will be,just you and me' - UNGH - FFLLFLTTHTHTH!!!  unh. . " Another huge load ofcrap exited her asshole.    "Mglrmgmgmrgmglmpfugnlmglerp" Greg gagged a bit as the new firm shitshoves some half-chewed shit down his throat, "GULP .

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  . .   guhhh"   "Unh. . .   'Entwined in your arms, I give you my heart, enchanted by yourcharms, we shall never ever-" FFFARRRTTTHHhhh!!!   A long, wet fart exploded from her ass and filled Greg's mouth with gasand wet shit.   The gas exploded out his nose and saturated his oral andsinus cavities.   It was a smell he was quite familiar with now and knewhe'd never, ever forget, not in a million years.   His thoughts drifted andhe remembered with a kind of cold detachment something he'd heard about thesense of smell and the memory- that they were so closely linked because theparticles you smelled actually came into direct contact with part of yourbrain. . .   he realized that particles of shit were actually coming from herbowels and touching his brain. . .   he was truly hers.

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  . .   not only was sheshitting in his mind, essentially, but some of the shit he'd eaten from herass and the piss he'd drunken from her shaven cunt countless times has nodoubt been absorbed by him and become part of his body, used to grow newcells, used for energy. . .   he and her shit were inextricably enmeshed. . . he had become her shit.    "Damn, that smells raunchy!" Mishi chuckled and looked down at Greg,"must be pretty ripe down there, hunh?" Greg simply looked up at herhelplessly, swallowing her waste obediently, "okay, so where was I. . . 'arms. . .

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    heart. . .   yeah, yeah. . .   charms, etc. . .   oh, right, 'enchanted byyour charms, we shall never ever part'. . . "   Mishi paused to squeeze a long shitrope down Greg's gullet.    "Gulp gulp munch chew slurp gulp gulp gulp," Greg struggled to get itall down, to not let a single morsel go to waste.    "'You look into my eyes and I know you love me'," Mishi continuedreading, " 'Beneath the starry skies, together we shall be'.


  . .   Ungh. . . UNGH. . . " Mishi strained hard, feeling the main bulk of her movementcoming. . .   with a vengeance, "URRRGNNGHHHHAGGHHHHHHH!  God DAMN that was ahard one!  Big as Hell!  I need more fiber in my diet, hey, Greggie-Poo?"   "Munch gulp gulp chew munch gulp glurp mgup chewchewchew gulp," Greg didhis best to crew the incredible log into something marginally manageable toswallow, but knew he had better make room for the rest and did his best tochoke it down, "mmglrch. . .   GULP!" In several long, huge protractedswallows, Greg swallowed the entire turn, visibly bulging his throat everytime.

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    The large lump each time seemed like it was going to get stuck thereor revolt and reverse course.   Amazing even himself, though, he downed theentire gigantic turd fed to him by his beloved.    "Okay, where was I again. . .   ?  Oh. . .   'starry skies' blah blah blahblah. . . ," Mishi absent-mindedly let loose another foul, wet fart into herformer boyfriend's shit-stained mouth, ". . . okay, uh.

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  . .   'Some day when weare married, and you become my wife; across love's river we'll be ferried,to live a happy. . .   ' Hey, shitheel, what's this last word, it's got a dropof dog cum on it. "   "LRF!" Greg choked out around the shit log he was currently choking downfrom Mishi's hugely distended asshole.    "Lrf?  Oh, 'life'!  Of course!  Ungh!  Oh, yeah," Mishi bent over andbraced herself, "FLURRRRRRTHGLTH-GLURPHULLTHHHHHHhhhh- ah, that laxative Itook must be kicking in. . . " Greg's eyes bulged as he felt the sudden onrushof liquefied shit and began swallowing as fast as he could, occasionallygagging on the more solid chunks among the river of feces, "Gulp-gulpgulpmunchgulpchewslurrrrrglup- gulp gulp egh. . .   URP!" Greg burped up a pocket of anal gas sorepulsive he couldn't believe it came from his own stomach, "Ech. .

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  . engh. . . . "   "Hmmm. . . " Mishi sat and furrowed her brow as she strained to squeeze anylast morsel of fecal matter from her dripping, filthy anus, but all shemanaged were a couple more wet farts that coated the inside of Greg'smouth. Greg accepted the slimy expulsions with a defeated, humiliated stateof mind, "Oh well, I guess that's it, I'll have to try to build up morenext time, that was too easy. "   Greg felt like he'd gained five pounds in the last 5 minutes, he couldimagine that Mishi thought that the task had been easy. . .   on the otherhand, that meant he had pleased her, so he was happy to hear this.    "Ugh.

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  . .   wha. . . ," Greg struggled to talk, his throat sore fromswallowing huge lumps of turd, "what did you think of-"   "ACHOO!" Mishi sneezed violently into the toilet paper, blowing holesclear through parts of it, "SSNURRRRPHFTH-gthfnnnthhhh. . " As Greg watchedin utter horror, Mishi blew her nose in his masterpiece of love anddevotion, filling it with huge gobs of nasal slime and greenish-brown snotsdripping with yellow mucus.    "M-Mi-My. . . !" Greg struggled to articulate his horror and shock, but tono avail.    "fllththhth" Mishi finished blowing her nose in the thoroughly soakedwad of toilet paper, "Jesus, it's so dusty in here!  You really should keepthis place cleaner, Greggie-Poo!  I'll have to get Luke to bring yourFrench Maid outfit so you can lick up all the dust in the room," Mishi'spussy quivered at the image of her thoroughly whipped ex-boyfriend on allfours licking the floor with a frilly pink feather duster stickingobscenely out of his ass.    "My. .

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  .   my. . . " Greg hadn't registered a single word Mishi had said, hewas staring, fixated, at the lump of snot and toilet paper that was oncehis supreme expression of love.    "Oh, your poem?" Mishi held it up for Greg to see and slowly anddeliberately wiped her incredibly filthy ass crack with it getting sadisticglee in watching Greg's eyes follow it in horror, his lower lip beginningto quiver.   When her ass was as clean as she could get it with the filthywad of paper, she quickly grabbed Greg's head and yanked it back, "Here yougo!" and shoved the foul pile of shit, snot and sappy love poetry intoGreg's heavily browned mouth.    "GURP!" Greg's eyes bulged and he started to raise his hands in protest,but caught himself.   He began to whimper pathetically.    Mishi leaned down and talked right into Greg's ear, watching the wad ofpaper in his mouth intently, "Eat it," she ordered.    "Rrrr!" Greg pleaded with her wordlessly, his eyes straining to catchhers and evoke some modicum of pity.    Mishi in turn slapped him as hard as she could, "EAT IT!!!!" - the forceof the blow made him bite down instinctively, rivulets of slimy snot andgoop tore through the soggy toilet paper and ran down to the back of histhroat, tickling it and triggering his swallowing reflex.    "Rkay!  Rkay!" Greg knew better than to displease or disobey Mishi andbegan to hesitantly chew the wad of slime and shit and paper.   "Good,good. .

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  . " Mishi watched with glee as the snots and mucus she'd filled thewad with squirted out through the paper, lumps of boogers pussing out anddripping down into his mouth, coating his tongue.   She caught one waywardsnot leaving a slime-trial down his chin and scooped it back up into hismouth to make sure he enjoyed every last tidbit of nastiness she'd preparedfor him.   Greg chewed and swallowed repeatedly, destroying a little more ofhis will and pride with each gulp.    Finally Greg finished and opened his mouth for Mishi to witness.    "You really are pathetic," Mishi stood up as she shoves Greg to thefloor.    Greg began sobbing uncontrollably, he knew he'd never be able toremember his work of art again, it was lost forever, it was being destroyedby the acids in his stomach, he could feel his guts churning to digest it.    "You little faggot, crying like a fuckin' little pansy," Mishi sneeredwith sheer, utter contempt.   She turned and saw Luke walking by.   Shewhistled to get his attention and he walked over.   Luke looked in the roomand saw Greg sobbing on the floor and shook his head in disgust.    "Luke, honey, listen," Mishi caressed the big black man's bare muscledchest sensuously as she gave him instructions, "This little shit-for-brainsdisobeyed me and that room is dirty as Hell.   Put him in that short FrenchMaid's skirt, give him a steaming hot piss enema and shove the featherduster up his ass- make him hold it while he licks the room clean, and Imean spotless.   Then punish him real good for his insubordination.   Whenyou're all done, he can have his enema for dinner if he doesn't spill it.

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  "   Greg saw the impressive bulge in Luke's jeans grow as Mishi describedhis punishment and knew he had a long, long night ahead of him.    "Yo, you got it, bitch, he's gonna be in a WORLD a shit!" Luke chuckledas he cracked his knuckles loudly.    "Good!" Mishi chirped pleasantly, almost playfully, as she stood backand glanced down disdainfully at the crushed, worthless worm before her,"Just as he deserves," She leaned down and grabbed Greg by the jaw andlifted his head to make eye contact with him and said in the nastiest,cruelest, most contemptible tone: "Looks like you're up Shit's Creek, notLove's River, Greggie-Poo!"   And with that, she turned lightly on her toes and pranced out of Greg'slittle world of pain and suffering.    * * *   by ScatWoman@aol. com.


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