The Party: Formal Ending


We’re standing in the living room area, holding glasses of wine and making light conversation with the people around us.
I’ve dressed as you desired tonight: a black, low cut, thigh high and form fitting silk dress. You want the others to admire me as you hook your arm around my waist.
Discreetly, you pull up the back of my dress to see if all the other men staring at me is making me wet. The you stop.
“Young lady, where are your panties?!” you hiss at me angrily. “I bought those especially for tonight. ”
“I, um, I forgot to put them on, Sir”, I answer quietly.
“Nice try… I’m not buying that one! I laid your outfit for tonight FOR you! I KNOW the panties were there!” You roughly grab my hand and we weave through the people to find the Host.
Standing before him, you say to me, “Now, tell him what a naughty girl you’ve been, Krissy. I don’t think that he will appreciate your unladylike behaviour!”
I gulp because you’ve spoken rather loudly and people around us are starting to stare. “I’m sorry, Sir. I had the indecency to come to your party without any panties on under my dress. It would have been very rude of me if someone had gotten a peek at my private parts. ”
The Host looks at you and then says, “Very well. I cannot allow such a dirty girl to remain unpunished while under my roof! Please take her to the back room and deal with her insolence.


You nod in agreement and then smack my ass through my dress right there. By now, everyone seems to be watching and the heat is rising in my face, as well as my ass. “Get a move on, Missy. You’re lucky that he didn’t ask us to leave! Now march!”
Giving me a slight push, I begin the way towards the hallway a few feet away. All eyes are on me and I wish the ground would just swallow me up! I don’t know what’s worse: Everyone at the party knowing I’m going to get a spanking, or staying at the party after I’ve had the punishment!
Once in the back room, I expect you to close the door to give us privacy, but instead you leave it wide open.
“You wanted everyone to have a chance to look at your little cunt, Little One. So I’m going to let everyone hear you getting your spanking instead. ”
Inside the room is a love seat and a table tennis table set up. I stand there, nervously twisting the hem of my dress, waiting for your instructions as your eyes scan the room.
“I want you on the couch on your knees, your elbows resting on the back. ” You’ve finally decided what I deserve and I get into position. Tell me you’re sorry that you’ve such a little slut. ”
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Sir! I’ll never do it again!” I whimper as I hear you undoing your belt. I gulp. I NEVER take the strap well…

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   No, baby girl. You WON’T ever do this again. But I need to be sure that you’ve learned your lesson,” you tell me as you stand near me, sitting on the arm of the couch.
I brace myself for the sting of the leather, but all I feel is your hand on my bare ass. I almost sigh in relief as 18 quick slaps are delivered to my cheeks. Then you stop.
I cry out as the belt lashes across my warm butt. I should have known better than to think it would be that easy!
“Yes, little girl. Cry out so that everyone in the other room can hear a naughty girl getting what’s due! I’m sure they’re enjoying it, whispering amongst themselves what a dirty girl you are…”
After another 9 lashes with the belt, you stop once more.
‘Maybe it’s over,’ I foolishly think to myself. But I’ve been in this position too many times to believe that.
I feel you smacking my legs just below my ass with your hand, below where the hem of my dress will fall. ‘Oh no,’ I think to myself. I know what you’re going to do next…
When the top back of my legs is a nice pink colour, you snap the belt across that tender area as well.
I’m sobbing now, apologizing to you about what a brat I am.

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After my legs are same colour as my ass, you stop once more.
“Come with me, young lady,” you say as you pull me by the arm off the couch and back to where the party is.
Everyone is looking at my tear-streaked face and my crimson ass and legs. You see the Host and drag me over there.
“Bend over, young lady,” you instruct, twirling me around so that my butt is facing the Host. You pull up my dress until it’s about mid-back and say, “Do you think she has learned her lesson yet?”
“Hhmm…. . ”
I’m trying to cover my pussy, but you smack my hands away. “This was what you wanted, Missy. Now everyone will get to see you bare!”
“Her bottom looks thoroughly punished to me. However, I think it would be very beneficial to her bratty attitude if she stood in the Corner for the next little while. Then she would have time to think about her sore bottom,” the Host finally says.
“That’s sounds like a fine idea to me! Go put your nose in that Corner by the drink table and I DON’T want to see those hands rubbing the sting out. Keep that dress pulled up too. ”
“Yes, Sir.

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   Thank you for punishing me, Sir,” I say before I head towards the Corner, holding my dress up…



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