The Most Erotic Thing


It had been a while since the last time me and my girlfriend had a sexual encounter so i figured i would make this one count. I had been thinking about this for days and i figure that the next time we were together we would try something new. And boy was it worth it.
When me and my girlfriend finally got together one even we started to make out, slowly stripping each other until both of us were naked. From there we began teasing each other as i would play with her tits and suck her nipples and she would kiss my neck and after she was done with that she started to move towards my dick.

I knew what she was going to do but since i had other plans i told her that when i eventually came i want her to take it in the mouth as keep it there. She didnt really question it but she did give me an intriguing look. Soon there after my dick was in her mouth and she started give give me one of the best blowjobs ever. She slowly sucked the underside of my dick and then sucked on my balls as she jacked me off. I couldnt take it anymore seeing her pussy not being used so i told her that she better place it on my mouth or we would stop. She knew i was kidding but she gladly complied and soon we were in a 69. When i started licking and fingering her pussy, she began to moaned with pleasure and started to suck my dick even harder. After a few mintues of