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"Well" said Roger, "I have an establishment on the West side of town, a sort of specialty shop I run with my sister. " " A shop! You own a shop? I can't believe it. I need a temporary place to work for my night class assignment. It's for market research. To see what it's like on the floor. You know at the sharp end. Do you have a position for me? I'd only need it for a week though, is that OK with you?" gasped Amanda. The rapidity of her speech & keenness in her voice not only put her temporarily out of breath, but also must have made her look desperate. "Well, I normally don't take untrained staff, but. . . " "I'm a quick learner. Opps! Sorry I forgot to tell you, I can't work during the day. Other commitments. " She gulped. "That's not a problem the shops open from 7pm until 2am.

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  " "That's perfect, I'd be really grateful if I could work for you, I'll even do it for free!" "Well how can I refuse that. I suppose we're always looking for model material, so I guess you're hired, but the training will be tough have no doubt about that. When can you start?" "I'll be there tomorrow. And don't worry I won't complain or let you down. I need the credits. " Roger wrote down the address & directions to the shop told Amanda to be there an hour early, bid her farewell & departed. Amanda couldn't believe her luck one more day & he encounter would have been too late. But this time leaving things to the last minute had paid off, anyway it would be great working for the complimentary Roger. Perhaps I should be a model she mused throughout the next day in the office. She could hardly wait to go to her second job. She wore her best blue suit with high cut mini skirt that all the 'career girls' wore around the office, it would hopefully be suitable for Rogers shop. At 4 p. m. the office closed early because of a fire drill, rather than hang around a bar for three hours she decided to check out the shop. The drive was all of 20 minutes as she missed most of the rush hour traffic.

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   She had downloaded directions from the Internet, which had put her in good stead until the end of the journey. She entered into an unfamiliar part of town, the clique West Side that she thought of degenerated into a sleazy series of cheap bars, motels for rent by the hour & alternative clubs. Luckily it was still light. She continued on to 666 Venice the site of Rogers little establishment. "Succubus!" she exclaimed, "What sort of name is that for a shop?" Some how Roger had forgotten to tell her it's name. How she stood in front of it for the first time she felt a tingle of anxiety creep up her spine. The name implied some demonic pursuit, but that was the only clue she had of what the shop actually sold as the windows were heavily shuttered & she could not see in through the door. "Perhaps this is not such a good idea. " she though. "All that crap about being 'Model material'. I should have guessed!" she fumed. She was about to hightail out of there when she noticed the door was slightly a jar, her curiosity got the better of her & she looked inside. The shop was full of S & M equipment, from bondage restraints, to leather lingerie, to dildos. She gasped in utter surprise. "Roger never mentioned this, but I guess I never asked.

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  " Why had the door been unlocked & open, it was still 40 minutes before she was meant to arrive & another hour on top of that before the shop opened. Now Amanda was stuck, she couldn't leave the shop open, not after Roger had tried to help her out, she'd promised not to let him down, even though Roger was obviously into some weird stuff. The door could only be locked from the inside without a key so Amanda took a deep breath, weighed her options & decided to wait until Roger showed before declining his offer of employment. Time seemed to pass slowly as she stood just inside the threshold for the first five minutes. She scanned the room for a place to sit, but instead caught her eye on the rack of sex toys. These were always good for a laugh, trying to work out how they work & what they would feel like anyway it would help pass the time. She crossed the room in quickly making a bee line for the rack of implements. On the way she had to pass through the lingerie section. Where she stopped. A beautiful black rubber cat suit drew her attention. It would cover the whole body, from neck to toe. She casually felt the collar, it was much thicker than she expected, but wonderfully soft, she sneaked a look at the tag, there was no price, but it was 2 sizes smaller than her usual dress size. In relief she put the garment down, "Who knows what I would have done if it was the right size. " She'd never been into S & M but had owned a few sleazy outfits & was always on the look out for a new look. She sidled over to the toy's section.

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   As well as the usual vibs & dildos there were some arousing new tools that Amanda hadn't seen before. She felt her pulse rise as she leant over the counter to study them closer. Intrigued by one in particular she slid her hand down the shaft of a translucent brightly colored two headed dildo. She picked it up to examine, & found it contained two remote control vibrators. Her lips moistened & she crossed her legs. Her imagination raced. One hand reached down as the other raised one end of the dildo to her mouth. When it became soaked in salvia she bent to double & put both heads into her mouth at once. Her tongue danced across their contour surfaces, she needed them to both be lubed for what she had next in mind. She pulled down her knickers to her knees & slid one end of the giant member into her waiting pussy. She held back the urge to climax immediately, paused for what seemed like an eternity & then slid the other end into her ass. To stop them slipping out she pulled up her panties again, she then sat on the glass counter & begin wriggling in ecstasy & finally came as she tweaked her nipples through her blouse. "You're early!" Roger exclaimed. She must have not heard him unlock the door, now he was approaching her from the other side of the store. She could only see his head & likewise he could only see hers.

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   Thankfully the view was obscured by some S& M furniture & racks of clothes. She slipped off the counter, but there was no time to remove the dildo. Trying to gain her composure she straightened her clothes & reached for some makeup. Roger took his time getting over to her, which was just long enough for Amanda to plaster on far too much lip & eye make up. The thick blue eye makeup, long lashes & crimson lips make her look a cross between a whore & a doll. "Nice makeup job. " Roger had finally made it to the toys section. "Have to fix that later", she made a mental note. That was not the only thing the dildo was still stretching her wide & providing unseen pleasure. "There are certain things you should know Amanda, you being a model & all you will need to know less than some, but it will still require your full attention. What do you know about bondage, erotica?" "Well I know a bit. . " replied Amanda as she wiggled to improve the penetration of the secret dick. "Well, whatever you've heard was probably media hype & urban legend, I'll be your guide. We need to work reasonably fast as the shop opens in just over an hour.

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  " Amanda wasn't paying much attention, all she wanted was one last orgasm & a way to get out of the shop. "What do you know about clothes sizing, Amanda?" "Well I know my dress size and. . . " "It's all different in this game, there are twenty different measurements to know for a cat suit for instance. I knew it would be difficult to teach an untrained model like you in one night" he mumbled. Her self indulgent pleasure was immediately shattered by this comment & Amanda came back to reality with a bang. "What do you mean? I told you I won't let you down & I won't. " she blurted, not quite realizing what she said. "Here, this for a start won't fit me I'm sure!" she gesticulated towards to black cat suit she had eyed earlier. Roger examined the tag. "That show how little you know, you can buy these cat suits at a smaller size than usual, it is just tighter in & some people like it like that. " "Like you?" "Yes, like me, now try it on the clocks ticking, this is your first night & I don't want to open late. " He said ashe passed her the rubber suit. This was the opportunity Amanda needed she could slip the two headed python out when in the changing room & make an escape from the Succubus.

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   It crossed her mind why would Roger want her to dress in the merchandise, but considered it might be some bizarre shop dress code or some education in S & M clothing. "Don't damage the tag!" came Rogers voice over the top of the cubicle. Just as Amanda bent over to pull her knickers out of the way, the dildo started vibrating, firstly the head in her ass then seconds later the one deep in her pussy. Her reaction was immediate, she crumpled to the floor & shook as orgasmic waves rippled over her body. The snake writhed uncontrollably sending her into another convolution. She let out a small cry & then immediately hoped Roger hadn't heard. He didn't seem to, but the problem now was the dildo, if she took it out Roger would surely hear it's hum & come & investigate. She was going to have to play along until the damn thing quieted down. Heaven knows how the thing went off in the first place, she'd left the remote control in the display case. Something else must have triggered it, like a cab radio, TV remote or something. Hopefully temporarily. For now she had to buy time, if the vibrators didn't stop before the shop opened she would be able to make an exit when the first client distracted Roger. She finished undressing, keeping the dildo squeezed between her legs so it did not fall out. In doing so she could feel it's every ridge & bump. Then came the black latex cat suit, she had to be just as careful to start off with until she had pulled it up to her crotch.

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   There was no way it was going to move then. The rest of the costume was not so easy, she struggled to get it over her shoulders & then zipped up at the rear. Finally she asked Roger for help & the suit was zipped into place. "See I told you you could be a model. " said Roger with a satisfied grin on his face. She looked down at herself in the dressing room mirror. Every curve in her body was encased in shiny black latex. From the smallest muscle in her neck to her ample breasts to her belly button was outlined. Her body was tantalizingly encapsulated & for the first time she understood the attraction of rubber & began to fantasize about what else she had to know about S & M. She forgot about the pulsing coil between her legs & asked Roger what was next. "Well this does look promising. Maybe I was wrong about you 'Miss Model'. Lets get the rest of the stuff. " "What rest?" inquired Amanda, as she looked at herself in the mirror, tracing the outlines of her breasts with her index finger. "You need to be familiar with the stuff in this shop so you can be ready quicker tomorrow.

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  " Roger then produced a bright red corset that was placed over the cat suit & cinched tight. Amanda had never worn a corset before, especially one like this. It was like something out of a Victorian novel. It tightened from bottom to top, squeezing in Amanda waist to previously only dreamed about proportions whilst raising her breasts making them look enormous. It had the added benefit of tightening her grid around the still humming dildo. The delight was exquisite. Next came the knee length spike heeled boots, which after being laced on by Roger added six inches to her stature & accentuated her legs & ass. "I can see you're enjoying this," commented Roger as his eyes glanced as her beautifully hard nipples, protruding out from the suit. "it's good to enjoy your work. " "What work," she thought, "this is ecstasy. " "Now this is a bit unusual, but I think it's necessary. " "None of this is entirely usual for me . " she thought sarcastically. He picked a small box out of his pocket that contained what looked like two eyeballs, but on closer inspection were more like contact lenses, just bigger. Big enough to cover the part of the eye visible from the outside.

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   "They're a type of lens, you can see through them just as you would a contact lens, & from the outside they give you beautiful green eyes. There is one other benefit as well, no one can tell where your looking. You're eyes can move as usual, but the lenses make it look like you are looking forward. They were invented for spying & some of the guys like to use them to look at women without them knowing!" At that he slapped her ass, making her stand straight to attention breasts out, buttocks clenched & mouth wide open. "We'll use these later, I'm getting a head of myself. Thanks for reminding me. Your gag. " With considerable speed & dexterity he slid a gag into her gapping mouth, the crimson lips closed around it before she could complain. The gag consisted of two parts. An inner O ring that sat just behind her teeth, that kept her mouth open. The other gag was in the form of a dildo that was designed to slip perfectly through the O hole deep into the throat of its victim. "Now don't fight, were almost done. You don't want me to take you across my knee & spank you. Do you?" Her ass still stung a little & she half wished for more, but as she was now gagged the question had to remain rhetorical. Next came a partial hood, if left her face exposed, but allowed her long hair to be pulled through a hole in the back, making a cute pony tail.


   This was followed by a neck corset that kept her head facing forward & allowed no movement. The gag prevented her asking any questions to it's purpose. Now the lens were put in & as expected they did not effect her vision. "How are you feeling, Pony?" Inquired Roger "It's Amanda you idiot. " she thought , but in her current state of sensory bliss she didn't react. Next came some shinny metal cuffs & a metal belt which fitted perfectly. Amanda wondered about the time, it must be close to opening & her chance to leave, although she was not ready yet. She wanted to see where this little erotic adventure would lead. Amanda was lead to a low pedestal with a low wire frame on it. "Allow me!" instructed Roger. "Kneel down here. "It was difficult for Amanda to see the pedestal as the neck corset didn't allow her head to move independently of her body. Roger guided her down gently, bending her forward on to the wire frame. The wire was black & very thin but obviously extremely strong. It held her weight without giving at all.

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   "Keep leaning further forward. Stretch, almost there. " Then a click followed by another as her hands were fastened to the frame, then two more as her feet & another at her waste. She was bound, ass in the air on all fours , back arched head up looking straight forward. "What's this contraption?" Amanda panicked. Up until a minute ago she was in charge, she could leave at here own whim, or could she? Now there was no debate as to whom was in charge. Roger went to work attaching a few extra fastenings, after which she could not move an inch. From the outside the wire frame was invisible, hidden in the restraints & underneath Amanda's body. "What a delightful ass you have Pony, Perhaps I will have to spank it. But first things first. The shop opens in a minute. He moved around to face her. He delicately applied some sticky substance to her closed eyelids, then told her to open her eyes wide & hold them open for at least a minute or face a good spanking. She opened her eyes as commanded, after a minute the glue had taken effect & she could not even blink. "From the outside no one will know you're anything but a doll!" A small saddle was then flung around Amanda's back & strapped in place.

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   To the dildo gag were added reigns & blinkers. The pony could only feel the saddle as she could not move to see it. "Now finally the crowning glory. " Roger reaches between Amanda's legs & unzipped a crotch panel that Amanda had failed to notice, revealing the doubled over dildo soaked with cum & still throbbing. "I guess I can turn this off now. It's served it's purpose. "Amanda blinks & her eyes widen in amazement. "I watched you ever since you entered the building on closed circuit TV. I saw you play with the merchandise. Good choice, by the way. That's stuffs great to play with but we need to show the punters more. First I need to shave you pussy, hope you don't mind, but have you ever seen a model with pubes?" Roger extracted the two headed member & then proceeded to shave Amanda's pussy with an electric razor. " Tomorrow I want you to shave before you get here, I am sorry I forgot to tell you yesterday. " "That's not all!", thought Amanda. It only took a few minutes to remove all the hair, but the action of the mechanical razor had stimulated Amanda clit no end.

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   "Now the chastity belt, we don't want anyone playing with you without permission do we?" The metal guard was attached to the waist belt & pulled between Amanda dripping thighs. "I didn't realize you would be so wet so I'll have to put a dildo in you to stop any leakage. " A modest size dildo was slid in along with a small vibrator. Moving to her quivering ass Roger inserted a small bid plug with a horses tail attached to it. The chastity belt was then locked shut, holding them both firmly in place. Amanda could feel her self cuming again, this was accelerated as the dildo inside her slowly inflated to twice its original size. Then followed the butt plug to similar proportions. Roger stood on a lever at the edge of the pedestal which allowed it to rise onto a set of wheels allowing it to move effortlessly in any direction. Roger could sensed her arousal & could hold back no longer, he wanted to wait until after hours to spank & fuck her, but looking at her prone rubber clad physique he no could no longer contain himself. Still behind Amanda he unzipped his pants to unleash his aching member. The taking the reigns in his hands he looped them round the back of her head then slowly wheeled her round & towards his waiting penis. Roger leant forward & removed the outer penis gag from Amanda's mouth. Stood up & slowly pulled the reigns in, causing the pedestal & Amanda to roll towards him. Her head was at the perfect height, her mouth still held open by the O ring gag slid perfectly over his to allow him unfettered access to her orifice. All she could move was her tongue & that only encouraged him.

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   He came quite quickly, but quite voluminously, filling her mouth with thick semen, that dribbled down her chin. Quickly Roger replaced the penis shaped gag & returned his member to it's hiding place. Amanda could not spit the cum out because of the dildo, then she tried to swallow the cum, but the neck corset prevented her, she would have to endure with a mouth full of semen for the duration. "Now you're ready for the customers little Pony. " Motionless Amanda was turned towards the front of the store & up to the still shuttered windows. Roger ensured that all the price tags are present & visible. He then whacked the Pony's ass with a riding crop that is then placed in a nearby bin, labeled "Try me out on the Pony". Roger raises the shutters to give Amanda a commanding view of the street, there is already a line of avid customers outside, who immediately start to study the new exhibit in the shop window. "They always make those mannequins look too good to be true. " one comments. "Tell me where I could find a real slave that looked half that good. " As he unlocks the door for business, Roger says " By the way I like your make up, I wasn't being sarcastic earlier, it is very appropriate, they always overdo it on the showroom models. I knew you'd make a good model. See you at two!" The vibrator suddenly spurts to life as the door swings open. Amanda gets ready for a long night.

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