The Idea 4


The Idea.
How it all began.
It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”
He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.
The Doctor fetish.
All names changed to protect the guilty.
We were approached by a 23 year old woman, Cassandra Crabtree; she was 5’6” tall short cropped blonde hair (almost boyish in appearance) vital statistics 36 – 28 – 35. We met her in her local public house and sat in a corner when she confided her fantasy to us.
We asked the sort of time scale for this as her fantasy posed us a few problems equipment wise. As soon as possible was her reply and she handed us an envelope with £250 in as a deposit against any expenses. We gave her a code name and took a contact number and said “we will be in touch”.

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Having made several enquires about hiring venues with studio type accommodation; we drew a blank finding anything resembling a doctor’s surgery. How ever a contact from my previous employment in security put us on to two things. 1. A company that hired theatrical props and a self storage company that turned a blind eye to what the storage were used for. We could even hire the area by the hour if need be.
Again my D I Y skills came in handy as we made bolt together false walls which when painted would suffice for the doctors surgery. We manage to hire a medical exam table but got several funny looks when we asked for it to be delivered to a self storage address. I decided to level with the woman taking the order and explained about our company.
I Contacted Cassandra, and arranged to meet to show her the photo’s of her doctor for approval, she chose Bob, my ex Security manager. The nurse was more of a challenge; I only had two photos of women. Sandie the nurse from our first film, who had agreed to sign on with us, and my soon to be live in slave Karen.
Cassandra chose Sandie, especially when I told her she was actually a real nurse. A date was arranged for the filming and everything was Go. Cassandra asked me what the final cost was likely to be. I explained that out of her £250 deposit I had paid out £25.

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  00 for the storage area, £35. 00 for the hire of the exam table, £40. 00 for timber and sheeting to make the room look like a surgery. So by the Time I paid £50. 00 expenses to the two other stars she had only £50. 00 left to cover incidentals like speculums, latex gloves and costumes. I estimated she would need to find a further £200 to cover costs of filming and editing. She agreed and asked me to walk her to a cash point where she would give me the cash there and then. I explained that was not the way we worked the balance would be due upon handing over the final DVD. “What if I decided not to pay you though” she said. “Oh we never worry about that because until final payment is made, the film is our property and would be sold to an internet site for more than enough to cover our costs” I replied. “Then the only worry for the customer would be whether or not their neighbours got to access the internet file” I added. “I can see how that would persuade even the meanest of women to pay up!” she laughed.
We shook hands and I left having everything sorted for a Wednesday night filming. I checked with Bob and Sandie and both were available for that night.

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Wednesday daytime, was a bit rushed for Mick and I, we had to deliver the backdrops and bolt them together, and be there to accept delivery of the examination bed, sort out other bits of furniture to compliment the surgery. So by 4 pm we were both hungry and knackered. We knew the stars would not arrive till 9. pm after the main storage depot had closed.
Mick had really out done himself this time he had managed to pick up from a second source a metal examination drawer unit on wheels. A backless stool on wheels. The gowns to be used by the GP and the nurse came from Sandie as did the plain blue open backed gown for Cassandra to wear.
When Sandie turned up, she handed me a black case and said “These things went missing two weeks ago from where I work and have not been missed so you may keep this for future endeavours!” I checked them out, there were Stethoscope, three different Speculums, two boxes of latex gloves, a box of surgical masks, plastic spatula’s as used in the real clinics. She even produced a blood pressure hand operated unit, but said this unfortunately will have to be returned. I could not thank her enough, I handed her expenses and promised her another £40 for the equipment she had supplied.
We were finally all set, the lighting was in place, and the stars had arrived and were changing. Lights, Action, rolling.
Cassandra led by Sandie entered the room, was assisted up on to the Examination table, her legs were placed in the stirrups and her gown discreetly pull up to display her cunt. Dr Bob entered the room and walked over to Cassandra, introduced himself to her and said “Are you ok, with the fact that this examination is outside normal surgery hours?” Cassandra answered “Yes Doctor, its good of you to fit me in because my employers would not allow me time off during the day.
Dr Bob then introduced Sandie “This is nurse Stevens, who will be assisting me” The two women nodded their heads to each other.

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   Seating himself on the stool between Cassandra’s legs he asked “What seems to be the problem, Miss Crabtree?” “Please call me Cassandra. ” She replied. “It’s just that I get uncomfortable when my boyfriend and I make love. It always ends up hurting me so I can not enjoy the experience!” She added. “OH and May I ask is your boyfriend very well endowed. ” Dr. Bob asked. “No that’s just it, even fully hard he is only four inches and really thin at that” came her reply. “So you think the problem lies with in you, I take it?” asked Dr Bob. “I don’t know, but if it keeps happening I am afraid I will lose him” she responded.
Several questions later, “Cassandra, I am going to suggest a little experiment, all your replies seem to indicate a lubrication problem” Dr Bob suggested. “Please feel free to refuse if you think it strange” he continued, “nurse Stevens here will stimulate your body until you’re on the verge of an orgasm and then I will examine you!” he offered. “That is a strange sort to exam, but I am desperate to find a solution, so carry on” said a shaking Cassandra.
Sandie came forward and slowly removed the gown covering Cassandra’s 36 B breasts, Turning and folding the gown she placed it on the cabinet. “Will you stay and observe, Dr?” asked Sandie.

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   “If it will not interfere with the process!” he replied. “Oh, please Stay Dr, I feel more comfortable with you both being present!” Cassandra said. “Very well, Cassandra, if you insist. I will just stand here by your head and observe your reactions!” the Dr replied. By now Sandie was stood between Cassandra’s open legs. She reached forward gently rubbing her palms over Cassandra rapidly hardening nipples. A low moan escaped Cassandra’s lips. “Does that feel Good, Cassandra?” asked the Dr. “OH yes, I can’t believe how good a woman’s touch could be!” she rasped.
“Just wait then, Cassandra. See how you feel when I start licking your clit!” Sandra quipped. “Oh I really can’t wait, you’re a sexy nurse, Sandra” Cassandra added. As Sandra lowered her head towards Cassandra’s cute cunt, Cassandra slipped her left hand off the table and came into contact with bare flesh. Raising her head and looking where her hand had come to rest. She suddenly realized that the doctor had very little on beneath his green surgical gown.

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   Gingerly she raised her hand beneath the hem of the gown. Bob smiled down at her. Her hand confirmed that bob was indeed naked beneath his gown as her hand closed around his throbbing hard cock.
“May I see?” Cassandra asked. “Of course you may, Cassandra. ” Bob replied. Bob then lifted his gown, exposing his eight inch rock hard cock. “WOW, that’s so big and so hard, can I suck it please, Dr?” she purred. Bob moved closer to Cassandra and she bobbed her head down till her lips made contact with the purple head. Sandie was now busy probing Cassandra’s cunt with her tongue as Bob began sliding his prick into Cassandra’s mouth. Bob slipped his gown off and spoke to Sandie “Come on Sandie, you’re the only one still dressed, off with that gown!” Reluctantly Sandie stopped her ministrations on Cassandra’s cunt and steeped out of her gown.
Walking up beside Bob, She smiled and said “Bet that feels so good, she seems a real pro at sucking cock!” “You wouldn’t believe how skilful this little slut is!” he replied. “I bet she could be just as good licking your wet cunt, Sandie!” he added. Cassandra stopped sucking on Bob’s prick and looked at Sandie, “I’ve never sucked on a cunt before, but I am willing to try. Hop up her and let’s see what I can do” Cassandra sighed.

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   Sandie carefully placed her knees either side of Cassandra’s head and lowered her cunt towards the girl’s mouth. Bob meanwhile went and stood between Cassandra’s legs. Sliding a finger into Cassandra’s cunt, he asked “Any Sign of the pain you were talking about, Cassandra?” Cassandra mumbled into Sandie’s cunt.
    Before Sandie raised herself up and allowed Cassandra to answer. “No, all of this seems so horny and great, I feel wonderful!”
    “How about this then?” Dr Bob asked, as he eased his prick into her tight cunt. “No that feels even better, Dr!” she replied. Bob slowly began to fuck her cunt with long slow strokes. Suddenly he fully withdrew his prick and Sandie leaned down to suck it clean of Cassandra’s juices. Bob reached over to the side and removed a large speculum from the top drawer of the cabinet. Stepping back he slowly inserted it into Cassandra’s Cunt, by manipulating the screws and slides, he opened wide Cassandra’s cunt. He leaned forward and gently blew into the ribbed interior of her cunt. Cassandra moaned as her body gave an involuntary shiver. Sandie lowered her cunt back to Cassandra’s mouth and said “Come on Bitch, back to the job in hand, I want to fill your mouth with my cum juice!” Cassandra resumed her feverish licks of Sandie’s cunt and quickly both girls neared their climax. Bob not being a proper doctor was fascinated with the effect of Cassandra’s approaching climax had on her cunt lining. The void seemed to flood with juices as the muscles rippled around the speculum.

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       He then released the speculum and sensing the natural lubrication on it would be sufficient, he slide it into Cassandra’s anal ring.
    Once fully embedded, he began opening it up again. Until it would stretch the anal ring no further. He then reintroduced his prick into Cassandra’s cunt and began forcefully fucking her. He said “Tell me if I hurt you or your pains start, Cassandra” Cassandra was too busy drinking down the clear nectar from Sandie’s cunt to reply. Bob noted how much tighter her cunt felt with anal ring stretched, No wonder women like being double fucked he thought to himself.
    By now Sandie and Cassandra had achieved a second orgasm apiece and Sandie started to lift herself off her willing licker below her. She walked round behind Bob on wobbly legs. She stroked his arse cheeks and then slowly inserted her finger into his arse. This in turn caused Bob to firstly shorten his strokes until he became used to the finger now touching his prostrate.
    This stimulation proved too much for Bob, He felt his balls tighten and just managed to withdraw his cock before the first spurt arced up and onto Cassandra’s pert tits. As his climax subsided the spurts reach less distances until the final few spurts collected in Cassandra’s belly button. Sandra quickly walked round the side of the table and promptly licked the streams of spunk from Cassandra’s tits. She could not resist the chance to nip her left nipple between her teeth and was rewarded with further sighs coming from Cassandra. Then Sandra continued to suck up all the spunk on Cassandra’s body.

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       “Well Cassandra, to be honest I can not see why you and your boyfriend were experiencing the problems you described!” Dr Bob said.
    Sandie added “May be we need a further session with your boyfriend present to see what he may be doing wrong!” Cassandra said “I would love another session especially like this one, but I am not sure John would be happy to join in” Bob replied “Yeah but if you did not tell him what would happen and let Sandie and I coax him into the action just as we have done to you”
    Everybody then dressed and I noticed all three swap phone numbers as Mick and I began packing up the filming equipment. We broke down the Scenery and decide to hire the lock up to store them in.
    Two weeks later I presented Cassandra with her finalised DVD and presented her with her final bill. She could not thank me enough saying “My fantasy was great, but filming it easily surpassed that. I have no hesitation in recommending your company to my close friends” I thanked her and left.
    Footnote. Cassandra contacted us again three months later saying “Could you arrange a follow up session exactly like the last one only this time with someone to play my boyfriend!” I replied “yes anything is possible” “I will be in touch when I have arranged possible boyfriend!” I added.



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