The Honeymooners


Topic: The Honeymooners
Let me start off by introducing myself my name is Jackson I’m your average 25 year old white male, 5’ 10”, broad shoulders, high cheek bones, square face, short cropped blonde hair. I have a good body sold from years of working out and watching what I eat. My best asset in my mind is my 7 inch long, 1. 5 inch thick penis. My now wife, Nora, is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever set my eyes on. I love her very much for her inside and her hot body. She is a smaller woman but has a butt and boobs to die for. She’s only 5’4”, but has about C cup boobs, and a bubble but that is just so cute, long wavy brunet hair that frames her oval face so perfectly. We were had both wanted to make our first time special and I wanted to wait until marriage so this is the story of our first time really having sex, well making love to each other.
We took off from our Vegas wedding, she loved all the pretty lights,  to Hawaii. We were on one of the outer islands in our own private villa and beach. We got in very late that first night and were both too tired from all the excitement and traveling to really do much of anything but cuddle naked together in bed before falling asleep. She woke me up the next day with the best blow job I’ve ever gotten. Just waking up and seeing her red lips around my cock sucking and bobbing up and down moving her tongue all over my dick as she took it deep into her mouth all the way down into her tight throat, and then back up where she would lick the tip with her long tongue. I was moaning out in pleasure and told her that I was about to come she paused only to wink at me and then whisper in her most seductive tone “Good morning my love. ” Then promptly going back down on my cock.

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I began moaning louder screaming her name. Then I began to tense up and shoot my first load of the day into her mouth. She let it sit there moving it around like mouthwash before swallowing it all, I found out early on she loves the taste of cum. She moved slowly up my body then began to kiss me deeply and passionately. Our tongues were in each other’s mouth gently sucking and biting on the other one. I pulled back and asked her what she wanted to do today and she just looked and me smiled innocently and sweetly and said, “why you my love. ”
With that I threw her down onto the bed and began kissing my way down her neck to her gorgeous tits. I began sucking on her nipples and biting them gently. She was going crazy moaning my name and writhing in pleasure below me. She was holding my head on her boobs so I just stayed there as she began screaming “I’m cumming I’m cumming!” as her whole body tensed up and froze as she began to pour cum our of her pussy.
I made my way kissing and sucking down her smooth soft skin to her virgin pussy. I began sucking on one then the other of her pussy lips then her cilt driving her wild before putting one finger into her tight love hole and slowly working it in and out making sure not to break her hymen. Again it she was shouting that she was close so I put another finger in her pussy felling her suddenly tighten like a grip on my fingers as she came and squirted her love juice once more.
I looked down at her, seeing her beautiful blue yes no longer rolled up from orgasming. I asked her if she was ready.

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   She replied sweetly, “Only if you are” looking down at my now again erect cock. I slowly slid back up her body kissing the whole way up, before exploring her tonsils again, now with her tasting herself. She stopped grabbing my dick and whispering, “Just fuck me already,” As she placed my cock along her pussy rubbing it all over the outside before placing it at the entrance. I knew this was my cue to start pushing. I pushed slowly into her velvet smooth, warm, very tight virgin pussy. I could tell she was enjoying it because Her legs had wrapped around my body pulling me in and her hands were grabbing as much of the bed as she could. I kept pushing until I met some resistance. I looked at her and she nodded. I trusted all the way in breaking though her hymen making her a woman. She had tears in her eyes from pain and pleasure. “It’s so big and feels like it’s splitting me apart,” she whispered in my ear. It was the tightest thing I’ve ever felt on my cock. We just laid there for a few minuets letting her get used to my size before I began slowly moving in and out of her again. I pulled almost all the way out before slowly pushing back in. I worked up to a slow rhythm when she came again, her pussy clamping down on my cock not letting it go anywhere I was in heaven.

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Once she calmed down I began thrusting again this time only going faster and faster as she began to thrust her hips back at me. My balls hitting her ass every time I went in. We kept this up for quite some time. We were both moaning, she was screaming too. It felt so good to be inside of her, connected for the first time as a couple. I started to feel that familiar feeling in my cock and knew I was about to cum. She told me just come inside of me. The thought of me cumming alone made her orgasm again I pushed as far into her as I could before shooting my semen deep into her now vice like vagina filling her with my seed. She looked up at me and said “I love you Jackson,” to which I replied with a kiss, and a whisper into her ear, “I love you to Nora. ”
We were so worn out that we just laid there cuddling before falling asleep with me inside of her still keeping me warm. Just lying next to each other as lovers and friends. Our nap lasted only a couple of hours before I was woken up by the sound of a shower running… but that story is for another time…
This is my first try at writing erotic stories so any comments would be nice,.



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