Reluctantly I paid my fare and went down to the platform to wait for the train. It was autumn and I was dressed for the mild weather. I wore a button down sweater top, and a skirt that stopped just above my knees. My boyfriend of up until recently had a thing for women's underwear, so I usually wore a sexy bra, skimpy panties that ties at my hips, stockings and a garter belt. He hated pantyhose. After we broke up, I still wore these frilly things. Made me feel very feminine. On the platform, I waited for the train. The platform was only a little more crowded than usual, maybe the flyer exaggerated I hoped. The train arrived fairly quickly. It was crowded, but I had seen worse. I stay on the train for fifteen stops. It usually takes me about 45 minutes. The doors closed and I hoped for the best. I grabbed onto a pole, took out my book and began to read. For the first three or four stops, the train moved at normal speed.

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   Unfortunately, it got jammed packed. The people around me had their backs to me, I was in a little shelter formed by their bodies. The train slowed down and crawled along between stations, stopping intermittently. It was during one of these short stops that I felt a hand resting lightly on my ass. Fingers were gently pressing against the skirt covering my ass. I knew I should do something to stop him, but I figured it was harmless, and after not having sex for over two weeks, I was horny. The palm of his hand pressed slightly harder against my ass. I pushed my ass back a little into his hand, signally my awareness of and consent to his actions. At that point, the train again started to move slowly and my molester squeezed my ass cheek firmly. He began to move his hand over my skirt covered ass knowingly. I felt him outline the edge of my panties and the straps of my garter belt. My cunt began to get hot and moist. His hand drifted lower as the train pulled into a station. He followed my garter strap down to the tops of my stockings. His hand squeezed my leg.

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   The train was so packed that nobody new got on. As the train left the station, I felt the back of my skirt rising as he lifted it up. I wondered how far he thought he could go feeling me up on a crowded subway train with people all around us. I felt the cream dripping from my cunt into my panties as his hand reached under my lifted skirt and touched my stocking covered leg. His actions became more urgent. I had long since put my book away and was concentrating on his hand. It rose to the top of my stockings, his fingers pressing into my bare skin just below my ass. The train came to a stop again as his hand was back on my ass, this time under my skirt resting firmly on my panties. While his one hand roamed freely over my panty covered ass, rubbing, squeezing and probing, his other hand reached for my free hand near him and took it to his crotch. He pressed my hand into his cock. It was hard under his pants. He moved my hand up and down over his prick. When he let go, I continued rubbing his prick on my own. His other hand pulled my panties down slightly, and his fingers were under my panties. On a crowded subway train, some guy I didn't know was inside my panties with his hand on my ass while I gave him a hand job.

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   I came with a shutter. As he squeezed my ass flesh, his other hand slipped under my sweater in the front and explored my belly button and my stomach and it made its way upward towards my breasts. The train began to move again as his one hand dipped into the crack of my ass and fingered my asshole while his other hand cupped my right tit. He played with my nipple through my bra, making it hard and erect. As he got bolder, so did I. I moved my hand from his prick and located his fly. I pulled his zipper down and put my hand inside his pants. He wasn't wearing any underwear. I found his cock and ran my fingers and nails teasingly along his bare cock flesh. By this time, his one hand had pushed my bra cups aside and he had a finger well up my asshole. I took his cock out of his pants. I surveyed its length with my hand. I figured it to be about 8 inches. It was so thick I could barely get my hand fully around it. As the train crawled along, his hand left my breasts and dropped to the front of my skirt.

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   He hiked my skirt up and ran his fingers along my inner thighs. My cum flowed from my pussy as he rested his hand on the front of my panties and rubbed my cunt slit. He moved to the top of my panties and dipped his hand inside. His fingers moved through my pubic hair as they searched knowingly for my cunt hole. I continued to jerk my subway lover off as he placed his finger inside my cunt. I was being finger fucked from both sides, my cunt and my ass. He pulled his finger out of my ass hole and ran his hand inside of my panties around my hips. He located one of the bows that held my panties to my body. As he continued to finger my cunt, he untied the bow, then moved to my other hip and untied the second bow. He slid my panties off, removing them from under my skirt. The hand in my cunt was now totally free. His slow finger fucking became more rapid. I had my third orgasm of my morning commute. He brought his other hand to my back and slipped it under my sweater. He moved it up to my bra strap and undid my bra.

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   This stranger was undressing me on a crowded subway car with people all around us, and I was more than letting him, I was giving him a hand job. He moved his hand from my back, around me, and again fondled my bare breasts. The train entered another station. As we explored each others bodies, the train sat for several minutes before slowly leaving the station. Just outside the station, the conductor announced over the loudspeaker. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the area of the emergency track work is just ahead. We have been informed that the workers just started to remove a piece of bad track. It will take a half an hour to 45 minutes. Had we known this before we left the station, we would have stayed there. The train is too crowded for the motorman to get to the back of the train to bring it back to the station, so we'll have to stay here. We're sorry for this inconvenience but ask your understanding of this emergency situation. " Others groaned and cursed. My molester took his hands from my cunt and tits and moved them to my hips. He turned me to face him. Until this time I had not seen the person who was feeling me up.

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   He was a Puerto Rican, maybe 18 years old, and little shorter than me. My panties were in his shirt pocket. I couldn't believe that a nice Jewish girl like me was about to let a PR fuck me, but I knew that's what he wanted, and I wanted it to. This little spic had me so hot I would do anything for him. He bunched my skirt up at my hips and pressed his cock against my cunt. His hands moved to my ass cheeks. I guided his cock over my pussy, and slipped his hard, dark skinned prick into my cunt hole. I had an orgasm as he pushed deep into my pussy. His hands on my ass guided my fucking motion up and down his cock. He briefly moved his hand from my ass and took my panties from his pocket and put them in his mouth. He sucked my cum from my panties as he fucked me. As my Puerto Rican subway lover thrust in and out of my hungry cunt, he unbuttoned the top of my sweater and exposed my erect nipples. He took my panties from his mouth and put them back in his shirt pocket. He lowered his head to my breasts and sucked a nipple into his mouth. I came again.

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   He ran his tongue over my nipple, then lightly chewed and sucked at it. All the while he fucked me and squeezed my bare ass. I felt his thrusts become more urgent and knew he would come soon. I flexed my cunt muscles around his prick desperately trying to milk his cum from his long, hard cock. He grabbed my ass cheeks hard and pushed into me as far as his prick could go. I felt his cock pulsate as he filled my white Jewish pussy with Puerto Rican cum. Seconds later I came once more. After he pulled out of me, he wiped his cum and my cunt juices from his cock onto my panties. He then put my panties to my cunt and soaked as much of his cum and my cunt juices into them as he could. He brought my panties to my face and I accepted them into my mouth. I sucked his cum from my panties. The conductor got on the loudspeaker and said it would be about another 20 minutes before the train moved. As I sucked on my panties, the Puerto Rican was fingering my cunt and lubricating my ass hole with my pussy juices. When my asshole was wet enough he finger fucked it while he continued to play with my cunt. His hands moved to my hips and he turned me around, my back to him.

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   This Puerto Rican kid wanted to fuck me in the ass on this subway train. I'd never been fucked in the ass before, but I was overcome with sexual need and as he spread my ass cheeks I reached for his prick and guided his cockhead to my asshole. I sucked harder on my panties as he pulled my hips back and slid his prick into my virgin ass. He slowly worked his cock up my asshole. At first, it hurt as his large prick filled my tight rear hole. I began to move my ass along his prick on my own. His hands left my hips, one returned to my exposed breasts, the other again lifted the front of my skirt and fingered my cunt. As his finger touched my clit, I came in his hand. The Puerto Rican kid fucked my ass and fingered my cunt and tits for several minutes. The his hands returned to my hips and he moved me hard along his ass fucking prick.
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       "Ladies and Gentlemen," The conductor announced over the loudspeaker, "we have just been informed that in order to complete repairs, they must shut the power in the third rail off. This means the train cars will go dark. They expect this will last 18 to 18 minutes. Please remain calm, there is no danger. " A minute latter, the lights in the train went out. The Puerto Rican was still in my ass. He pulled his cock out and, his hands on my hips again, turned me around to face him. In the dark I couldn't see him. I felt his lips touch mine as he kissed my opened mouth. His tongue passed my lips as it found mine. He kissed me passionately for a minute or so, then, he moved his hands from my hips to my shoulders and pushed down firmly. I came again as I realized he wanted me to blow him. My mind was in a daze as I slowly dropped to my knees. I felt his cock along my cheek. I moved my mouth to it and took his semi-erect prick between my lips.

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       I ran my tongue over his cockhead as I sucked more of his prick into my mouth. I tasted the remains of his cum as well as the flavor of my asshole. His prick stiffen under the workings of my mouth and lips. I was able to take the entire shaft down my throat I moved my head back and forth along his hard cock. I heard him unsnap a fastener, then felt his pants dropping against my cheek. I reached up and touched his balls. He took my head in his hands and guided my cocksucking movements. I continued to suck his cock from head to root. I flicked my tongue all along his shaft. I next time my lips were at his cockhead, I moved my mouth to the underside of his prick and licked down to the root. When I got there I sucked one of his balls into my mouth. I worked on his balls for a short time. I felt him move. He turned around and his ass was in my face. At this point, I would do anything.


       I spread his ass cheeks and searched for his ass hole with my tongue. When I found it, I licked, kissed and sucked at his tight asshole. I made my tongue as rigid as possible and probed as far into his asshole with it as I could. The thought of kissing some Puerto Rican's ass was enough to make me come again. As I sucked his asshole I encircled his cock with my hand and jerked him off. When he had had enough of my ass sucking, he turned once more and my lips returned to his cock. This time he held my head steady and fucked into my mouth. His cock pistoned in and out of my mouth rapidly. I used my tongue on his shaft as best I could. He suddenly buried my face in his pubic hair, his cock down my throat and shot his load of warm sticky cum into my mouth. I licked up every drop I could. He held my head and kept his cock in my mouth. I felt his prick go limp between my lips. He wouldn't let me get up. I was afraid the lights would come on and someone might turn around and see me on my knees, my sweater and bra opened, my breasts exposed and a Puerto Rican cock in my mouth.

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       Still he held me there. Suddenly, I felt liquid flowing from his limp prick. He was pissing in my mouth. I tried to yell stop but his cock filled my mouth and muffled my protest. I had no choice but to try and swallow as much of his piss as I could. As his piss filled my mouth he began to withdraw his cock. I couldn't swallow fast enough and piss overflowed my mouth onto my chin and down my neck. Still pissing, he pulled out of my mouth and aimed his cock at my head. His pissed all over my face and my hair. The piss flow then moved down to my neck and chest. I don't know why, but I knelt in front of him obediently as he pissed on me. My only movement was to lift my breasts so they would get completely covered with his warm piss. He gave me my panties to hold open so he could piss on them also. When he was finished, I moved my tongue to his cockhead and licked it clean. With his hands, he motioned me to stand up.

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       When I did, he lifted my skirt with one hand and took my panties in the other. By some actions he did, I knew he wanted me to put my panties, now soaked with his urine, back on. I re-tied the bows and slipped my panties on. His piss seeped into my cunt. I re-hooked my bra and buttoned my sweater as he let go of my skirt. I heard some cursing noises and people yelling `where are you going' and `what's that smell'. The lights came on a little while later. My Puerto Rican lover was gone. There was piss on my face and clothes. The train started to move. As it was now past the bad section of track it traveled at normal speed. People kept commenting on the smell. Fortunately, their backs were to me and they didn't realize it was me. At the next stop, I got off the train. I couldn't go to work looking the way I did.

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       I got the first train back to Queens. As I was going against rush hour now, it was almost empty and I got a seat. As I sat thinking of what happened the last hour, someone sat down next to me. It was my Puerto Rican . . . .



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