Hannah awoke about 2 hours latter with the feel of something rubbing against her right and left thie’s. She opened up her eyes to see her master between her legs, rubbing them. “How do you feel, slave?” he asked his voice husky and low. “Well master I feel wonderful but something is missing…” Hannah replied, lowering her eyes with a glint of humor in her tone. He looked at her puzzled, “What is missing?” Master asked. Hannah’s lips curved into a sly smile and a laugh escaped her mouth, “Well Master, what’s missing is your cock, that big, hard, thick, and tasty cock is not in me, and my cunt is lownly with out it, Master. ” Hannah said as she moved to her knees in front of him, grasping his already hard cock in her hand and pumping a few times. His eyes glowed with lust as she pumped his cock, once, twice, three times, “Stop” he ordered her threw his clenched teeth. Hannah stopped her hands ministrations but did not remove it. “My master does not want me touching him?” she said as her hand finely moved, she slid from the bed and stood. Hannah bent to grab her dress and he stopped her “What are you doing?” he asked as he turned her to face him, “You are not leaving now. ” Master said sternly. “But if Master does not want me to touch him, if he his dissatisfied than why…. ” He cut her off, “I am not dissatisfied, I just have something elts in mind. ” He chuckled out. Hannah looked up at him than smiled.

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   Anubis leaned in and kissed her lips, running his tong against them. She parted her lips and kissed him back hard, her tong rubbing against his. They kissed heavily, she moaned into his mouth as he bit down on her lip. Anubis pulled away and looked down at her, “Follow me now. ” He said as he took her hand, and she eagerly did as she was told, as he led her out of his room, down the stair case to the first floor then led her threw his living room to a door. They walked threw the door down a flight of stairs, once at the bottom Hannah’s eyes went wide at what she saw, her pussy started to become even more wet at the site she took in. The room was fairly big, there was a four poster bed in the middle of the room, with black sheets like the one in his room on the top floor, but that’s not what made her wet oh no, on the far left and right walls is what got her. The left wall had and an assortment of whips, chains, and paddles of different lengths, withs, and tecsturs. On the right wall there were hooks and on them hung ropes of leather (perfect for tying some one up with) hand cuffs, and collars, all different tecsturs and styles. Master Anubis pulled her to him, “Does my slave like” he already new the answer but wanted to hear it from he own lips. “Yyyeesss… mmmastter I love it, can’t you tell?” she stuttered out at first but finished the last part of her statement smoothly as she drew his hand down to her pussy, letting him feel how wet she was which, she was dripping literally. Hi response was a low moan and pushed her up against the right wall. He started to lick and kiss her neck, her most secitive place. Hannah’s breaths became ragged and she started to whimper. Than without warning Hannah tried to move her hands and arms around his neck but found her wrists were bound to the wall above her head.

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   He pulled away from her neck with a devilish smile and a dark chuckle, staring into her eyes as if he were a predator and she the pray he just caught, which he was about to devour. He bent down and bound her ankles to the wall to so her legs were spread and her arms were hung over her head. “Now hear comes the real fun kitten. ” He whispered into her ear, which made her shiver. “Master…. I…” he cut her off again, “By the time I am dune with this you will be begging for me. ” He whispered. Hannah’s eyes were gleaming at what would transpire next. Master went to the other side and grabbed one of the whips, it had a long black Handel with a thin leather strip hanging off at the end. Hannah skin felt as if were on fire as she watched her master grab it, taking in the site of her master’s naked form, which was very lovely at that. Master walked back over to her the whip in hand and, with a flick of the wrist the thin leather strap hit hard against her skin. Hannah let out a squeal of pain as she looked down, on her left thie there was a thin deep red line which radiated a burning/stinging sensation threw her body, which made her even wetter, she the loved pain. He did it again and again and again till there were five deep red lines on the top of her left thie, and she was panting from the pleasure. He did the ecsaced same thing to the other thie, her body arcing with each hit. He moved in closer and started to hit her more but on her stomach.

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   Hannah cried “oh Master…. Yes…. Oh hit me harder…. Yes sooooo good!!” her voice drenched in lust. He dropped the whip and started to kiss her neck, drawing his finger tips up the deep red marks, which caused more pain and made Hannah arc her back into him, her stomach brushing his hard cock. Anubis’s mouth traveled lower, licking her left breast as his left hand pressed into her right thie. Hannah’s breath came in gasps as she felt his tong on her, his whorm breath against her was killing her and she could just feel his hard cock barely brush against her stomach, she wanted to just grab it and suck it and for him to shove it in her. “Master please I need you please…. Please I can’t bare it Please put that huge cock of yours in to me PLEEEASSE!!!” she begged. Master did not pay any attention to her pleas. Master continued his per suite of her breasts as he took in her left nipple and like earlier bit down but this time harder as her heard her shriek of pleasure. He bit and sucked at her nipples and moved his right hand and pressed it against her cunt. She was so wet he could actually feel it dripping. He pressed one of his large fingers into her and it slipped in with ease. “MASTER” Hannah cried as her hips bucked against his hand.

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   Master moved his finger in and out of her slowly than added another and thrust faster. Hannah’s moans probably could be heard by the neighbors as she cried out louder and louder as he thrust his fingers into her wet hot core. Hannah could only cry out as he did this her mind lost in the haze, her hips bucked, rode his hand as his mouth licked and sucked and bit at her breasts. “OH MASTER……YES……. MMMM SO CLOSE OH MASTER…HARDER HARDER” His own breath was harsh as he listened to her cries of pleasure, he could tell she was close and he was so unbelievably hard and he need to fuck her. Hannah was so close to her unrelenting climax and as she was just about to cum, her body arced and muscles tense he removed his fingers and mouth.
    Her body was frozen than it slacked against the restraints, her body forward and her legs bent in as her body shook with tension. Master moved back towards her and put his fingers under her chin, tilting her head up to look at him. Her eyes filled with a mixture of lust, both wanton and need with tears rolling down. “Master…. . please please please………. end this please…. . Take me… fuck me…… I can’t take it…… this feeling….

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      . It hurts…to…. Much…. Please put your cock into me. ” She rasped out, hardly able to speak, her body shakeing. He looked into her eyes and moved a step back and knelt before her, and unbound her ankles. Once done her body slumped more cause without the restraints on her wrists she would have collapsed. Master moved to her and pressed himself against her, his rock hard cock against her stomach, she moved her head to face him as they stared at each other and in one fluid move he had picked up her legs and pressed his cock against her pussy. “Master” she moaned. “So you what me to fuck you” he asked, his breath heavy with need of his own, “YESSSSSSSS…. ” She hissed pressing her pussy against his big hard throbbing cock, “…. . Fuck me Master, shove your dick into me, and screw me with that huge and wonderful cock of yours. ” She begged. Master did not need any more he plunged hard into her hot tight and wet cunt, “Master!!!” Hannah cried out thrusting her hips to him.

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       “Yessssssssss…. ” He hissed out “Take it all in to you have every inch of my cock Kitten” “Oh Yes Master Anubis, fuck me hard, give me that cock” Hannah moaned out. Anubis pounded into her cunt over and over harder and faster each time and her hips met each thrust. There pelvic bones grinding into each other as they gasped and moaned to one anther. Hannah locked her legs around his waist as she bounced up and down on his throbbing cock. She tugged hard at the restraints on her wrists, so she could hold on to him, but they would not give. Anubis fucked her harder and harder but standing up was becoming a task as he to climb the mountain of pleasure, so he took one of his hands from her bottom and untied the restraints. Once done she rapped all her limbs around him and thrust up and down, up and down hard as he stumbled to the bed. Once they made it there they fell back on it as he thrust in to her hard and fast, his hips like a piston as he buried him self as deep as he could in her. “Is this what you wanted Kitten, is this how my slave likes to be fucked. ” He groaned out as he pushed her harder into the mattress of the bed, “Yesss Master… Oh Master fuck me…. fuck your slave till she cant walk…PLEASE…FUCK ME!” she screamed at the top of her lungs as her orgasm came hard as her back arced and her muscles tightened around his cock causing him to reach his own orgasm as he cried, “Yes take it all Kitten, take it all!” there body’s shook as they cam, the bed moving with the force. His cum exploding into her, she could feel it flow into her hard. They collapsed, his body pressing her in to the bed, trying to regain there composure. He tried to move but did not have the strength to move at the moment, but that did not bother Hannah though, the weight of his body on hers was comforting not to mention she loved the feel of him in side her.


       He rested his head on her chest, as she ran her fingers threw his hair and on his back. He needed his rest though for there was more fun to come…. .                                                                                                                            



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