Shopping with Daddy


I’m 37.   I’ve been married for many years and I’m the mother of 2 wonderful children.   My husband is an exceptional father to his children and seeing him with his kids has pushed me further into my dark past and my need to find the father I lost so many years ago.   This has brought me to where I am now and the surrogate father that I’ve found.  
My daddy is 63.   He’s a very active, young minded man and though he’s been married for many years and he should be enjoying his children and his grand children, his only daughter moved across country a few years ago with her family and with an invalid wife at home he it seems he was looking for a surrogate …. . or two…. too.  
On this particular day, daddy and I had decided that we would go shopping and then we’d have a nice lunch at a little restaurant just out of the way so that we could talk more about the things that brought us together in the first place – my missing my dad, and him missing his daughter.  
The first store we went to was a book store.   We’d been talking about some books that he would like to read and decided that we’d pick up the books on our next outing.   While in the box store/book store I headed towards one of my favorite sections, that with the more “adult” themed books.
Daddy found the books he’d been looking for much more quickly than I’d expected and so he went looking for me in the big store.   He snuck up behind me, only to find me reading the inside cover of a book that spoke extensively about sex in the senior years.   I’d been caught read handed, and was I every red-faced!
I quickly put the book back, trying to hide the blush on my face, and we headed towards the cash so that he could pay for his purchases.

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    Once outside of the store daddy looked at me and asked the question that I both dreaded and dreamed of.   “Is there more that you’re hoping for from me, than a father/daughter relationship?  I couldn’t help but notice the book you were reading. ”
“Um, well. ”  I had a huge lump in my throat and I didn’t quite know what to say.   “Yes daddy”, was all that I could manage, barely in a whisper.
To my surprise he flashed a rather wicked grin and without missing a beat he said, “You’ve been a bit naughty now, haven’t you?” and he gave my fanny a firm swat as we walked across the parking lot towards his car.
I was stunned and thrilled all at the same time.   I’d hoped that I could develop this relationship to the point where I could ask him if he’d be interested in me sexually, but I didn’t anticipate it moving quite this quickly.   I could feel myself moisten and knew that my nipples had become very hard against the fabric of my bra.
Once in the car with the door closed, he turned to look at me and said that there was another store he’d like to go to before we went to lunch, not saying anything else about the book or the swat.   As we drove to our next destination in silence I began to wonder if maybe I’d misunderstood his spanking and the look on his face until I saw what was to be our destination coming into view.  
He pulled the car around the side of the building.   It was a rather non-descript, one-story building with a small sign on the top and no windows, but it was a store I knew instantly to be an Adult novelty and movie store, the kind that is tucked away into industrial areas, just far enough away from the schools and more reputable places in town.
As daddy got out of the car and walked around to my side, to let me out, I took a deep breath.   I was aware that I was, again, feeling the same electric sensations between my legs that I had when he swatted my bum about 20 minutes earlier.

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    I stepped out of the car and daddy took me firmly by the arm, leading me towards the store.
Inside the store, once my eyes had adjusted to the dimmer lighting, I soon noticed that this store was very well stocked.   There were movies to suite all preferences; they lined racks that ran along the back and entire right wall of the store.   There was also a large area of magazines; they were along the whole left wall of the store.   Along the front was the cash and a small office area, and through the middle of the store, split into two areas, was one section that contained all varieties of toys and sexual implements, and another that had a wide variety of sexy clothing, shoes, lingerie and costumes.  
Like a kid in a candy store, my eyes opened wide as I took it all in.   Daddy turned to me and said “show daddy what you like honey. ”
I didn’t need a lot of encouragement but I didn’t know where to start.   I settled on the center of the store and migrated towards the clothes.   There was a very sexy peek-a-boo bra and panty set in aubergine (a very sexy shade of purple) that first caught my eyes.   The bra was underwire, soft lace and deeply scalloped so that the wearer’s nipples would peek through. The panties were high-cut, covering the ass fully rather than providing a silly piece of floss to cut unattractively between the cheeks.   The front was “cut away” with a deep inverted “V” leaving the wearer’s pussy fully exposed.   Daddy smiled at my taste.   I turned towards the next rack to see what goodies it held and he scooped up the sexy twin set.

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    There were some really wonderful things, but none held my gaze as long as the panty set which daddy was still holding onto.
Across the center aisle was a large toy section and daddy, holding me by my elbow, guided me towards the selection.   All sizes and shapes of dildos and plugs, clamps and pumps.   There were even fake pussies and asses which daddy lingered at a while.   Daddy picked up a rather happy looking jelly toy.   It had a large dildo end, quite thick and long and it also had a smaller protrusion that was like bunny ears (for my clit, he mentioned).   It had a base that controlled the thrust speed and vibration.   In addition to the toy, daddy picked up some leather restraints, a belt and a beaded jelly butt plug, about 8” in length.   He told me that “bad little girls need some discipline”, adding that “I’m just the one to give it to you. ”  Hearing this caused my pussy to throb and pulse – I was in trouble, to be sure.
He motioned towards a door way that I hadn’t noticed, it lead to what I thought were change rooms.   It seemed that Daddy wanted to make sure that my new bra and panties fit before we bought them.
As we walked through the door I soon realized that it was not an ordinary change room. This room was larger; it had a door that ran from floor to ceiling and a lock on the door.   It also had a deep bench that ran along the entire length of the wall, about 6” long.

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    Across from the bench was what looked to be a video monitor and a control panel and a slot to accept coins or tokens.   It was a private video booth.
Daddy instructed me to change into the lingerie and he watched very closely as I slipped out of my own clothes and into the very revealing panties and bra.   As I started my striptease, daddy dropped several coins into the coin box, made a video selection and the screen flashed to life, but neither of us was watching it.
Seemingly pleased with my selection and how they fit, daddy adjusted himself in his pants – it seems that he’d become somewhat aroused and his stiffening cock needed to be repositioned in his pants.
Next, he had me turn away from him, facing towards the bench, and bend over. He pulled the panty to the side, revealing more of my full ass as he reminded me that naughty girls needed discipline.   He told me that I would, later, thank him later for being so strict.   With that, he took the belt and began to snap it against the soft flesh of my full ass cheeks.   It stung at first, and I whimpered as he continued my punishment.
After no less than 20 swats with the belt, 18 on each cheek, daddy started to gently caress the now pink flesh.   Softly at first, he simply smoothed his hands over the pink areas.   Soon though his caresses turned to pinches and kneading and his hands roamed well past the area that had been strapped moments earlier.
His fingers found the open area between my legs and were quick to detect that my pussy was already soaked.   “You little slut”.

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    “Daddy’s little slut liked that, didn’t she?”.   “Maybe my little slut would like daddy to eat her sweet wet pussy now?” 
“Mmmmmmm, yes please daddy. ”  I said, nearly breathless.
Daddy turned me around and sat me down on the bench – my back in the corner, one leg bent up and resting against the wall, and my other leg hanging over the edge of the bench.   Daddy quickly lay down along the length of the bench, his mouth coming to rest firmly on my completely engorged pussy.
Alternating between long deep licks which start deep inside me and run to the tip of my swollen clit and sucking on my bud, daddy was quickly bringing me to the point of climax.   Moments later, my pussy started to spasm, my orgasm ripping through me, daddy tongue pushed deep in my pussy to drink in all my liquid.   He lay there between my legs for the next few minutes, his tongue probing me deeply, and his lips working my clit, bringing me two more intense orgasms, before he left his seat at my banquet table and sat up to look at the woman who now sat across from him.
In a matter of an hour, from the time we had arrived at the book store, till now, I had gone from my ‘father’s’ daughter to his lover – and I couldn’t be any more thrilled.
Daddy took my face in his hands and smiled.   “Now, be a good girl, and suck your daddy’s cock. ”, “Suck me like the good little slut that I know you are. ”  With that, daddy stood up and undid the belt and fly of his pants.  They fell to the ground around his ankles, along with his shorts and what I saw would have impressed any woman.
There was my 63 year old daddy’s cock, right before my eyes.

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    It had become quite worked up through my striptease and modeling of the lingerie, and fortified by all the nutrients of daddy’s last meal – me.
Daddy’s cock isn’t terribly long, average really – about 6” long, but what impressed me was that it was wonderfully thick and incredibly hard.   Daddy’s proud of his cock and he keeps it nice and tidy – uncut as it is, it was sweet smelling and the area around the cock and his balls were baby-bottom smooth – turns out daddy likes to shave.
As he stood in front of me, I eagerly took the head of his cock into my mouth and was thrilled to find that, beneath his foreskin, he’d begun to leak a sweet gooey precum.   The tip of my tongue worked between the foreskin and the head of his cock to lick away every sweet drop.
Daddy moaned softly.   “Daddy love’s his little girl’s mouth”.   “I knew from the first moment that I saw you that I would love the way you sucked my cock. ”
His words surprised me.   I didn’t know that he’d been thinking about me in this way too – but I was really pleased he had, as it was exactly what I needed and wanted.
“Keep sucking daddy, sweetheart. ”  He said as he took my head in his hands and guided himself fully into my mouth.   “You’re such a good girl to your daddy. ”
As I continued to suck daddy, he reached down and took my tits into his hands.   Playing with my nipples – he twisted and rolled them between his fingers and thumb.

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    “Daddy love’s your tits.   I need to suck on them sweetheart.   May I?”
Who was I to argue.   I was getting exactly what I wanted.   Daddy was showing me the affection that I’d been starved for, for all these years.   “Yes, please, daddy. ” I say, between slurps of his manhood.
Daddy pulled his cock from my lips and helped me to lay back on the bench – which now appeared much more like a bed – and he lay beside me, pulling my fleshy tits from my bra and sucking my already hard nipples into his mouth.
I could feel my passion and need growing again as he continued with my nipples.   One hand twisting gently at a nipple, while he sucked firmly on the other.   As if sensing my need, or in response to his own need, he moved his position, now laying between my legs.  
I could feel the firmness of his cock against the inside of my thigh, which caused me to spread my legs a bit more.   Daddy took this cue and moved himself up against my pussy – the crotchless panties showing just how well they suited this activity.   He lifted his mouth from my nipple and looked into my eyes.   Without exchanging a word, but knowing what each other needed, he pushed forward and I arched towards him, my pussy accepting his cock as he drove its length fully into me.

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Daddy paused once his pelvis came to rest against mine.   He looked at me and said thank you.   He, it turns out, had not fucked a woman in over 18 years, since his wife took ill and it became physically impossible for them to be intimate.
Then he began the rhythmic grind that years of experience taught him – a bit slow and clumsy at first, but shortly he found the rhythm that suited each of us and we began the deep, slow fuck that can only be experienced and enjoyed with an older man.   The patience of lovemaking with an older man who knows well how to please his lover, and his stamina and endurance unequaled by that of my husband – many years his junior - impressed me.
He kept his eyes on mine all the while – seemingly reading my thoughts – responding to each of my body’s movements.
As he interpreted the increase in my breathing to mean my growing pleasure, he picked up his pace and increased the intensity of each of his strokes.   Each time his pelvis met mine, my swollen clit was ground by the rocking of his belly against me and his low hanging balls slapped my ass.
I was loving this old man’s fucking.   He was giving me pleasure like nothing I’d experienced in many years.   My own growing pleasure was becoming undeniable.   “Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard” I begged him, knowing that if he could keep his cock nice and hard and continue his piston action for another couple of minutes that I would be experiencing an explosive orgasm.
“Daddy’s going to keep fucking his little girl” was his reply.   “You’re going to get a load of daddy’s cum deep in your pussy very soon sweetheart, so cum for me. ”
I grabbed his ass and pulled him hard against me with each of his strokes, my orgasm now imminent.

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    He growled in my ear, as he slammed his cock hard and deep into me again and again “cum for daddy, come on slut, cum all over my cock, cum before I fill you with my seed. ”  The steady stream of very dirty talk continued for the next couple of minutes as we both worked ourselves into a wild and frenzied fuck till I finally let a deep moan escape my lips and my orgasm tore through me. “Daddy, I’m cumming” I cried out.   My pussy was squeezing and spasming and poor daddy could not control himself any longer and he gave a soft cry as he drove his dick deep into me releasing stream after stream of his cum.   “Yes baby, daddy’s cumming too, daddy’s filling you with his cum sweetheart. ”
After a few moments of laying still, feeling his cock still jerking and spurting in my pussy, daddy pulled himself out and smiled.
He sat up and looked lovingly at the site before him.   There I was, laying there with my legs spread wide, his cum dripping from my pussy.
“Hmmmmmm” he said, “that looks wonderful. ”
He kneeled down between my legs and licked up much of his cum that had been leaking from me.   “MMMmmmmm, tastes very good. ” He said
He sat up again and looked at the packages that had been sitting at the end of the bench.   “We’ll put these to use some time soon – but not right now. ”  He stood up and offered me his hand, helping me up too.
We dressed and stepped out of the booth/change room, just as the video shut off and made our way to the cash to pay for all of our goodies.

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“Thank you daddy” I said to him, kissing him on the cheek and rubbing him through his pants, as the clerk rang in our purchased.   You could see by the look on the clerk’s face that he knew exactly what we’d been doing and he didn’t quite know how to respond to me calling this man daddy (though I’m sure he’s seen and heard much more).  
As we headed to the car, daddy took my hand and into his hand and promised that after lunch we’d find a use for the rest of our purchases…. . but that is another story …



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