Sexuality Class Pt. 2


Topic: Extra CreditI had almost died in the class watching me on the screen with the other students there. I had not been filmed ever before at that time and was worried that all these people would recognize me and somehow I would get into trouble. In my early 30s and just divorced from a prude of an ex-husband and having a great boyfriend was encouraging.
These sessions that Ms. Jenkins had taped and paid me to do were her property and so I had little to say about it. The first session I was doing oral sex on nice hard cocks and she had filmed me with my squirting orgasms getting off with only a cock filling my throat. When I have an orgasm it is almost like I am pissing. I soak my clothes if I am dressed and it has been embarrassing more than once. Then after class and the last session she had shown the class with another woman and boht of us going crazy when she locked the classroom door she had told me again to dress conservatively and she loved my new outlook that I had taken her counseling advice by enjoying sex anyway and anywhere I found it.
Well, class began again and she had a short lecture. Everyone kept looking back at me and wondering I suppose who this nymphomanic really was. The session was about lesbian sex and Ms. Jenkins had made 3 or 4 session of videos with me and other women, sometimes several at one time. She had edited them together and made sure to show lots of pussy eating and kissing and breasts play. It was easy to see that all the men were aroused and that some of the women were too.
"Okay, time for questions" Ms.

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   Jenkins began. Several people asked easy questions and she gave answers that were not complicated. "Did I really enjoy all the sex I had?" "Was it fulfilling?" "How many people had I ever been intimate with?" and stuff like that. She answered all these from the questions I had answered in her sessions couneling me. My nipples were hard again and my panties were soaking wet. Then the evening changed, "I would like to ask Terersa a question personally. " said Hal, a middle aged man that was not bad looking. "Sure, ask away" Ms. Jenkins said and he turned towards me. "I have seen you with all these women and seen that you seem to really get turned on that way. Why is it?" I looked at everyone that was now looking at me. "Come on up to the front. " Ms. Jenkins said. I got up and walked to the front of the classroom and leaned aganst the desk.

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   I knew my nipples were hard even through the heavy bra I wore they were visible I knew.
"I don't really know why except that a woman gives something a man never seems to understand to the experience. " I said. "So you are saying that every woman would enjoy another woman even if she would never do it?" he asked. "Well, Yes, every woman would love to make love with another woman even if they do not know it. " "Well my wife would never do it. " he said boldly. "I take care of her and she doesn't need anyone else. " He was now aggressive and I felt challenged. "Oh bullshit. " I said and everyone looked at me now I had found that I had unbuttoned the two top buttons of my blouse and I was pissed at Hal. "I can seduce you wife in one week. " I said. "and you are so in need of sex that I can make you cum without ever touching you. " I said.

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   The whole class was silent now and he was red faced. Ms. Jenkins said, "Hal, I would be careful before accepting Teresa's challenge. She is very, shall we say, capable of having whoever she wants. " "No way," he said and I had already walked towards him. I looked over my shoulder at Ms. Jenkins and she said, "Well, this is a sexuality class, I suppose that this would be extra credit Teresa. " I had undone my blouse all the way and it fell to the floor of the lcassroom and I was in front of Hal who was opened mouthed now staring at me. I leaned forward till I was face to face with him and said, "I am going to make you cum and I will never touch you. "
The class had now arranged themselves so that everyone could see all that was happening. I was soaking wet and so my jeans came off and then my thong. I kept my bra on so that my 44EEE tits were begging to jump from them but now I began massaging myself al over standing 2 or 3 feet from Hal. MY fingers found my clit and I began working them al over my pussy, sinking them inside and getting them wet then leting Hal smell the scent I had from them. He was in a daze now and I knew I had won already. I looked around and several of the other women were touching themselves through their clothes and I thought that maybe they were women that I would talke to later.

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   I now took off my bra and Hal almost fell from his seat. He was hard through his jeans and he was staring at me. I began playing with my tits, pulling the nipples out and sucking them one at a time, making sure to leave lots of my salivia on them and making sure to make lots of sexual noises.
"So Hal, wanna fuck me baby, bet I can seduce your wife too honey, you are going to cum all in yoru jeans and then I am going to find you wife and make her mine little slave. " I was all the time talking and doing a dance in front of him until he let out a moan and I saw his hip jerk telling me I had won. "Would everyone say I have won?" I asked. Voices all said "Hell yeh, fuck me baby" and such. I got on my knees and pulled out Hals cock. It was emi hard and had cum all over it. "Well, I should clean up I suppose" I said and sucked him into my mouth and got him hard again. He was only about 7 inches but the feel of him in my throat made me hot again and I gave him a great sucking. He filled my mouth and my pussy responded by soaking the floor under me. Comments around the class were in my favor. I got up and kissed Hal, "This week I will seduce your wife and she will do anything I tell her after, but you cannot warn her what is happening, is that clear?" I said. He reached into his pocket and took out 5 $20.

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  00 bills and said, "THis says you can't do it. " "YOu have a bte" I said and gave the money to Ms. Jenkins. "Will you hold my money for me" I asked her. "Sure" she said and took the cash.
Before the class left (2 hours late) I had the address and a picture of Hal's wife, Janet. She was a good looking woman, red hair and a little plus sized. Very sweet face and seemed to be a very warm looking woman. Conservative like I had been. I asked Hal, "Are you sure you wanna do this?" He looked at me, "A bet is a bet. One week, by the next class time. " "Okay Hal, not only will I seduce her but I will bring her to class with me and we will demonstrate here for everyone to see. Bet still on?" He looked nervous now but said, "The bet is still on. "
That night as I drove home I got the cell phone outand called the number I had. "A sweet voice answered the phone.

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   "Hello?" "Hello" I said, "Is this Janet?" I said in my sweetest 1-900 voice I had. "Yes, it is, who is this. " "Janet, my name is Teresa and I just wanted to call to tell you I am going to seduce you. " "Who is this?" "Teresa, dont be afraid dear, you will love it. " "No way. " and she hung up. I called back and she answered again, "Who is this?" she said now angry. "I told you Teresa and I am going to seduce you. I have a bet with yoru husband that I can't and he is going to loose. " She hung up again and I went home.
More later.