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This is my first story, so critisim is welcomed.   Send the Bouques and Brickbats at <gaffe441@yahoo. co. in>It was a cold winter morning and I had to meet one of my acquaintances. For some unexplained reason we decided to meet at one of those coffee shops. It was about 11am and just as I was entering the shop, I got a call from her, that she could not make it. I thought that since I had come all the way upto here, I might just as well get some coffee. The place was quite empty, so I chose a table in the sunlight to keep myself comfortable. I was sipping my coffee and reading a magazine. After some time I realised that someone was nearby. I elevated my gaze. I realized that almost half an hour had passed, since I began reading the interesting article. I found that the coffee shop was now packed and the only seat available was opposite me on my table. Standing next to me was a lady with a lot of shopping bags in her hands. She seemed to be searching for a place to sit. "Why don't you take this seat Màam?" I offered.

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   She thanked me and started keeping all her stuff on a nearby chair. I was observing her closely. She must have been about 25 years of age. She was about 5'2". She had shoulder length hair that seemed to be highlighted. Her skin was dusky, clear and smooth, and she had a really beautiful face. She was wearing a really elegant salwar-kammez which suited her colour. She had very large boobs and her large waist was conspicuous by its presence. I decided to take a chance," You shouldn't carry so much weight when you are in this state," I said. "Oh! You noticed. Most men are very inconsiderate of pregnant women. "I had been through a dry patch for quite some time, if you know what I mean. I had always wanted to fuck a pregnant woman, and I would have been happy to fuck such a beautiful woman in any state. I thought," I have already started on the front foot, I might as well go all the way and see where this leads me. "I began talking to her and I found her to be quite amiable.

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   We clicked and we began to talk about a lot of things. I came to know that her name was Sania, she was 24, she had been taking a sabbatical from work and that this was her first pregnancy and she was 7 months into it. When I asked her about her husband she fell silent. When I egged her on she finally replied" Well, he is on a very high managerial position in LG and he doesn't get much time for me nowadays. He must be thinking I am fat. He doesn't even want to touch me, so he has gone out of the country for a month or so. "We had been talking for about an hour or so, we had each consumed 2 cups of coffee and this was just the opening that I needed. "I can't imagine how he can stay away from such a beautiful woman as you", I consoled her and held her hand. "No, you are just saying that to make feel better" she said. "I am really telling you the truth. You are a beautiful and a really sexy woman" I responded. " Liar" she said. "Well, what do you want, some proof?" I retorted. " Yes" came the answer. " A Man can only corroborate in this way.

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  " so saying I pulled her towards myself and kissed her on the lips. Surprisingly she reciprocated positively by actively using her tongue. When we stopped, I looked into her eyes to see them ask for more. "Why don't you come home? No ones there and its close by too. " she asked. This was what I had been waiting for. I quickly checked my bag to make sure that I had some condoms, which I have always been carrying since I first got laid. I picked up most of her bags and we began the 5 min walk to her place, too excited to speak. Never in my life have 5 minutes been so long. When we reached her door, her hands were so shaky, that she had trouble putting the key in the keyhole. She said" I am really nervous. I have never slept with any one except my husband". " I know that this may be Big for you and I promise to be careful, sensitive and an understanding partner. " I allayed her fears. She confidently opened the door and we walked in.

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  I dropped all the bags and held her. I asked her for the final time "Sania, Are we sure that we want to do this?" She responded by pulling me to her height and kissing her. My hands were exploring her posterior, and I was taking in the beautiful fragrance of her body.  I withdrew, picked her up and kept her on the dining table. I started to kiss her, first her temples, then I nibbled on her ear, below her ear and finally her neck while she had closed her eyes, she was caressing my hair, and moaning my name. I wanted to kiss her collarbone but she stopped me for the time being. She removed my T-shirt and began to caress my chest. I was already aroused and so my nipples were already very sensitive, so she brought me to a different level when she tweaked my nipples in-between her fingers.  I felt Sania's arm on my shoulder and she whispered, "I've wanted to scream, take me into the bedroom and use me. Now I can have you in my bed. Take me to bed?"My hard on was not going away, having her whisper those words made my face blush. It takes a lot for me to blush. But I was aroused, next to a beautiful pregnant woman, who was asking me to fulfill my fantasy. She took me to the bedroom and she sat on the bed. I opened the buttons of her dress.

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   When my lips teased her nape she gave out a loud moan. I fondled her hair as I kissed her collarbone. She was exploring my back during this time. I removed her Salwar-Kammez and finally I could see her only in her bra-panty, and her glorious, pregnant tummy in between. She was wearing a black sheer bra and panties to match. I kissed her on the shoulder, and just above her tits, right above her heart and then I detached the hooks of her brassière. Her nipples were hard and begging for attention. Years of holding back my fantasy and right then I was about to bed her. My body tingled having her so close. Our bodies touched, both on fire after months of celibacy. Nude, Sania lied down on the bed. Her legs opened inviting me to her inner secret garden. Her arm floated up like a wave. She looked beautiful with her large stomach and her huge boobs. She motioned me close to her.

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   My eyes enjoyed this opportunity for my visual feast. This was happening so fast, my dream, my greatest fantasy was nude in front of me. I said, "Oh Baby, you look so Sexy". I ran my hands over her large pregnant belly. Then I took her tit in my mouth and suckled on it while I tweaked the other one with my hand. I fondled her boobs while I lowered my lips to her navel, which was on top of her pregnant belly and then finally to her panty line. She stopped me before I could go further. She rose and touched my inner thigh. This further enlarged my dick. She unzipped my jeans and pulled them off with my boxers. My dick saluted her. She lowered herself and started kissing my inner thighs while stroking my balls. Then she stared jerking my dick while licking my balls. She then held my dick and proceeded to blow me. She took me in slow and bobbed her head at a slow pace and finally deep throating me; I could feel the back of her throat and this took me to a higher level of ecstasy.

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   She then withdrew and only stimulated the head with her tongue. Within a few minutes it was too much for me, and I yelled, "I am cumminggggggggggg!" She again deep throated me and took all of my juice and swallowed all of it. Finally my dick slipped out her mouth, she smiled and then proceeded to kiss me. While kissing I could taste my fluid in her mouth. I pulled back, nibbled on her ear and told her," Thanks for the best blow job I ever had". After taking a couple of minutes to recuperate, I began where I had left off. I started to kiss her around her enlarged waist. After a few minutes I began to gently touch her inner thighs with my fingers. I went closer and closer to her pussy but quite never reaching it. Soon I switched over to my mouth. I sure was driving her crazy. Then I started gently touching her lips through her panties with my nose. Soon she became wet and I could smell her juices and I could see the wet patch. I decided it was time for the direct assault. I quickly pulled off her panties.

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   How happy I was to see her thick bush and her pussy below it. I moved inbetween her long legs. She took a deep breath, as I got closer to her wetness. Her clit had gotten hard enough to peek out of it's covering. I licked the crease where her leg joined her pussy. I nuzzle my face into her bush. I brushed my lips over her slit without pressing down on them to further excite her. She began to bucking up from her position and she was straining to get more of me closer to her. Then I plunged my face back into her very moist triangle. I used my tongue to separate her pussy lips and when she opened up, ran my tongue up and down between the layers of pussy flesh. Then I separating her wet pubic lips with my fingers, I spread her wide open. First I licked under her clit and inner labia and occasionally swirled her clit in my mouth. I drove her crazy! Next I alternated with my tongue, slow flat licks, and then sucked gently with my tongue. Soon she squirmed with pleasure. She said "You are my angel, Rick".

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   The she lost it as I licked her hot swollen clit with harder and more demanding strokes. She started yelling in louder and louder voices. Thrusting her hips upward with excitement, she exploded in a powerful climax. "Yes! Yes! Oh God, yes!" She chanted over and over as she squirted juice all over my face. I continued to lick her gently as she came down from the most wonderful orgasm she had ever experienced (as she later told me) and I could feel her entire body shuddering right through her clit which I still held in my lips. After she gained some energy, she began to profusely thank me for her wonderful orgasm. Further she said, "Your cock hasn't been in my pussy yet" I was just waiting for that. I gave her one of the condoms I was carrying. She dutifully opened the packet and put the condom on my cock. I leaned over and began to kiss her. She responded with putting her arms around my neck and pulled me close, to her as we kissed passionately I put my arms under her arm pits and in one swift moves picked her up and sat her on my lap her knees straddling my legs. Her pregnant tummy was between us. I put the head of my cock up to her lips and told her to rub it against her pussy. She took hold of it and began to move it along her outer lips. I was having trouble containing myself at the feel of her fat pussy on the head of my cock, but I wanted her to experience the ultimate trill of sex, not just a slam bam thank you ma'am type she was used to.


   As I could feel her juices start to coat my cock I slowly pressed the head of my throbbing cock into her wet box and slowly pulled it back I did this over and over each time gaining more entry. Her pussy was surprisingly very tight, and I continued to slowly enter her, she put her arms around my neck, and began forcing herself down on my cock, I soon had my shaft all of the way in and began so slowly thrust in and out. Sania tried to speed up the pace but I held her hips, I wanted to give her a slow ride, plus any more increase in speed would have set me off, as I was doing all I could to hold my load back.  Our position allowed me to nibble on her nipples as she went up and down. She had her eyes closed and I could tell she was really enjoying herself. After a few minutes of slowing fucking her I picked up the pace as I did I grabbed her breasts and began kneading them and tweaking her nipples. This sent her over the edge and she began riding my cock like a speeding train. She let out a wail as she started to orgasm, and I let out a similar wail as I shot my hot load . Even after we both had cummed we didn't slow down the pace, she continued her ride, her position over me allowed her to lift almost all the way out and then she would slam down burying my cock in places she had never felt anything before. I reached around and began playing with her ass cheeks, massaging them. Pulling her cheek apart as she rammed down on my cock allowing for more depth. I reached down with one hand and rubbbed her clit and moved my fingers up and down her sopping wet pussy I moved my other hand between her legs and soaked it withher juices. I then took a wet finger and began circling her rosebud, gently pushing in on it. Sania let out some small moans and I took that as a sign to proceed and slowly buried my finger into her ass.  She had never even slowed down and I was having difficulty keeping my thumb on her clit, but her motions had a way of my finger in her ass pulling in and out on its own.


   By now I could feel myself getting ready to cum, so I picked up the pace on her clit as best as I could and soon we were cumming in unison again. After the orgasms had subsided she collapsed against me and we lay there, her breathing still fast she whispered in my ear WOW! I have never felt so good or so exhausted. I let her lay there as my cock deflated and popped out on its own. Her breathing was back to normal I looked to her and found her exhausted and tired as well. Both of us slept for some time in each other's arms. .



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