School Marm


I was placing a phone call, I apparently transposed one of the numbers because the lady that answered the phone was not the person I was calling.   When the lady on the othet end of the line answered I began talking because I thought it was the person I was dialing.   After a few moments it was appearent that I had dialed the wrong number, I excused myself to hang up when the lady said, "Oh, its alright it's nice to talk to someone. "  Hummm? 
I thought to myself that she must be kind of lonely.   "Well pardon me I didn't mean to interupt you", I said.   She said "I really wasn't doing anything anyway, I was thinking about going for a walk around the park. "  My ears pricked up, she was going for a walk.   I said "Do you have someone to walk with?"  No, "I usually go alone. " 
We made small talk for about 18 minutes, she was diviorced, had just retired from teaching grade school last spring.   I could tell she was board so I offered to meet her to go for that walk around the park.
When I arrived at the apointed distination Margie was waiting.   We exchanged pleseantries and started walking.   Margie had been alone for nine years, her ex had just uped and left, she had enough years in teaching to retire at 60, she was now 61.
Margie had tried dating several times, joined a dance club and just as quickly quit going, she said that all the men just wanted to get in your pants.   No wonder Margie was very attractive and well kept for a retired person.   She was 5'8" tall, slim by most standards with one exception, her boobs were rather big for the rest of her body.

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    Thats not all bad! ! ! !  Margie was well educated and very well read, she was fun to talk to, laughted easily and smiled a lot.  
It took about 30 minutes to walk around the park, when we got back to the parking lot I thought she'd get in her car and go.   No, instead she ask me to go to her home for a drink.   Her house bordered the park, she loved the park setting next to her home and walked around it nearly every evening.   As we sat drinking ice water I couldn't help looking at her very shapely legs, she was waring a dress that zipped up the front.   The zipper was one of those that went two directions, it was zipped up about ten inches from the bottom so that as she sat cross legged about half of the thigh was showing, this was great!  The top of the zipper was lowered enough to reveal her lovely cleavage, you couold just see the edge of her lacy bra.   Margie said she wanted to watch a movie that was going to start in about 5 minutes and would I like to stay and watch with her.   Sure!
Margie left the dinning room light on a din setting, we sat in the dim light comming from the dinning room and began to watch the movie.   I put my arm around her sholder, she snuggled close, about 5 minutes into the movie I kissed her, Margie's mouth parted, we began to explore, and within seconds she was really getting into kissing, she held my cheeks and kissed my face, lips, nose and eyes.
I let one hand rest on  her large breast, she did not resist so I began to caress both tits, she began to moan so I lowered the zipper to have full access to her breasts, her nipples were hard as a rock before I had even got her bra out of the way, boy were they bid, Margie was an all natural 36 DD and they didn't sag much at all, they were firm and rather pointed, I'd say for a 61 year old lady with a rach that big they were about as perfect as they could be.   Her nipples were about 1/2 inch long and full round, she loved it when I began to suck on them.   Margie got so hot when I began to suck on her nipples I thought she was goin to climax before I even go my cock in her pussy.   I uzipped her dress all the way and slid her soaked panties off.   Her pubic hair was sparce, I could see her pussy glistening lips clearly, I leaned down and began to circle her clit, Margie was going nuts, moaning loudly pulling my head deeper into her crotch and saying "yes, Oh yes" over and over, when I flicked her clit it sent her over the edge, she climaxed.   She was quivering all over and panting wih a very big smile on her face.

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    I hurried to get myself naked and nelt between her legs, her butt was on the edge of the sofa so as I leaned forward to kiss her I was able to slide my cock into her ho0t, wet pussy, that did it again, she climaxed again, moaning loudly, panting and quivering again, I let her come down from her exstasy and then began to stroke in and out of her pussy very slowly, Margie said it had been 9 years since she had been screwed.   She barely got those words out when she erupted again, in the 20 or 30 minutes of fucking she must have cum 6 or 7 times, each more powerful the the previous.   we retired to her bed, Margie climed on top and quickly slid her cunt down ove my stiff cock.
      She clamped down very tightly with her pussy muscles and told me she loved to squeeze her mans cock in her pussy, she was a pro at that so I just kept encouraging her to take her pleasure any way she wanted it.   Margie came a couple more times while on top, each time she exclaimed "this is great, I haven't had sex like this in years, Oh I love it, will your keep your cock in me for a long time, I can't believe how good it feels to have your cock inside me.   I don't remember my husband ever making me cum so many times. "
    Margie explained that as soon as she would cum her ex hubby would finish up and clime off.   Poor girl, all she needed was someone who liked long sex.
    After Margie said she didn't think she could cum again we showered together, I washed every inch of her body paying special attention to her pussy and breasts, I dried her off and laid her on her bed so I could put lotion on her, when  I started on her legs Margie got real hot again she told me she loved to have her legs messaged so I slowed down paying special attention when I got to the top, making sure that I messaged her pubic mound lightly and touched her clit ever so lightly, I had to be careful not to make her climax, I figured it would just make her want me to cum back again.   And she did, she ask me to walk with her the comming Wednesday.
    We got together several more times, each better than the previous.
    Huggs to Margie the School Marm.