Rule #1


On your knees!  He said for the second time, as he wrapped his hand  around the leash pulling her down to the floor. The thud of her knees hitting the ground and the muffled sound of pain she tried to hide let him know he now had her full attention.   "Knees apart" he said, as he wedged his foot between her legs, forcing them to spread open.    He reached down and grabbed her pierced nipple between his fingers and gave a hard squeeze. " Are you going to be an obedient slave tonight?" he asked.   She felt a sharp pain as he began to squeeze harder and harder until she yelled out yes! Yes! Yes!  "Yes, what?" He asked. " yes, I'll be good! She yelled out hoping he would ease up on his grip. Instead, he asked, "who are you speaking to?" My Master" she said in a wimpish voice, hoping this would help gain some  sympathy. "Good!  Now, answer the question properly. " Without hesitation, she responded, "yes Master, I'm going to be an obedient slave tonight. " With that, he let go of his grip, and stepped back.   "Shoulders and head back, Pet.   Eyes cast down to the floor, he commanded. "  She slowly moved into position and waited.   She heard him going through the bag of toys and her mind raced as she wondered what he was planning.   Well, he said, lets just make sure you are going to behave he said as he knelt down behind her and kissed her ear.

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    He reached around her and gently began to rub the tips of her nipples which had already become rock hard from feeling his tongue in her ear.   He moved his hand down between her legs and his fingers slid easily into her wet cunt. . . . . .   The alarm clock must have been going off for a good two minutes before she jumped up and hit the snooze button.   Her head fell back on the pillow, and her hand slid down her stomach until it reached her warm wet pussy.   Running her finger in circles over her swollen clit, she thought about being on her knees in front of him, replaying the dream over in her mind.   she felt herself getting wetter as she imagined him holding the leash in one hand and unbuttoning his pants with the other.   With her hands bound behind her back, she could only sit and wait until he pulled his hard cock out for her to suck.   Would he stick it right in her mouth, or would he tease her and make her beg for it?   "Please Master. . .

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  . . . please let your Pet suck her Master's cock?"  Suddenly, the alarm clock went off again and it was time to get up and go to work.   She was so wet and so close to cumming, she didn't want to stop, but she had to. She needed to get into the shower so she wouldn't be late for work.   Plus, she was told last night that she was not allowed to give herself an orgasm.   At the time she agreed and thought yeah, whatever, like he would know, but there was something about giving him that kind of control over her that she liked.   She wondered if it was simply to see if she would obey his command, or because he knew that it would keep her in the state of arousal the entire day.   Either way, the end result would be the same.   She would be much more pliable, and easier for him to control.   The more obedient she was, the more likely he would be to make her cum.   Then again she thought. . .

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  . . . what would he do if he made her cum and she either forgot to ask, or didn't have his permission first?  Would he even notice, or would he punish her for it?  Hmmmm, she might end up finding out later that night. As soon as she got involved in ten different projects at work, an email arrived and the subject line said "The Rules!" Oh great! she thought to herself.   The timing couldn't have been worse,  she was just about to get onto a conference call with a new client, and didn't need any kind of distraction.   She thought about not opening the email until just before the end of the day, but of course, curiosity got the best of her. . . . . Pet's Rules. . . .

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  . . . . 1. You will NOT be late2. You will NOT wear a padded bra. 3. No whining!4. you will do what you are told, when you are told. 5. You are not permitted to walk.   You will only crawl. 6. You will not speak unless spoken to.

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  7. Anytime you are permitted to speak, you will address me as your Master. 8. You are my slave, and will refer to yourself as such.   The word "I" will not be permitted. Any broken rule will result in punishment.   DON'T TEST ME PET!They didn't seem too difficult, and she figured she could easily handle most of them.   The two she knew she would have the most difficulty with would be having to refer to him as her Master, and having to refer to herself as his slave.   She wasn't sure if he knew that or not, and she certainly was NOT about to let on if he didn't.   After the long week was over, she sat on the couch relaxing and listening to some music and realized it was 6:30.   Ah, time to get going she thought, as she grabbed her clothes and the bag of toys.   As she was walking out the door she heard a strange clunking sounds and looked down on the ground behind her, and realize the Japanese Clover Clamps fallen out of the bag.   She laughed to herself and wondered what would happen if she "accidentally" forgetting them?  Bad idea. . .

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  . . . . he'd never fall for it.   At least not now. . . . . . maybe back when they first started playing, but certainly not now.   He had gotten to know her pretty well, it was obvious that he had become much less tolerant of her testing him, and topping from the bottom was not something he was going to let her get away with.   On a few occasions, she had purposely disobeyed him, just to see what kind of punishment she would receive, and just how far she could push him. Now, she thought, it might not be such a good idea.

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   She knew he was not afraid to push her, and just how far, both scared and excited her. Jesus Christ! The traffic in this town sucks, she thought as she was sitting in the middle of a jam up that had not moved in over ten minutes.   6:43 PM and she was at least 25 minutes away from getting to his place.   Well, she thought, I should probably text him and let him know, there is no way she was going to be there by 7PM.   His reply to her text just said. . . . "Rule #1"  UGH!  Now she had to sit in traffic and think about what her punishment was going to be.   She tried to think about something else but she could hardly ignore the warm wet lace rubbing against her cunt as she squirmed in her seat.   He knew exactly what kind of reaction his text would cause, and the evil grin he must have had on his face as he was texting her back.   This is going to be an interesting night, she thought. 7:18 she finally parked her car and walked into his place.   Feeling a bit nervous, she put her bag of clothes down and said hello, hoping that he might not notice the time.   He always greeted her with a hug but this time he didn't even bother looking up at her and just asked.

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  . . . . . "where's the bag?"  She was so nervous about being late, she actually left it in the car. "Um, it's in the car. "  "GO GET IT.   NOW!"  She was actually a bit taken back by his tone, and wondered if he was actually really angry with her for being late.   When she came back in he was still on the couch watching TV.   She started to tell him, "it's not my fault", when he interrupted her and told her to empty the bag and lay everything out on the table.   She quickly dumped the contents of the bag onto the table and spread them out so everything was clearly visible.   "Take your clothes off!"   She hesitated for a minute, when he looked over at her and said, "do you really want to make me get up and walk over there?"  "No," she said as she took her shoes off and pants off.   As soon as she was fully naked he told her to go to the center of the room, get on her knees with her  hands behind her back and lean forward with her shoulders on the ground.   "Ass up in the air!" She was in that position for a good ten minutes before he got up and walked over to the table.

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    She couldn't see what he was picking up, but once she did, her eyes almost doubled in size.   He placed a bottle of lube and a decent sized butt plug on the floor about a foot in front of her face, knowing full well she had no choice but to stare at it.   "What was the first rule that I gave you, Slave?"  "Not to be late. "  "What?"  "Not to be late. . . . Master. " "What did I say would happen if you broke any of the rules?" he asked.
      "You said that I would be punished, Master", she replied.   "So what do you think should happen now, Slave?"  She hated to have that dialogue, but she also knew that if he knew how uncomfortable it made her,  it would only get worse.   " You should punish your slave, Master. "  "Do you think you deserve to be punished?"  She knew where he was going and responded with, "Yes Master, please punish your Slave for being late and making her Master wait. "  Well, he said, since you asked so nicely. .

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      . . . . . . . . . how can I refuse?"  The sting of the flogger on her base ass made her think, "damn, he likes that thing way too much!"  She hoped he wouldn't stop after each stoke and make her thank him, and ask for more.   There was something about that which she she felt was a bit too humiliating.   It took every effort to try not to scream out in pain ech time she felt that familiar sting.   Occasionally, he would stop and run his hands over her ass, enjoying the heat and stripes caused by the flogger.   After what seemed like hours,the pain was increasing, and so was her excitement, which became obvious to him when he told her to get her ass back up in the air.    He bent down behind her and said, "you dirty little slut, your cunt is so wet, I probably don't even need to use any lube for this plug that's going in your ass!"  Hearing him speak to her that way, made her cunt twitch and ache to be played with.


        She then felt his fingers running over her wet lips and against her clit which made her moan out loud.   "what a whore" he said as he pushed his finger inside her making her gasp and push back into his hand so he could get even deeper.   "Like that, don't you slut?"  "Yes Master!  It feels so good!"  He stuck another finger inside her and began rubbing her G spot.   "Does my little whore like having her cunt finger fucked?"  She was so turned on and wanted to cum so badly, she would have done or said anything to keep him from stopping.   "Yes!  Your whore loves having her cunt finger fucked by her Master!" "Good!" he said, pulling his finger out of her dripping wet hole, which he brought over to her face and pushed against her mouth. "Clean my fingers!"  She obediently opened her mouth and began sucking her juices from his fingers as if it were his cock.   She saw him pick up the plug and soon felt it running up and down, against her wet slit, as he ordered her to spread her ass for him.   He spit on her asshole and began working the plug inside her.   He told her he didn't want to use anything too big because he wanted her to be nice and tight for his cock which was going to be in her ass before the night was over.   Once her ass was filled with the plug, he walked in front of her and began to take his pants off.   Her head was eye level with his waist, and she could see through his pants how hard he was, which made her even more excited.   Her hands were still cuffed behind her back so she had to wait for him to take his cock out and feed it to her.   She slowly began running her tongue in circles around the head, making it nice and wet.   She slid her tongue down his hard cock, and began licking and sucking on his balls.   Moving her tongue back up again, she slid his head back into her mouth, which made him moan and push deep into her throat.

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        She tried to pull back in order to get some control, but he held her head in place and trust deeper into her throat.   "Such a good little cocksucker", he said as he began to fuck her mouth.   The words sent shivers through her body and she began sucking harder and faster, taking him as deep as she could into her throat.   She felt his cock start pulsating in her mouth and knew he was about to cum. She tried to move but he grabbed hold of her face, and started thrusting harder and harder until she felt a stream of hot cum shoot into the back of her throat, which she had no choice but to swallow.   He then uncuffed her hands and told her to get dressed, because they were going to go out for dinner.   As he walked up the stairs she started to get up when she heard, "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TAKING THAT PLUG OUT! I've got all night to play with my pet. ".