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We sit there watching TV, though I'm not really watching it. My eyes are on her, the cute beauty on the couch lying there next to me. She's about 5'1", 110 pounds tops, and with a cute little body. She has on a pink tank top and soft pajama pants. Her boyfriend is gone for the weekend, and I'm here just to spend time with her, she gets lonely. So I came over, and we watched some TV.
I'm sitting at one end of the couch, she's lying down across it, her feet in my lap. I asked if she wanted a foot massage, she said yes, I knew she would. She takes good care of her feet, and likes foot massages, but her boyfriend won't do it. His loss. I start massaging her cute little feet, the toes painted red. Her eyes half close, I can tell she likes it. A foot massage is fairly sexual, there's muscles in the feet that, when stimulated properly, run past the crotch and can work wonders there.
She takes another drink of her juice, which she doesn't know that I've drugged. She relaxes even more. I start to get aroused, but she doesn't notice.

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   I stop massaging for a moment, she opens her eyes and says “Don’t stop” in a lusty manner. She grabs the juice again and chugs the last half of it. I keep massaging for a few minutes, and I notice as her breath becomes more deep and slow. I stop massaging again, and this time, no response.
“Kate?” I ask. No response. I shake her a little; she doesn’t respond or wake up. Good, the drugs have taken effect. I lift her legs and stand up. I reach under her body and lift her up, I carry her into her bedroom, I put her on the bed, then I go back and I close the door, and lock it.
I come back to her, and I look at her for a moment, and realize how much I really care for her. Her boyfriend treats her pretty good and all, but doesn’t appreciate her like I do. I lay on the bed beside her, and I run my fingers over her face, tracing her features with my fingertips. I brush the hair out of her face, and I kiss her on the lips, tasting her sweet flavor. I kiss her chin, and then her neck, and her upper chest.

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   I licked where her nipple is through the tank top, and watch it start to rise. I sit her up, and lift the tank top over her head and off. I gently lay her back down, and admire her cute breasts. They could only be an A cup, or a small B, but there are perfect.
I suckle on her right nipple like a newborn, and it hardens at my tongue’s touch. I move to the other nipple, suckle on it with similar results. I kiss my way down her stomach, and nestle my tongue into her belly button, its one of my favorite parts of her. She has a small mole right beside it which is so sexy. I lay my head down just below her belly button, and look up at her face, past the mole and the breasts with the erect nipples, she looks so peaceful. I can smell her already, her sweet scent making me feel very warm.
I remove my shirt and pants, down to my boxers and my erection now. I start just touching her legs. Her skin is so soft; I’ve never felt anything that felt better than her white skin. She takes really good care of her whole body.
I move down to her little feet again, and touch them a little more.

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   I couldn’t control myself anymore, and I kiss her toes. I kiss the little toe on her right foot, and kiss each one till I got to the little toe on her left foot. I lick the underside of each toe, and kiss the soles of her feet, lick her heel. This was driving me crazy, I’d always wanted to do this. I suck her big toe into my mouth, enjoying the taste as I circle it with my tongue. I give the other ones the same treatment, savoring each one.
I need relief. I slowly put her feet down, almost sad to let go. I grip the elastic of her pants, lift her ass with one hand, and pull the pants down her legs and off her. Her legs called to me, I kissed my way up her thighs. She has a thong on, and her pubic hair is poking out the side a bit. The smell of her pussy is so sweet, I am in heaven. I grab the top of the pink thong and pull it off her, putting it on the pile of my clothes. I’ve never been a fan of a lot of hair, so I decide I am going to shave her. I realize that she’ll know what I’ve done, but I am too horny to care.

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I rose, went to the bathroom, and grabbed her razor, cream, a washcloth, a bowl of warm water, and a towel. Going back into the room, I lifted her cute ass and folded the towel under her, and gently put her back down. I spread her legs nice and wide, and lay down between them. I put some of the cream on my hands, and rubbed it into her pubic hair. I pick up the razor and very gently begin to shave it off, starting at the top, above her swollen lips.

After I was done at the top, I move to the sides, and carefully got all the hair off. I wipe it clean with the wet washcloth, and admire my work. No more hair there, just her very pink bald pussy, calling out to me. I dry her off with the towel and put everything back in the bathroom where it had been. I come back into the bedroom and go to work. I lie down next to her, and run my fingers between the lips of her pussy. She trembles and I thought that she’d woken up, but she is still asleep. I kiss her lips as I bury my finger into her. I start to slowly pump in and out of her, sucking on her little pink eraser nipples as I did. She moans in her sleep, just a soft moan, almost under her breath, and it turns me on even more.

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   I pull my fingers out, and touch them to her lips, rubbing her own juices on her lips.
I stood, and take off my boxers, my cock standing very erect. I got down in between her legs and began licking her slit from bottom to top, very slowly; she gasps slightly as I touch her clit, but remains asleep. I abuse her pussy this way for some time, then stand and move up the bed. I turn her lead to the side, and open her mouth, and slide my cock inside. I hold her mouth closed as I just screw her face. I could almost swear I feel her tongue caressing it, but I’m pretty sure I am imagining it. I want to do more, didn’t want to waste all my energy here.
I pull out of her mouth, and position myself at her entrance. I slowly push my way in, her pussy walls were so tight, I almost lost it right there. I get all the way in and just rest a moment. I grab her legs and pull them up over her body, bring her feet to my face. I slowly start to pump in and out of her, and return to kissing her cute feet and toes. I continue this for about 18 minutes, slowly in and out, and giving every square inch of her feet a tongue bath, I’ve never been so turned on in my life.
I feel my orgasm beginning to start, I give a few more pumps, and then I pull out of her.

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   I stand up on the bed, and holding her feet together with my left hand, I begin to jerk myself off with my right, I only have to touch myself for all of a minute, and I feel about to cum. I point my cock at her feet and jerk harder, and I cum all over her little feet, I just keep going, I never knew I had so much in me. It starts running off the side of her arches and down her legs.
I let go of my cock, and I lick up all of my cum, off her feet and off her legs, holding it in my mouth. I open her mouth and kiss her, depositing my juices into her mouth. I go to the bathroom, and I grab the washcloth again, and I return to the bedroom and wipe her legs and feet off, getting any of it that I missed with my tongue. I put her pants back on her, and her top. I get dressed myself, pocketing her thong. I lift her and carry her back to the couch, put a blanket on her, and kiss her goodnight.
I leave, making my way home, running over what had just happened in my mind, over and over. Now that it was over I felt so alive, and reliving it in my mind got me horny again.
I get home to my apartment, and lock the door. I see that there’s a message on my answering machine. I press the play button as I start to take off my coat and shoes. This is what I heard: “hey there you, it’s Kate.

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  ”  I froze…how old is this message? “Just wanted to say thanks, I had a great time tonight. But next time, why not just ask me?” then a giggle and a click.

The End