The following evening after work, Winnie was casually eyeing the protective devices that senior citizens usually used in cases of incontinence, but most of the items were rather bulky in size and shape and could never be worn comfortably under her regular clothing!!! As she picked up a diaper like pair of rubberized pants she was shocked back to her senses when a soft feminine voice asked, "I don't thick those would work in your case, would you care to see something a little more discrete!?!" "Uh, well ah," Winnie stammered, "I don't know exactly what I want, you see. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  " "Taking Winnie by the arm, the sales lady whispered, "Don't say another word and follow me, dear, I think I have exactly what you need in the last aisle!!!" A dumbfounded Winnie allowed herself to be steered to the rear of the store where the saleslady reached into and open case and pulled out a pair of very sleek looking latex under pants!!! "I think this would be more to your liking," she said while handing the item to Winnie, "what panty size do you wear, dear, let me guess, a size five maybe!?!" Before Winnie cold reply the woman added huskily, "Here, let me feel your bottom so I can get a better idea of your size!!!" A stunned Winnie stood there with her mouth agape as the middle aged woman took her hand and firmly cupped her bottom, while letting it roam all around testing its fullness!!! "I was wrong," she said softly, "you look like a size five, but you have a very plump bottom, so I'd guess that you're closer to a size seven, am I right!?!" "Uh, yes," a red faced Winnie said softly, "I'm a size seven!!!" Taking the package from her hand, the woman exchanged it for another one, while again taking Winnie by the arm, and leading her into the a dressing room in the back corner of the store!!!It was a tight fit for two adult women, and Winnie could feel a definite undercurrent of sensuality in the small cubicle!!! The perfume the saleslady wore was incredibly intoxicating, so when the she again caressed Winnie's bottom, she offered no resistance what so ever!!! "So," the saleslady asked, "how long have you been going potty in your panties!?!" Now a growing extremely red faced, Winnie stammered, "H-how do you know that I do!?!" "Oh please, child," the woman retorted, "I've seen it more than a hundred times, if you were shopping for an older person you would have gone directly and picked out exactly what you needed, so stop the bullshit and answer me!!!" "Well," Winnie replied, "I've always had a weak bladder, but it's just been the past year that I've, well, you know, had these feelings. . . . . . . . " The woman looked at her for a second and then finished her sentence, ". . . . . . .

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  that when you potty in your panties you become very sexually aroused, isn't that right, dear!?!" "Yes," Winnie replied barely above a whisper, "that's right!!!"
As she unwrapped the rubber panties, the woman asked a matter of factly, "Do you have a full bladder right now, dear!?!" "Uh, yes," came the quick reply, "and I'd better find a rest room pretty quickly or I'm going to have and accident!!!" Ignoring her plea, the woman went on, "Tell me now, is your vagina aroused right now!?!" Just hearing the woman ask such an intimate question made her shiver, and Winnie replied huskily, "Yes, very much so!!!" "Mmmmmm," the woman hummed, "that's very nice, lift up your skirt and slip down your panties, I just love seeing young women with flushed vaginas!!!" Jesus it was getting warm, and almost like she was on automatic pilot, Winnie lifted her skirt and slid her frilly panties down to her thighs and let the saleslady ogle her freshly shaved vulva!!! "My god," she gushed, "you have an incredible vagina, just look at how beautiful your lips are, I just have to give it a kiss, you don't mind do you!?!" She must have been out of her mind, but Winnie was so turned on, she only nodded her head yes, and seconds later she felt a warm mouth kissing and licking the outer folds of her bulging cunt!!! After a minute or two of licking and kissing, the woman stood up and asked in a halting voice, "I-I'll bet when you have sex you always get orally satisfied don't you, you seem to have an unbelievably demanding pussy!?!" Winnie just nodded as sweat began to drip down her face, she was so turned on it would only take a little push to prompt her climax, and to top it all off, she was just about ready to potty all over the dressing room floor!!!
"Okay, dear," the lady ordered, "back up with your undies and let's put these latex panties on over the top of them!!!" Winnie thought that they would be stiff and crinkly on her skin, but she was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were soft and supple and not uncomfortable at all!!! "How do they feel, child," the saleslady asked softly, "they look absolutely fabulous on you!!!" "Thank you," Winnie replied quietly, "and they feel just fine!!!" The two of them stared at each other for a moment, before the woman leaned forward and softly kissed Winnie gently on the lips and said softly, "Now, I'm going to lift up my skirt and show you my panties!!!" When her crotch came into view, Winnie made an audible gasp and whispered loudly, "My god, you're wearing them too, does that mean that you like to, you know. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . " "Potty in my panties, too," she asked, "of course it does dear, and right now I have to go really bad!!!"
Winnie was now gritting her teeth as she tried desperately to control her rapidly filling bladder, and her head began to swim as the sexual aura of the situation over took her!!! "Dear," the lady asked softly, "have you ever felt another person relieving herself!?!" "Oh no," Winnie gasped as she pictured in her mind what the lady had just asked her!!! Taking Winnie's right hand, the woman gently placed it on her latex covered vagina, while at the same time doing the same to her with her hand!!! "Now dear," she said sweetly, "I think both of us would just adore going potty, but let's try and hold it another minute or two, okay, it will be much nicer if we do!?!" "O-okay," Winnie croaked, "I-I'll try, but I'm about ready to go!!!" The woman smile gently and said, "I just loved your panties, so frilly and feminine, it is always much nicer to fill your pants when you're wearing pretty panties, don't you agree!?!" That did it, she couldn't hold back for another second, and as her muscles gave loose, hot piss gushed from her vagina and into her panties, which of course was accompanied by an orgasm that almost made her pass out!!! At almost the identical second, the middle aged saleslady's bladder let loose with a piss gusher of it's own, also coupled with the requisite orgasm that left her rubbery legged and leaning against the dressing room wall for support!!!
"H-holy smokes," Winnie sighed, "that was incredible, and feeling your pussy when you filled your panties was too much, oh thank you so much!!! "Mmmmmm, you have a very nice vagina," the woman said softly, can you come back later on this week!?!" "Are you kidding," Winnie replied, "I wouldn't miss it for the world!!!
THE ENDSee more stories in the forums and meet with some of the authors --it is a fun place



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