Peyton's visit (pt. 1)


Let me start this off by saying that this story is my first story that i have published, so Comments would be much appreciated! :] . Also i would like to preface the story with a description of the characters.
 Jamie(15): 5'6". not sick thin, but not obese. Size 38 D cup. Blazing Blue eyes. Dirty blonde hair. Extremely toned legs from cycling and catching(softball). Nice full lips, but not over sized.
 Peyton(18): 6'3", Slim, but toned, with just enough tummy flub to slightly distort his six pack. 8 in long cock, 5 inched around. Pale blue eyes. Medium brown hair, And a strong jaw line.
Jamie anxiously waited in her room, making sure things were tidey, and she looked allright. She heard the car doors slam downstairs and her heart started to pound.     She had been talking to Peyton for a while now, but never knew that anyone in the family even had the slightest idea of his existance until one day she heard her dad telling her mom that a guy that worked for his friend company out in new york was coming out for his wedding and needed a place to stay.

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   "oh boy, another stranger in our guest room" Jamie thought. Then she heard her mom demand the name and her dad reply "Peyton something. . . "    thinking it was a funny coinsidence, and a way to make a joke later to Peyton she just went on with her day. that night she got on IM and saw he was on. "Soooo i hear youre staying at my house!!!" she joked.     "What do you mean?"    their conversation continued and they both realized that he was, indeed, staying at her house the next week.     Jamie waited for her dad to call her down to introduce her to Peyton, trying to swollow the lump in her throat.     When her dad finally did call, she rushed downstairs to meet him. As soon as she rounded the corner at the bottom of the stairs she saw him, and couldnt believe he really was as handsome as the pictures looked.     "Hi, Jamie is it?" he said with a wink, offering his hand to her.     "Y-Yeah. Hi. " she stuttered accepting the hand and pumping it a few times.

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      The rest of the day continues, Jamie have minimal time alone with Peyton, other than the five minutes she helped him settle into the guest room. When her mom called her down to unload the dishwasher, she called a quick "ok im coming" to her mom and turned to appologize to him.     "its fine, go. I heard your parents are going to dinner and a movie tonight, and i have to go to the rehearsal, but ill skip out of that early and come back here. Well have a few hours to talk and what ever then. " as he was finishing up his statement he brushed some hair out of Jamies face and rested his hand on her cheek. They locked eyes with each other for a solid block of time. Whether it was 5 seconds or 5 minutes they didnt know. it was interupted by "Jamie!!! DISHWASHER!"    later that night, everyone left, and Jamie was alone in the house with a twenty for pizza and a tv remote for company. after about 30 minutes of debating what kind a pizza to get the front door opened. "HELLO?!" Jamie shouted up the stairs.     "hey, ill be right down" it was Peyton.     he got down the stairs and Jamie got to see what he was wearing. Some nice dress pants(dark gray) and a dark blue button up shirt, no tie. She never knew why, but Jamie always loved a guy who was dressed nice.

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   He sat down on the couch a few feet away from her and sighed heavily.     "you know, i hate rehearsals for weddings. the most boring, and unorganize part of a wedding. "    "how did you manage to get out?" Jamie asked    "I said i had to go meet a buddy somewhere for a drink tonight because he left tomorrow for england and wouldnt be back until the end of the month. " he explained.     "oh nice nice. "    they sat there talking for a while, Both inching closer and close to each other. they decided to watch a movie, and in the process of it reaching the end of the opening cradits, Jamie was snuggled in close to him, head on his chest, his hand on her hip.     At one point during the movie, Jamie looked up and notice Peyton looking at her with a little smirk.     "what?" she asked.     "nothing, its just, when something happens in the movie thats emotional at all in anyway, you can see it on your face. its kinda fun to watch. " He stated    "oh, great. . .

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  " Jamie blushed.     "no no, its cute, really" He looked her straight in the eyes and then suddenly leaned in and kissed her softly. The kiss slowly turned into a more passionate embrace.     a few minutes of complete making out later, Jamie was on Peytons lap, stratling him, hlding his face in her hands. Him with on hand on the small of her back, and the other on the back of her head pull away from her.     "wha-" Jamie started to ask    "nothing, i just. This is great and all, but i think your parents are due home any time and i dont want them to catch us. so i think that you should stay down here, and ill go to my room. When your parents get home tell them that i came in and went straight to bed and that you want to finish your movie. THen theyll go up stairs and once they are asleep, come to my room. " His plan seemed fool proof, except. . .     "Wiat, what if they come downstairs looking for me to tell me to go to my bed. .

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  ?" Jamie asked.     "they wont, i know parents. they will just htink you fell asleep watching your movie. "    With that he when to his room, and Jamie waited til her parents got home and completed the plan. About 30 minutes after they went up stairs, Jamie heard her dad snoring. so she left her movie playing and went to the guest room.     She quietly knocked on the door but before she could finish her third knock it gently opened. he greated her by wrapping her in his arms and lifting her to to bed, kissing the whole way.     They crawled towards the head of the bed, him on top of her, lips not breaking apart for anything. Once the reached it, Jamie sat up and broke their kiss.     Peyton sat down next to her and pulled her on top of him and started kissing her again. he slowly started to kiss down her neck. when he go to her collar bone, he started to work his way up to Jamie ear. Once there, he gave it a little nibble which made a stiffled moan escape her lips, and a suddle clutch at his hair.     Liking the raction he had just recieved from her, he preceeded down her neck.


   when he got to her chest, he looked up at her asking for permission with his eyes as he pulled the tank top straps gently off her shoulders revieling two D cup breast. He took the right one in his mount and, while playing with the left one with his hand, sucked on it. He traced the nipp;le a few times with his tongue, stopping after every rotation to flick it with the tip of his tongue. After biting it a little, and hearing and feeling JAmie yelp, he switched. while repeating the smae thing on the other breast, he rolled her right nipple between his fingers. He pinched it the same time he bit the other one. Jamie yelped a little louder than before.     with that, Jamie took control. she slid off of him, and made him lay down on the bed. she started at the top of his shirt, unbottoning each button with her teeth very slowly, keeping eye contact with him the whole time. after finishish the last one, she pull the shirt to both sides, opening it up as wide as she could. Jamie placed her hands on his stomach, and slid them and her self up to his chest. Now completely topless, she placed her bare chest against his and leaned in for another kiss. after a long, intense kiss, Jamie broke from him. and looked straight in his eyes like earlier that day.

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      She sat up and started to undo Peytons belt. she whipped it off, and thru it aside. then she un buttoned and unzipped his pants which were slightly tented from his semi hard on. He lifted his hips in the air to assist her in the process of taking his pants off. Jamie then started to kiss up his leg. She got right to the bottom of his boxers and stopped. then startd up the other leg. this time she went slower, and started to work his boxers lower with her thumb under the waist band.     She slowly worked it lower and lower, her fingers tickling his pubic hairs with each milimeter she went down. She felt her thumb graze the base of his shaft, and the shiver that he let escape as a result. smiling slightly to her self she used both hands to pull his boxers off.     After casting them aside, she pulled her self up giving him one last kiss before going down on him. She started by gentle kissing his head, while using her hands to slowly stroke him. She continued using her hands to get him fully errect while she traced his mushroom top with her tongue. Slowly circling around it, working her way into the center at a spiral.

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   Once there, she flicked the tip with her tongue and continued in reverse. after doing that two or three times, Jamie took his whole head in her mouth. Moving her hands to his balls she gentle massaged them while working more and more of his cock into her mouth.     Jamie always knew she had a pretty big mouth, so she was excited to take him all. She started pumping a little faster taking more and more on ever decent.     Peyton was grunting slightly and kept lacing and unlacing Jamies hair around his fingers.     After a few more bobs, jamie and Peyton both felt his head hit the back of her throat. She knew that she wasnt going to let it stop there tho. Pulling up almost all the way, she pushed her head down with as much force as she could muster. Feeling it hit and go past the previous barrier, she soon felt his pubes tickle her nose.     With that, she blinked the tears out of her eyes and started bobing up and down faster and faster. Gaining a steady pase.     Soon Peytons grunts turned into moans. THose of which were increasing in volume rapidly. Working like a pro, using her tongue to massage what she could, and her fingers to cradle and grasp his balls she had him on the edge.

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   Knowing it, he warned her "God, im going to cum. More take me. . " he was struggling to get out between moans. He was in shear pleasure, but Jamie wanted him to remain there, so she slowed her pass.     After alternating between fast and slow for a good minute or two, Peyton knew he couldnt hold it any more. "UUURRGGHHH im cumming!!"    He shot line after line of hot cum into her mouth. Jamie mannaged to swollow most of it, allowing only a little to drip from the sides of her mouth. He plopped out of her mouth as she sat up. This motion caused what little jizz that had been on her face to drip to her breasts.     Looking down, Jamie slowly lifted her tit as close to her mouth as she could, and then bent her head to close the gap and licked off the rest of the cum.     That was enough to harden Peyton once again.     He grabbed her by the waist, and turned her around so that she was laying on her back. He slowly worked her shorts down and off, Uncovering her fully soaked pink lace thong. "ahh, i see im not the only one who enjoyed that.

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   Well, lets take care of you now shall we?"    Peyton wasted no time removing these. Ripping them from her, he threw them onto the floor and began to lick and kiss up her legs.     He was close enough to feel the warm from her dripping pussy, but wanted to tease her. Ignoring the intoxicating aroma, he got as close as he could, slowly blew on her lips causing goose bumbs to arise across her skin, and continues down the other leg. "Ah i need you baby. COmeon" Jamie begged.     Thats all it took. Peyton soon had worked his way back up (rather quickly) and traced her cleanly shaven lips with his tongue, making Jamie start to coo a little. After cleaning her up some, he focused on her clit a little more. After sucking and nibbleing and licking her clit for a good five minutes, keeping her right where he wanted her, he slowly inserted one finger into her went cunt.     "MMMMMmmmm" Jamie let out.     "oh you like that do you? how about one more finger then eh?" and he pulled out and then dove right back in with another finger.     It was almost too tight for this, which made him grow even harder. He felt her pussy start to throb and heard her moaning getting louder so he figured it was time for business.     He crawled up to meet her lips with his.


   She kissed him passionately and furiously because he had her right one the edge. Suddenly, she felt his head start to tease her opening. Moaning into his kiss, she wispered "Be careful, its my first time. But i need you in me right now!"    Listening to his commands, he rested his cock at he hole and then slowly pushed forward. Jamie was so tight, he almost lost it right there, but he was determined to have her orgasm twice before he did again. He pulled back out and slid in again a little faster. Mean while jamies breathing had gotten fasted and heavier on his neck.     He felt his cock hit the barrier. And looked her staight in the eyes. Damn did he love those gorgeous blue eyes. "Are you ready? this is going to hurt, do what you need to to me, bite, scratch, claw, what ever. . . it will get better tho i promise" He reasured her with a gentle kiss and she nodded. He pulled back, all the way and then slammed forward.

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   Jamie Let out a sqeak, but controlled her volume, and exerted the reaction to biting Peytons collar bone and digging her nails into his back.     He waited there, until she eased up on the grib, and her teeth dislodged them self and then he started to slowly pump in and out of her. Not willing to look down because he couldnt bare to see her tears, he continued until her cries of pain turned into more moans of pleasure before flipping both of them around so that she was riding him.     Grinind on top of him, he would have never guess it was her first time. she had just the right rhythm, and bounce to her. He finally chanced a look up and saw her head tipped back, on hand on his chest the other playing withher nipple.     Peyton took that and a invitation to take over. reaching up he started to grope and squeeze and play with her breast. Jamies had that had previously been entertaining her tit, was now working her clit agressively. Her moans were growing louder and louder, completely drowing out all noise that Peyton was making. Suddenly, her hips started to widely buck against his pelvis. and she thrust down on him, causing him to go as deep as he could. She closed her eyes tight, gripped at his hands , causing him to squeaze her boobs ever harder, and she stopped breathing for a few seconds and let out a beautiful cry.     she colapsed forward on to him, trying to catcher her breath. Before she could do so, he hoisted her up and threw her against the wall and was slamming into her with such force it only took her a few minutes to build up to a second orgasm.

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   Less theatrical as the fisrt, but louder by far, her clentching caused him sailing over the the edge.     He shot his load deep in side her and slowly allowed both of them to fall to the floor. Before they knew it, they both were passed out cold.     the next morning Jamie awoke draped across Peytons chest. he was laying with his arms over his head looking at them ceiling. She moved slightly drawing his attention to her.     "good morning beautiful" He smiled.     "good morning!" She yawn. "OH MY GOSH, what about my parnets? they are going to be waking up any minute and realizing im not in my room or on the couch and then they are goin--"    "Shhhhh" he hushed her by pressing a finger to her lips. "Everything will be fine. they left about an hour ago. They were running late to work. i head them arguing about whose fault it is. You and i are both fine. " And with that, he gave her a kiss and carried her off to the shower.

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