Pearl's Abduction


As I approached Pearl became very startled at first but then seeing it was me, she jumped up and put her arms around my neck, crying and holding on for dear life. Her body was so slight in my arms and I would have stood there and held her all night. When she gained her composure, she asked if I could help her get back to her car. I told her that I didn’t know where her car was but that my cabin was only about 1-mile southeast of where we were. “Why don’t we go back to the cabin, get my car and we can go search for your car?” The grateful look in Pearl’s eyes is something I will not soon forget. I started to lead the way but Pearl grabbed my arm and held on tightly, not wanting to get lost again. The conversation as we walked was very casual; she was trying to maintain her usual composure. As we saw the light from the cabin, Pearl grabbed me and turned me towards her and looked deeply into my eyes. She hugged me hard and asked me “Is there anything at all I can do to thank you for your chivalry today”. At first I wasn’t sure if the question meant what I was hoping it meant but then she kissed me deeply and longingly, pushing her body up tight against mine. While holding me close, she whispered that she had always had a fantasy that after being rescued by a strong, assertive stranger, he would desire her to be his sexual slave as a sign of gratitude. I grabbed her ass roughly and pulled her into me placing my mouth next to hear and in a deep guttural voice said, “You are mine. ” The look in her eyes was partially fear but far more wanting desire. I grabbed off her over shirt. Her hard nipples revealed the desires she had kept so carefully pent up inside. My fantasy was about to come true.

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  As we arrived at the cabin, I opened the door showing the way in and saying “Welcome Home My PET. Your stay with me will either be pleasant or unpleasant the choice is entirely yours. Do as you are told and we will have a weekend to remember. ” I immediately led Pearl to the bedroom, opened the closet door to reveal a variety of female intimates. “Pick out an outfit, while I prepare us a snack. Please don’t take too long, I will be waiting. ” I had to chuckle as I heard her shuffling around, probably trying to get out but being a cabin there were no windows or doors in the back bedroom. Pearl shyly appeared in a beautiful lacy deep blue negligee. Her beautiful perky nipples stuck straight out as she stood there. As I approached Pearl, she tried to cover up and looked afraid. I leaned over and whispered softly but deeply in her ear, “You have nothing to fear my PET unless you disobey me or try to leave before I say it is okay. ” She was trembling from both fear and excitement. I led her to the table, seated her up on it and requested she feed both her and I the chocolate covered strawberries, I had laid out. As she sat on the table in front of me with her legs straddled on either side of me, she fed me a strawberry very slowly and sensually. Pearl: Part twoThe array on the table was a variety of Pearl’s favorite foods.

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   One quality, I have learned to utilize is the fine art of listening especially during casual times. Women will tell you more when their guard is down. Pearl was no exception – she had revealed far more to me than even she realized. During our after hour “dates” (wishful thinking on my part), I would ask a few leading questions and Pearl would just talk. I was careful to listen and take mental notes. At this age in her life, Pearl was like a beautiful colorful butterfly emerging from that dark ugly cocoon. She was flitting from flower to flower desiring to experience everything life had to offer. Obviously, I was willing to assist her in thisThe chocolate sauce used for the strawberries was still sitting on the table. I peeled a banana back halfway and dipped it in the chocolate. Placing the banana to Pearl’s mouth I said, “Just don’t bite”. She began licking all the chocolate off the banana and sucked the banana very slowly and sensually. I reached behind her and grabbed a few cherries with stems. Pulling her nightgown up, my eyes were so pleased with the clean- pussy I found. My perception of this normally in-control female were correct; underneath she was a wild animal waking after hibernation, ready to take on the world. I placed the cherries inside Pearl with the stems sticking out – which would be my snack for later. 

   Pearl dipped the banana back in the chocolate and continued making love to it. Watching Pearl, made my cock so hard – I yearned to have that small soft sensual mouth devouring my cock rather than that bananaKnowing that I needed to keep control of the situation, I grabbed Pearl by the waist placing her on her knees in front of me. “Please, remove my pants!!” She hesitated for a moment, so I grabbed her hair pulling her head back slightly and in a very low soft but assertive voice said, “You would be wise to remember, You are my sexual slave. ” Pearl immediately removed my pants, revealing my 8” cock with a thickness that would fill her nicely. The bottle of honey was the next item from our smorgasbord to be retrieved. As I poured it all over my cock allowing it to drip down my balls, Pearl began licking without any words of encouragement. Slowly licking from the base to the tip of my cock, slowly getting every bit of the sticky honey. Her mouth enveloped my whole cock as she sucked it hard. Every time she sucked up on my cock she teased the nerve in the tip of my cock with here tongue. Pearl was sucking faster and harder but I wasn’t ready to cum just yet so I said, “Don’t forget the honey on my balls”. Pearl took my right ball into her mouth very gently and sucked it clean of all the honey, making sure to take her tongue and lick all around as she did. Pearl repeated the same thing on the other ball until I couldn’t take it any longer. “SUCK MY COCK Cock, My Pet, make me cum deep in your mouth. ” There was no hesitation as she took my whole cock in her mouth and started to fuck it – very quickly and very deeply. Just before I was going to cum, I uttered in that deep guttural voice that definitely turned her on, “SUCK ME HARD, TAKE EVERY DROP IN YOUR MOUTH!” Pearl was eager to oblige, she sucked very fast and deep, my cock hitting her throat every time, her tongue tickling the nerve on the tip of my cock.

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   I exploded deep in her mouth and she sucked every single drop. She continued to suck long after I had cum, not wanting to miss any. “My Pet, you deserve to be rewarded for a job well done”. Pulling Pearl up off her knees I laid her naked and wide open on the table. While blindfolding Pearl I asked, “Now My Pet, do you promise to stay right here, no matter what?” Her hesitance to answering the question gave me my answer. I took the plastic ties I had, placed each foot one of the chairs and secured her to the table legs spread open. “My Pet what a delicious dish you make laying on my table, you aren’t afraid of me, ARE YOU?” Pearl very softly and demurely said “NO”. “My Pet, I think you aren’t being honest with me, let me ask that question again, Are you afraid of me?” This time Pearl answered quite differently, “Sir, I am afraid and know I want to please you!” “Pearl, your answer does please me especially since your rock hard nipples and wet pussy already reveal what you are feeling. You love being my slutty sex toy, Don’t You?” This time there was no hesitation, Pearl almost shouted, “I am all yours!” “Now My Pet, let’s see just how well you behave, shall we?”…. . Pearl Part 3Pearl was lying on the table, still naked spread eagle and blindfolded. I hope she knew that if at anytime she really wanted me to stop I would. She seemed to be enjoying the game as much as I am. I left her lying on the table while I let my other guest in. Sarah was an old friend who once told me of her fantasy, which was about to be fulfilled.

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   Silently I led Sarah over to Pearl and slowly undressed her. Pearl was straining to figure out what was going on. I told Pearl not to ask any questions? One button at a time I unbuttoned Sarah’s shirt revealing the most beautiful size 34 B breasts, nipples full erect and a beautiful shade of light pink. I slipped off her skirt and panties. Can you imagine how I felt standing there with the object of my affection tied to my table about to be enjoyed by not only me but also another female. Sarah leaned over and kissed Pearl full on the lips with her tongue deep in her mouth. Seeing Pearl’s nipples get very hard and watching her hips start to gyrate, I could tell she was quite pleased. Pearl reached up and pulled Sarah closer so that their breasts were touching. They were carressing each other all over. Pearl grabbed Sarah’s right breast and took the nipple between her point finger and thumb gently twisting it. Sarah climbed up on the table with Pearl gently lowering herself on top , pussy to pussy. My cock was so hard from the sight of these two lovely ladies enjoying each other. Seeing how much they were enjoying each other, I just stood and watched. My table has never been set so beautifullyThe females went from gentle caressing to flicks on the nipples. Sarah laid on top of Pearl and kissed her passionately, grinding her pussy into Pearls while their nipples teased each other.

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   Sarah started to lick down Pearls body – her breasts all around and on the nipples, down to her stomach until she climbed down off the table while licking to her pussy. Sarah opened up Pearl’s pussy lips to reveal a very swollen clit, screaming to be licked. Sarah took her whole tongue and licked up from Pearl’s pussy to her clit over and over again, getting faster and harderFinally I couldn’t stand it anymore. I positioned myself behind Sarah, grabbed her hips and in one quick motion pushed my cock deep inside her pussy. Normally I am very patient but not today. I fucked Sarah hard and fast while she licked Pearl with the same fever. I pounded my cock into Sarah deep and hard and fast over and over and over. Without warning I exploded inside Sarah and was so pleased because Sarah came with me at the same time and as I looked down Pearl completely covered Sarah’s face with that sweet tasting cum. The smell that permeated the air was amazing. We were all exhausted and Sarah got up to leave. For the first time in along time, Pearl spoke. “Please, no. Is there anyway this doesn’t have to end yet. I thought for a moment and not wanting to lose my control, I said, “Okay, I will let Sarah decide what is to become of you now. ” Sarah whispered in my ear to which I responded with a resounding “Yes”.

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   The adventure continues……. . .



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