Not quite divorced


She had the sweetest voice, laughing easily with an interesting excitement as she spoke.   We had been emailing for a couple weeks, all I knew was that she was a hard worker, her husband was divorcing her for a younger woman and she was bummed out.
She had hinted as to how horny she was but not saying it direct terms only that she didn't like solo, so when we spoke on the phone I inquired.   I ask why she didn't like solo she said it fely much better to have a cock inside her pussy.   I knew she would soon fuck me if I cared to follow up and meet her.
I teased her on the phone for a week trying to deside if I wanted to see her.   In the end I thought what the hell, she had never been with anyone other than her soon to be exhusband so I figured she neede to experience some varity.
I went to see her, home was clean and neat, she wasn't quite as good looking as I had immagined and her body wasn't quite as good as she had discribed but, she had a great personality and pretty big tits.

  Carol had said she had very kissable lips, she was right, she could really kiss and with in two minutes of our first kiss I was sucking on her nipples ans she moaned with pleasure.
I thought what the hell she may only be a 6 1/2 to 7 on looks with tits at a 7, a smile of 8, eyes full of excitement and enthusiasum and I was reading READY TO FUCK in everything she said and in her body language.   By now I had her nipples in my mouth so lets proceed!
I ask if she wanted to go into her bedroom her responce was to get up and lead the way.   Once inside I ask what color her panties were, off with her pants to show me black ones.   Carol enthusiastically tossed her panties asside to reveal a freshly shaved pussy, yum I thought, I'm going to get some of that.
We lay on the bed and kissed for a couple minutes as I played with her clit, she was already moaning her approval.   I found her nipples and sucked them into my mouth giving each one equal treatment.   Carol was going nuts, she loved tit and nipple play, moaning how good it feels and how much she missed having then socked.

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With precum dripping from my dick I rubbed it up and down the length of her slit, she was already very wet she needed to further lubrication so I drove my cock into her pussy with one push.   Carol yelled out "Oh yes fuck me!"  I ask her if she liked to talk nasty while she had sex, her answer was "Fuck me, I love it when you fuck my pussy. "  "Do you like to fuck me?"
Wow I had just met Carol 18 minutes earlier and now she was telling me how much she liked sex and incouraging me with "Oh yessssss I love to get fuuuuuuuuuuucked!"  "Faster sweety!"  "I really needed your cock in my pussy!"  Ooooooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooooooo FUCK Meeeeeeeeeeee!"
Being the first time with Carol I was not quite sure if she had cum yet.
      I told her her hot pussy was going to make me cum as I pulled out for a minute.   Her comment was "I've already had two orgasms. "  I'm thinking good, that was easy she cums pretty quickly.   AS I slid back inside her pussy she told me her X seldom ever fucked her long enough to give her more than one orgasm.
    Before the evening ended Carlol said she had never had this many orgasms, she counted 9.   That made me drive in deeper and faster as she moaned "Ooooooooooo I'm Cuuuuuuuuming, fuck me sweety fuck me!"  That was it ,I flooded her cunt as I came in her very hot pussy.
    Carol was right she needed to get fucked and she took it out on me.   I surely did enjoy letting her take out her sexual frustrations on me, what a great fuck.   I had no idea she would relax so quickly since she had NEVER FUCKED anyone other than her soon to be X husband.   As I left Carol told me I could cum back anytime I wanted to and I would always be welcome in her pussy.  
    Thank you Carol