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This story is 100% true. It is about my first time with a cheerleader when i was 18 I happened to be 5'1'', 165 pounds, Blond hair with brown streaks, and a nice thick 5 inch penis when soft. This story happened when i was away at summer camp! A summer i'll never forget!    I was sitting in my bed trying to sleep in but I didnt know if i couldd try anymore. The pitter pater of the girls rustling around the bathroom woke him.

He could hear them laughing and gossiping. Curiously I stood and tip-toed my way catiously towards the door. I stood pressing an ear against the cold wood. I was suprised when my name came up. I tried to listen more carefully and what i heard turned me on, "Wow. . i heard that Nick's thing was probably the biggest in camp!" "How do you know that?" "I. . I just do!" "Sure. . prove it to us!" I crept up closer with my erection pushing me back awhile from the door, "Fine! Tonight we'll check him out!"     I couldn't beleave my ears. I quickly backed away from the door and dressed myself.

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   Not a moment later I slamed the door shut behind he and walked out of the cabin. I was anxious. I just wanted tonight to come. I walked myself down to the messhall to meet with my friends Jeff and Kevin. I decided to take a short cut for breakfast would be over in 20 minutes.
    I could hear the constant giggling again. I turned back but couldnt find the girls. I kept walking and haulted as soon as i saw a sight that caused me into shock. I saw a girl. One of the girls that was with the others laying on the grassy terrain with her skirt down to her ankles fingering herself. At first I sat and admired the girl. The I decided i wanted to join. I approached and she didnt see me. She just continued rubbing her wet cunt. I sat and stared it in the face and began to lick it up holding her legs.

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       In shock she yelled, "Nick! Ohh. . . Hey I. . . ooo" I continued to suck down her wet pussy lips. I pushed my tounge inside of her's slurping up the juices pouring from her now.   ((Continued!)).



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