My panty fetish


One day me and my friends had nothing to do so we went to my friend Anthony's house.   His mom and sister werent home and his dad doesnt live there anymore.   We went up to his room for a little bit and i said i had to go to the bathroom, so i went into his bathroom and did what i had to do.   After that we all went downstairs.   I all a sudden became really horny
I pretended that i left my phone upstairs in the bathroom, so i said i was goin to go get it.   Everyone said ok so i went upstairs alone and knowing i couldnt get caught i walked into my friends little sisters room.   I am 18 and his sister is 13.   I often have fantasies about her while masturbating.   Since no one was around i opened a few of the drawers and found her panty drawer.   She didnt have anything sexy, just normal cotton ones with things on them.   My cock instantly got hard and i took one of the pairs of panties out of the drawer and put it in my pants. After i took those i closed the drawer and left the room.
Then i walked across the hall to my friends mom's room.   His mom was about 45 years old but the hottest MILF ive known.   I also often had fantasies about her while masturbating.   One time i went to my friends house early and she was still in her pajamas and had no bra on and i could see her hard nipples through her shirt.

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    I was now extremely horny and needed to find her panty drawer.   I opened a few drawers then found what i was looking for, the panties.   There were so many.   From regular cotton panties to lacy see-through thongs.   Now knowing that my friends mom wore thongs made me even hornier.   I quickly took a pair of her black lacy thongs and shoved them down my pants.   Then i searched another drawer and found all of her bras.   I just wanted to see what size she was, she was a 36C.   After i did this i but both drawers back and went down stairs with both panties still in my pants wrapped around my hard 7 inch cock.
I returned downstairs but I was extremely horny so I told my friends i had to go back to the bathroom.   When i got in there I pulled out the panties and started to jack off.   I sniffed the panties and rubbed them on my cock.   Finally i came and i shot my load in the panties.   I figured it would be too dangerous to return the panties back to the rooms so i just put them back into my pants and took them home.  
At home, every time i jerked off i would sniff the panties then cum into them.

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    After a few weeks i had used those 2 panties so often so i got rid of them.   Then i went back to my friends house looking for more.  
The washer and dryer were right at the bottom of the stairs up to the play room where me and my friends hung out.   The drying rack was right next to the stairs.   I had noticed that my friend's mom often had some of her thongs drying there.   My friends soon decided to go downstairs so after we were down there i said i was goin upstairs to get a drink so after getting a drink i went over to the drying rack and took a rainbow thong of my friend's hot mom.   I stuffed it into my pants and wrapped it around my hardening cock.   I took these panties home and once again everytime i jerked off i would sniff them and rub them on my cock until i came in them.   Sometimes before i would jerk off i would wear the thong until i would jerk off or i would jerk off while wearing it.   I still have them today.
The next incident happened 2 summers ago in Las Vegas.   My aunt lives in Vegas so my family and alot of my cousins went out there for a week.   Although its kinda weird I've always noticed that my cousin was very hot, she was 20, she didnt have big tits but had a very nice face and good body.   While everyone was out shopping i got out of the pool and went to take a shower.   I walked into the room where everyones stuff was and closed the door to get dressed.

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    While the door was closed i went through my cousins bag and took out a pair of panties, they were lacy and a thong, very sexy, i jerked off and quickly came into the crotch of the panties then put them back in her bag.   The next day i got hard every time i saw her because i knew she was wearing the panties i had cummed in and my dry cum was on her pussy now.
Another time was when i was home alone.   I got really horny and needed to jerk off.   For some reason i had the urge to use a pair of my sisters panties.   I went into her room and took out her only thong, not very sexy, but the hottest she had.  I also took out a black bra.   She is 18 and has 34 A tits.   I went into the bathroom and began to jerk off.   I rubbed the bra on my balls and cock until i came.   First i came into the crotch of the thong.   I then jerked of for another 18 mins until i came again but this time into her bra.   I rubbed the cum in so it wasnt noticable then i put both back in her drawer.
Other people this has happened with is 2 of my sisters best friends.   One of them sleeps over often so she brings clothes for the morning.

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    One time when i was up in my room and the girls were downstairs watchin a movie i went into my sis's room and took her friends bag and took out a pair of panties and a black bra.    I went into the bathroom and jerked off into the panties.   I put the panties back but kept the bra and went to the basment and watched TV.   I put on a porn and startted to jack off again and rub the bra all over my cock and balls and when i came i came all in the bra and rubbed it in so it wasnt noticable.
Another time with the same girl my family was at her house for dinner and someone said we should play hide n seek in her room so i hid in the closet and accidently found the hamper so i pulled out a pair of panties and went to the bathroom and pulled out my cock, i stroked my rock hard cock for about 5 mins before i exploded all over the used panties.   Then i returned to the room, back to my hiding spot and returned the panties.
The incident with my sis's other friend happend over the summer.   Her name is casey and is 18 and is my sister's hottest friend.   She came to stay at our beach house for the weekend.   I left the beach earlier than everyone else that day because it was getting late.   I went home and took a shower.   Then before getting changed i went to her bag and pulled out 2 identical pairs of panties.   One was used and one was clean.   I could smell her pussy on the used ones.   At first it was gross but i started to like it.

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    I pulled out my cock and started to wack off.   I sniffed the dirty ones and rubbed the clean ones all over my cock and balls.   I did this for about 5 mins before i cummed so hard.   One of the hardest times ive came.   I came in the clean ones so i would know that Casey had my cum on her.   I put both pairs of panties back then got changed.   Later that day Casey was bending over to pick up somethin and i noticed she was wearing the panties i had jerked off into.   My cock instantly became hard.   Since she put them on only 18 mins after i was done with them, i could picture my still wet cum rubbing on her pussy lips and her wondering what that juice on her pussy lips was.   This turned me on so much and i used this thought while i was jerking off for the next few weeks.
Please comment me on what you think about my fetish and give me ideas of what i should do next