My hot camping Trip part.1 2007 contest winner


Hot Camping Trip 1-2The King family was going camping for the first time of the summer. Kate was 18 and her younger brother was 18 They were getting to the age where camping was becoming a drag, but they always seemed to find kids their age and once at campground they really did have fun. The two kids slept on side of the large pop-up trailer and their parents slept on the other. Kate and Jimmy never mentioned it the year before but both of them were old enough to realize when the trailer was shaking that their parents were making it. They pulled into the campground at night, it was one they hadn’t stayed in before and by the time their dad pulled the camper into the site the kids were dying to go to the bathroom. Jim had to help his dad set up for a minute so Kate ran to the old brown building at their end of the campground and went into her respective side of the building that had showers and toilet stalls. Kate sat down on the bowl and started to pee. As she did she looked to her side she noticed a hole in the wall. It was probably the size of a soda can and seemed to look right in on a stall on the other side of the wall.   There were two hooks to the side of the hole and then Kate saw the toilet paper holder sitting on the floor near her feet.   She looked at the holder and holes on it and then lifted it up. She put the  holder  back up and it covered the hole.   Someone had taken it down and not put it up.   She got curious and figured she should take it back down and look through the holeShe looked through the hole and could see the stall next to her, but also could see through the slightly open door. To the outside of the door was a urinal that you could see that some guy would probably never know you were watching him.   Kate thought this was a pretty neat set up, when she heard a door open and spring shut.

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  She sat back in her stall and heard someone walking in the men’s room. She heard the steps stop and no door opened, so she figured that someone was at the urinal. Kate couldn’t help it- she leaned forward and looked, it was her bother “Damn she thought” but for some reason she didn’t lean back. She watched her brother from the side and could almost see his prick. She soon saw the stream though and was intrigued. She watched as he finished and then shook his thing. She thought she almost saw it. Jim then looked to his right and then left as if looking to see if anyone was watching and then took a step back and continued to shake his prick.   Kate couldn’t believe it, was he starting to play with himself? He was. Jim started to pull on his dick like Kate had done with the one guy she had had sex with. Well not total sex, she had jerked off her last boyfriend and he had fingered her. That was what she considered sex, as far as she had gone so far. She couldn’t believe she was watching her brother, and figured he must be doing it here as he couldn’t do it sleeping right next to her in the pop-up. She masturbated often too, but had heard guys do it like everyday, and Jim must be one of those guys. Suddenly Kate heard footsteps on the rocks outside the “brown house” and took the paper holder off her lap and started to re-hang it.

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   She then heard her father talking to her brother, She quickly put the other hook on and figured she better get out of there as she had been in the bathroom a while. She figured Jimmy must have heard the footsteps too and not gotten caught by their dad. As Kate flushed and exited the stall her mom walked in and her first words were “are you alright dear?” Kate replied “I guess dinner didn’t agree with me, so much for Taco Hell”.   Her mother felt bad for Kate, while Kate was thinking she had come up with an excuse to come back to the bathroom later. Her mom started to head into the “trick” stall and Kate quickly said “mom, I would use the other one if I were you” implying it might be better after Kate had been in there for a while and her mom just laughed. ’The family collected outside the bathroom and walked back to the camper. Kate had noticed on the way back that there weren’t many people awake and maybe it wouldn’t be worth coming back, when another trailer being pulled by a van entered a site not far from the bathroom, Kate smiled. The family got ready for bed and everyone hoped into their sleeping bags. About 18 minutes later Kate was still awake- her brother was shifting around (Kate wondered if he was trying to finish what he started in the bathroom) and the pop-up was moving a little meaning that mom and dad were already going at it.   Kate was horny herself and figured she might as well head back for the bathroom before the entire campground was asleep. Kate made her way back to the stall and luckily it was open,  A moment later a woman and her daughter entered the bathroom as well. The two used the other stall and brushed their teeth at the sink. During all this the men’s room door had opened as well and Kate saw a man and young boy enter through her spy hole.   The young boy went to the urinal and the dad came into the stall on the other side of the hole.   Kate moved her head close to the wall so that the man could not see her.

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    She heard the man start to pee and moved her head a little so she could watch. She got gutsy and followed the steam upward till she saw the man’s dick, it was soft and nothing much to look at, but when you had only seen a couple dicks in your life it was still a thrill. The man stopped and left the stall and he and his son cleaned up. The other two left the girls’ room and then the guys headed out of their door. Right before the door shut the man said “you know I think I need to go back in, why don’t you go back to the trailer,”  Kate got excited. The man headed back into the stall closed the door, the next thing Kate saw was the man’s dick right outside the hole, She looked over and the man was stroking himself with the head only inches from the hole. Kate watched as the dick got harder and longer. He surpassed the size of the only guy she had been with.   Without warning the guy stepped forward and slid his dick inside her side of the stall. Even though this is what Kate was hoping for she was still surprised it was actually happening, plus this wasn’t a boy it was a guy the age of her father. Kate put her hand up on the dick and start top stoke it like she had her ex-boyfriend. The dick got harder and was now about 6” Kate figured. She pulled on it moment longer and then the guy pulled it back out. She saw him leaning forward and hid again up against the wall. She then heard “I can pull on my own dick, put it in your mouth and suck it.

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  ”  The dick then reappeared through the hole. Kate had seen some porn on the internet and the man just told her what to do; so she did. She opened her mouth and took her first dick into her mouth. She took in a few inches and then started sucking. The guy started to pump in and out of her mouth and then stopped. Kate just sucked and on him and then pictured the porn she had seen and started to bob her head back and forth.   She was actually having fun and was getting turned on by what she was doing. The guy started pumping again and Kate continued moving her head. She was now taking all of the guy that she could without hitting the wall.   This went on for a few more minutes when suddenly she started to taste something strange and realized that her mouth was filling. She was tasting her first mouthful of cum. Somehow she forgot about this part, and before she considered what to do with it, she instinctively swallowed. She continued to suck on the guy and continued to swallow what ever he could give her. This didn’t go on long and the guy pulled his dick out of the hole. He leaned down and Kate again hid, the guy just quietly said “thanks,” stood up, put his dick back in his pants and left.

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  Kate sat back down and pondered what had just happened. “Pretty neat” she thought to herself.   She pulled up her shorts and as she started to put the holder back up she head footsteps on the gravel again. She figured “what the heck”, sat back down and pulled her shorts and panties back to down. She heard the door of the stall open and then lock. She was nervous about looking next to her as the guy might be looking in as well. She waited for the guy to put his dick through the hole when something else came through; the guy’s hand then arm. The next thing Kate knew, the guy had his hand on her bare thigh. She had never considered that this may happen. Then she realized that the guy had probably been looking at her through the hole and seen that her pussy was exposed as she was sitting there with her shorts and panties pulled down to her ankles.   The hand traveled up her thigh slowly and Kate figured she was going to let this happen, beside that she was so hot from sucking the man off that she was going to finger self anyway. She looked at the arm and hand it looked like it was from a boy and not an older man, which pleased Kate. The hand had reached her pubic area and the palm was resting on her patch. The guy then curled is fingers and made contact wither labia. The slightest touch created a sigh from Kate’s mouth and then the fingers curled further and two of his fingers slid into her virgin pussy.

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   The guy was moving is fingers back and forth and Kate was already starting to get wetter and wetter. The guy then curled his fingers inside of her and started to pull on her. She thought he was just fingering her, but then realized he was actually pulling on her to get up.
      Kate stood up and the guy pulled her till she was lined up with the hole, standing basically straight up.  The hand disappeared and Kate looked down and saw a tongue appear in the hole.   She had never been licked before, but tonight was one of firsts, so she leaned in against the hole. She felt the tongue along her slit, but with the wood between her and the mystery guy on the other side there was not much tongue to get inside her.   The guy figured the same thing out and his tongue was quickly replaced with 2 fingers. Kate backed off a little so the guy could move his hand better. The guy was doing a great job and had two fingers going back and forth like they were running in her.   Kate was getting close to a very needed orgasm, when the guy took one finger out of her pussy and just as quickly used her juices to help slide his finger back into her, but in her butt. Kate had never even thought to finger her butt and was amazed that it didn’t hurt and it went in so easily. Then again it wasn’t in very far.  The guy pulled her closer to the wall using his two buried fingers and the one in her butt moved further inside her. Her fear that it was going to hurt backed off her climax a bit, but it didn’t take long for her to start building again as the fingers played their magic.

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        Kate was getting really close and started rocking into the hand, when suddenly he took his fingers out of her. “Damn” she thought. The guy then moved his hand to the side of her leg and pulled and somehow conveyed that he wanted her to turn around. Kate’s mind seemed to have disappeared and she was letting this guy control her. She turned and the guy’s fingers were moving across her butt till they found her hole. Again the guy penetrated her and this time it went in further and Kate seemed to like it. The guy introduced a finger to her pussy as well and was driving them both inside her again. Kate wanted them deeper and leaned over and put her hands on the toilet. She shifted and her butt was now pushing against the wall with her butt hole lined up perfectly with the one in the wall.  The boy took the finger out of her pussy and within moments it too was inside her tight little ass. Kate couldn’t believe that she was getting pleasure from being fingered in her ass. But she was back to the verge of climax. She felt her butt relax more and more and the pleasure was unreal- she heard herself starting to pant a little louder and wondered if the guy could hear her. She thought she heard him clear his throat or something, but that was all she heard from him. Really what the boy was doing was filling his mouth with spit.

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       He then opened his mouth and let the mouth full fall onto his dick. He used his free hand and used the spit to lubricate his young rock hard shaft. He felt the girl’s butt rocking back on his fingers and could actually see her ass sucking his fingers into her.   He slowly backed his fingers out of her ass and just as quickly introduced the head of his dick, to where his fingers had just been. Kate was disappointed when she felt the fingers leave her ass, but it was only momentary. She felt the pressure on her anus and couldn’t believe that she had tighten up so fast that it wasn’t letting him back in. But then she felt like he was trying to put them both in at the same time. She felt the pushing and wanted to get back to get to the damn climax that she still hadn’t achieved. The guy then pushed and for the first time Kate felt pain. Her hole had opened, but was being stretched, it took her a moment or two to figure it out but Kate realized that it was no longer fingers in her ass, but a cock. The guy was moving very slowly but it still hurt. Kate wanted to move away but for some reason didn’t. The guy kept pushing till he was all the way inside. He just stopped and waited for the Kate to move. He felt her muscles relax and then started to pump her.

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       Kate was still hurting, but it didn’t take long and the damn thing felt good. She started to think for the first time in about 18 minutes and it is hit her “I am getting fucked in the ass. ” She was actually proud of herself and wanted to make the post of this. She started rocking in time to fucking, and the guy on the other side was fucking her fast and hard at this point. Kate started to pant harder and finally started to cum.    Kate loved the feeling of cumming and couldn’t believe that she could climax hard without touching her pussy, though she could make herself cum by playing with her nipples it was nothing near this kind of a climax. Unfortunately it was short lived as she suddenly felt the cock pump hard and then stop. She kept moving, but by the feeling in her ass she knew the guy had come. The dick was sliding back and forth easily and it was very wet inside her.   She kept moving for a few more moments, but the event was over. She was happy but not totally satisfied, “oh well” she thought.  The dick was pulled out of her and she heard the guy leave the one stall and go into the next before she was even standing up straight. She figured the guy didn’t want her to see him or he wanted to clean up or something.   Kate sat back on the toilet and cleaned up a bit. She wiped herself and smiled when she saw the guy’s cum on the paper as she examined it.

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      She was pleased with herself and happy that she was no longer a “total” virgin. She got cleaned up and went back to her pop-up. She went in quietly and slid into her sleeping bag with a smile on her face.   She stared up at the roof and thought about all that had happened in the past hour.  Just then the door of the pop- up opened. Kate panicked, had the guy followed her back to trailer? She looked up and saw it was just her brother and relaxed.   Jimmy came in, closed the door, climbed over her and got into his sleeping bag. Kate was still staring at the roof when a terrifying thought came into her head. “Oh no” she thought “it couldn’t have been. ” She turned her head and looked over at Jimmy. It was dark but she could see that he was faced toward her.   She was looking at him with a questioning look on her face. Jimmy couldn’t see the expression on her face, but thought she might be wondering. He took his hand out of his bag, moved it toward her face and moved his finger below her nose. Kate smelled the sex on his finger and froze…End of day one.


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