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Im in my early 20's and my friends mom is in her late 40's. She isn't that great looking, but shes not ugly. From the first time i spent the night at my friends house when i was in my teens, i always fantasized about sleeping with my friends mom. What made me want to have sex with her the most is that she was a widow. Her husband died when my friend was a pre-teen. I stopped spending the night at my friends house when college started. I occasionally stopped by my friends house to say hi to his mom and to make sure everything was alright.   I stopped by one hot day when she was just hanging around the house, and asked if shed like to go and eat lunch with me. We went and ate lunch and came back. We talked alittle and she asked me if i wanted to stay for dinner and maybe a movie. I felt kind of weird when she asked me if i wanted to watch a movie since this was my friends mom, but ive wanted to have sex with her for so many years. We ate dinner, talked alittle, and watched a movie. During the movie, she said she was kind of cold, and got a blanket out. She told me, i could get inside the blanket if i wanted too.

I told her, i felt awkward, and she told me, there was nothing to worry about, since i was an adult now. I got underneath the blanket with her and continued to watch the movie.


  Close to the ending we started talking some more, and we got on to the subject of how shes been so lonely since her son is now in college. I told her that i was always there for her, and she gave me a hug. As i was getting ready to leave, she gave me a hug and gave me a kiss. I kissed her back, and we started to make out right at the door. I took my shoes back off, and she pulled me back upstairs. We got upstairs to her room, and i picked her up and put her onto the bed. I slowly took off her pants and shirt, so now she was just in her bra and panties. She took my shirt off and unzipped my pants so i was now in my boxers only. By now, seeing her in lingerie only, i was hard as a rock, she pulled my cock out of my boxers and gave it a kiss. She laid me on the bed, and started sucking my dick. She licked and stroked my cock for about 5minutes and i told her i was about to cum. To my suprize, she swallowed my whole load. I picked her up, laid her down on the bed, and started licking her pussy. She moaned louder and louder, i could tell she hadnt had anything like this in a LONG time. I laid over her and started kissing her breasts and my cock rubbing over her pussy lips.

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   As i stuck the tip of my cock in her pussy, she started to moan. I slowly pushed it in until i was all the way in. Once i was all in, i pulled it back out, this time pushing it in alittle faster. She started screaming louder and louder and finally i pulled out and sprayed my man juice all over her chest, she rubbed it in her breasts and licking it all off her hands. We both passed out naked on her bed. A couple hours later i woked up, and she was still asleep. I turned her over on to her stomach, and decided to finger her asshole alittle. She woke up and told me to fuck her doggystyle. I pulled her up, so that she was on all fours now. She guided my cock into her vagina and pushed back against my cock. I grabbed both sides of her hips and started thrusting. I was pounding her ass so hard you could hear my balls slap her pussy and her ass cheeks against my body. She had multiple origasms, until i finally pulled out and came all over her face. I came more than ever, and her face was now covered completely. We got cleaned up, and i headed on home.

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   That wasnt the only time we screwed around a little. .



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