My first time


My first experience with sex goes back 8 years. I was 12. I caught my brother and his best friend masturbating together in our bedroom. He and I shared a bedroom and I knew he played with his cock at night under the sheets but I never knew what he was doing. That day I just walked in and they were both sitting on the edge of our beds and had their pants down around their ankles and were pulling like mad on their cocks. They were so engrossed in their pleasure they didn’t notice me for almost a minute. I was fascinated but my brother told me to piss off. His friend Barry said that I could stay but I had to show him my cunt. My brother said no but Barry said she has seen us now so let’s have some fun with her. My brother said we shouldn’t but Barry was insistent and told me to take my pants off and show them my cunt. They were both wanking themselves still and as I watched I pulled my pants down and took them off and lifted my skirt up so they could see my small smooth hairless slit. Barry said spread you legs so we can see it and I did that and then my brother said shit I am cumming and he had a sort of fit or something and went all funny and stopped doing it. I was busy watching and didn’t really know what he was talking about. Dave, my brother told me that I shouldn’t be doing that but then pulled his pants up and left the two of us together. Barry kept going and then asked me if I wanted to feel him and do what he was doing, and I said no, but I was so enthralled and when he said come on, be a sport I did, and I held my first cock ever. (It was small compared to what I have to play with now; it wouldn’t have been very thick and about 4 inches long.

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  ) It felt quite different to what ordinary skin feels like, it was all sort of soft skin over his hard cock. I did what he was doing and started to pump my hand up and down. Then he said try it like this and he showed me a better way to hold and stroke it and it felt great slipping my hand up and down on his cock and feeling the skin slip up over the top of it before I rubbed it down again. He then took his pants right off and lay on the bed for me to do it like that. As I was doing it to him he slipped his hand down between my legs and rubbed his hand over my vagina area, then I felt his finger searching for my slit and I subconsciously opened my legs a bit to give him better access. Then I felt it go between the lips of my slit and he poked his finger into me. I stopped, and he said -don’t stop, don’t stop I am getting close to cumming. He pulled his finger out of me  and said just do it a bit faster- and I did what he said and I felt his cock get harder and start to twitch a bit,  then he started to gasp and shake his head about and he let out a moan and I said am I hurting it. He said nothing, he just looked at me shook his head and smiled. Then he lifted his bum up as I kept stroking it and he managed to gasp out ohhh this is magnificent and was having a similar fit to Dave when he came. He told me to stop and I said was it good and he said that was the best hand job I have ever had, you were great. I said what happens when you go all funny. He said - do you ever play with your cunt- and I said -I rub it a bit sometimes-. He said -does it feel good and I said I like the feeling. He said have you ever cum and I said I don’t know, what’s that?.

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   He said that’s what happens after a while and the sensation of pulling on your cock gives you this fantastic sensation like it does when you fuck a girl. He said I will show you how girls do it if you like, and I said will it hurt and he said no it feels fantastic particularly when somebody does it for you, but most times you do it to yourself. Its like being fucked but you use your fingers. .
Then he said come on you lie on the bed and I will show you how. I did what he told me and he got between my legs and used his finger to rub my slit and slip it in and out a bit. I was getting really wet down there, it had happened before but not as much as it was now. I said what’s that I am all wet. He said that’s girl cunt juice, all girls do that when they play with their cunts and finger themselves, it just makes it slippery and easy to do.
He kept doing it and asking me where it felt best and I said it feels good everywhere but at the top it feel best. He didn’t put his fingers a long way in just around the opening. Then he began to poke his finger in and out of my cunt and said do you like the feel of that and I said its heavenly.  He said this is just like having a cock in you. He kept asking if I was liking it and I had to say yes – it felt wonderful and I told him I had never felt this good before, pretty soon I could feel this sensation in my cunt creeping up to my tummy and they both felt absolutely fantastic, it was possibly the best feeling I had ever had. Then something began and I could feel this feeling beginning to go right through my body and I started to get all tight inside, and my cunt was getting so excited and touchy and it was beginning to feel like I had never felt before, I could feel my legs opening wider so he could do it better then I would close them a bit to increase the sensation, he said I can tell it wont be long till you cum.

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   The feeling kept getting stronger and felt better even though I didn’t know what it was. He said this is fantastic how are you feeling I just looked at him and said I don’t want this to end its fantastic. I was loosing control and things were happening and I was doing things I didn’t realise that I was, the centre of the universe was between my legs and spreading right through my body, I could feel a really great sensation in my nipples and I touched them with my fingers through my blouse and suddenly something inside me sort of burst and I was having this sort of convulsion and I had to clamp my legs together to stop him from rubbing me, There was something in my cunt that was so touchy it was almost sore to touch but it also felt nice at the same time. He had his hand clamped between my legs now as I squirmed and rolled about on the bed, the sensation was both wonderful and frightening because I had lost control of everything. I thought for a moment I might piss myself.
I was all out of breath and he said that was great wasn’t it, and I said what happened and he told me I had cum, he said its called cumming or an orgasm. Its similar to what I had. Now he said you can do that any time you wish just by doing what I did with your own hand.
I sat up and put my legs over the side of the bed. He was standing there looking at me. His cock was all soft now and as I sat there getting my feelings back in order I touched his cock and it got hard in a second and I began to giggle as it felt strange, one second having a soft cock to feel then a hard one. I said how do you do that and he said it just happens when you touch it or play with it.  His cock looked different to Daves when it was soft and I asked him why it was. He said I am circumcised – its when the doctor cuts off the skin over the top of your cock when you are born. Dave hasn’t had his cut off.

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   I said whay do they do that. He said he didn’t really know why but it was pretty common for guys to be circumcised or as some say - cut.
I began to stroke it again as I liked the feeling, then he said how do you feel, did you like that and I said yes it was fantastic. I cant wait for it to happen again.
Then he said don’t tell Dave what I did. Then he said now I want to fuck you now. Can we do it now. I said I didn’t know what he meant. He said that instead of him fingering my cunt he put his cock into me and he made it go up and down and it even felt better than when you do it with your fingers. I said isn’t that how you give a girl a baby and he said when I am old enough I can but first of all I have got to be able to ejaculate sperm or cum into you, and you have to have started having periods. He said then we are not old enough to make babies yet. He said that when he gets older and starts to grow hair around his cock his cock spurts out stuff when he cums and that’s what makes babies inside me. I knew about periods because my mom had told me what might happen one day without warning and I would start to bleed out of my cunt. It wasn’t anything wrong, it was the sign I was becoming a woman and could have babies. I didn’t know about this cum or stuff that spurts out.

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   I said does Dave’s do that yet? He said neither of us does yet but it will soon, just like when you start periods, guys’ start cumming.
He talked to me for a bit as I played with his cock and he started to finger me again and then said please can we do it, I really would like to have my first fuck with you. It started to feel nice again and I was all wet and after he asked me a few more times almost pleading with me to let him - I said ok. Then he said lets get undressed and do it in the nude and he didn’t wait and took all his clothes off and I just followed and we were both nude together. It even felt nice like that and I actually felt my nipples as they were getting touchy. He saw me and said let me, and he begun to play with them and it really felt wonderful as he played with them and my cunt got really excited and it felt like it wanted me to play with it. Then he said come on lets do it before Dave comes back. Then he got me to pull my Knees up and back onto my chest as he knelt between them. I looked down and watched him as he used one hand to open my cunt, and with the other one he was guiding his cock toward my cunt. I watched until I could feel it start to go in, it looked strange disappearing inside me but it also felt nice at the same time. He went in a bit then it stopped. I saw him push a couple of times and could feel something inside me that seemed to be blocking his cock from going in any further. Then he said this might hurt a bit, get ready, and he pushed like mad and I felt this stabbing pain, like something burst or tore inside me. It hurt and I sang out - that hurt - and he said that always happens on the first time. Then I felt all warm and wet down there and as I looked down to see what he was doing, he pulled his cock out of me and it was covered in blood.

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   I nearly died, I panicked a bit at the sight of the blood and said what did you do I am bleeding. He said its ok that’s just you hymen breaking, its like a piece of skin which grows just inside your cunt and the first time somebody fucks you it breaks and it bleeds just a little bit. He got down off the bed and picked up his underpants and wiped me clean, then wiped his cock. He looked and said it has stopped bleeding already; there wasn’t really much blood at all. I was relieved as I didn’t want to have to tell my mom my cunt was bleeding and it wasn’t like the period stuff she told me about. He said I will keep these forever, as he looked at the blood on his underpants. They will always remind me of you and my first virgin fuck. I didn’t really know what he meant until a few weeks later. Then he got back on the bed and he said this time it won’t hurt and we started all over again and I was all tense as he went to go back into me and I was watching as he guided his cock back into me. I was sure it would hurt again, and goy all tense and up tight. He had trouble getting it into me and he said relax, it won’t hurt this time. I said ok I am ready now and when he tried again I watched as I saw his cock slipping in and I could feel it and it wasn’t hurting and everything felt great. There he said you aren’t a virgin any more and I still wasn’t quite sure what he meant.
I could feel him moving and pushing his cock up and down inside me and I could sort of feel it a bit but it wasn’t as good as his finger. He was now leaning over me and our faces were almost touching and I could feel his whole body lying against mine and it felt wonderful.

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   I moved my legs to get more comfortable and he said there it feels good now doesn’t it. Then he said tell me where it feels best and he wiggled about and I kept telling him where I liked it and he then began just to make it feel good on that spot. After a while we both started to use the rhythm he was using to fuck me and we both had a laugh at how good it was even though he kept pulling out a lot but it went straight back into me without any trouble. He said now your cunt is used to my cock it just stays open and I don’t have to guide it in.
 I suppose we must have been fucking each other for about 18 minutes and talking about how it felt, which was wonderful as far as I was concerned. He could keep this up for ever. As he fucked me he told me things we could do later and different ways we could do it. I was beginning to think this was great fun.   He said you are a fantastic fuck and we just fucked ourselves and just let the whole feeling run through our bodies and in particular around my cunt opening as I could now feel it there every time he moved it in or out. He kept the rhythm going for a while then he went all quiet and I could see the look on his face was getting all serious. Then he said get ready I am about to cum, hang on, and he started to pump his cock into me harder and faster and then he screwed up his face and grunted a couple of times and said I am cumming like I have never cum before you are fucking fantastic, I love you, oh sweet Jesus this is fucking fantastic. Then he just collapsed on top of me all out of breath. I could feel his heart pumping against my chest as we lay locked together for a few minutes before it returned to normal. We were both wet with sweat and I could feel him slippery all against my whole body, and I loved that feeling of him slipping about on me. His cock had shrunk and come out of me but I felt I could go on for ever.

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   After a bit he got up and said come on I want you to cum too and fingered me again. It didn’t take long as my cunt was beginning to get all excited like when he fingered me the first time. I closed my eyes for a moment and it happened just like before and my body convulsed and the centre of the universe was between my legs. I came pretty quickly. It felt great again only this time I knew what it was going to feel like and just let it happen. There he said we have both cum the first time we fucked. I felt fantastic.
We stood up and he hugged me and said I will never forget this afternoon you were wonderful I love you. We looked at each other completely naked and he looked wonderful to me, even if his cock was all soft and hanging down. I put my hand on it and it was still a bit bloody and slimy from being inside me and I said I love it. It didn’t get hard that time.
After that we both went to the bathroom and washed ourselves as we were all sort of jammy and was still some blood on his cock and around my cunt and on my legs. He wiped my cunt clean and said I will never forget you and this cunt and he then kissed it. Then I washed his cock and did the same only I put the top of his cock just into my mouth to kiss it and it got hard again instantaneously.
He said I love you once more and hugged me to him, and I felt his cock get hard again against me as we hugged.

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   That made me feel special but I didn’t know what loving really was or felt like. I just liked him for fucking me as I really enjoyed it and I knew I would do it again as it was that good.
That night Dave said to me you two were together for ages what did you do. I said he just wanked himself and talked to me and wanted to look inside me. I played with his cock for a while and he showed me how he masturbates. I didn’t tell him I was no longer a virgin. That night I could hardly get to sleep thinking about what I had done and I kept fingering myself but I didn’t cum. Dave now realised I knew what he had been doing under the sheets each night so he didn’t bother covering himself from then on and wanked himself openly.
The next day I couldn’t wait to see Barry again as I wanted him to fuck me again, I could think of nothing else. We went to his place and he fucked me 3 times. The first time we just got inside the door and pulled our pants off and did it on the floor we were in so much of a hurry.  We were both mad for it. We didn’t seem to worry about how it felt we just went at it furiously. He came before I was ready so got up and went to his bedroom and undressed again and he looked wonderful naked. The second time we took our time and it must have lasted about 18 or 20 minutes.


   I watched his cock going into me and it was wonderful seeing it going in and feeling my vagina opening and his hard cock going deeply into me. It wasn’t as far as it goes in now but it still felt good then. This time I actually came before he did as he was taking his time and stopped a few times because he said his orgasm was beginning to start and he wanted to last longer for me. The third time we took much longer than ever before. We started as soon as he got hard again after the second one which was only a few minutes. The third time we managed to keep it going for about half an hour with a few stops along the way, he was getting tired from being on top of me and pumping his cock up and down into me for all that time. . We had both cum before and had fucked twice in about half an hour, so we didn’t mind how long it took or how many times we stopped. Every time we started again it was like a new fuck again. This time he said he would try and get us both to cum at the same time. As soon as I began to get the feeling I told him, and the two of us just talked and talked our way into the best orgasm we had ever had.   It was wild and furious and awesome. It felt absolutely fantastic, I was really proud I could get it to happen. The both of us were so happy we came together. Afterwards we just lay on his bed together for ages as we were both tired from almost an hour of non-stop fucking.


   I was a bit sore and he said he didn’t think he could get it up again, but he did as soon as I touched it. I played with it but we didn’t fuck again that day but spent a lot of time together naked and touching. We kissed for the first time and we spent a lot of time working out how to french kiss and practice. It made us both horny but I didn’t want him to fuck me again that day because my cunt was still a bit sore from doing it for as long as we had been.
The next day we were both wanting to fuck each other again only this time we took our time and undressed, kissed and felt each other before we did it the first time. After the first one we both got up and sat on his bed and talked. After a while we both sort of knew we wanted to do it again so instead of him getting on top of me, we did it in what we know now as doggy fashion. We had talked about a few different ways and he had looked at a few porn books the night before at his cousins place and said he had seen a few ways we could try. He enjoyed doing it to me like that, but because I couldn’t see anything I wasn’t that keen to do it like that again and he showed me how to get on top and ride him like a horse, cowboy he called it. Again we did it three times and he came 3 times and I came once when I was on top of him, which I really enjoyed. After that we played about with him working out ways to get his cock into me in different positions.
    He said his cousin had a book he was going to lend him on how to fuck in 100 positions. I couldn’t wait to see it, I wanted to try them all.
    Each day we met and fucked each other 3 or 4 times each time and often we did it a couple of times a day. Our best effort in the first month was when he came 8 times.

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       We did it more often trying out new positions but we didn’t always cum each time. I would have done it all day every day I never got tired of it.
    My brother Dave soon realised what we were doing together and got shitty at first when he found out that Barry and I were fucking each other. He got wild with me for doing it. He also had a sort of fight with Barry too about it but they soon were best friends again and after that the three of us would masturbate together quite often in our room and Barry would fuck me. We conned Dave into watching us one day and Barry kept telling him he should have a go with me but Dave said brothers and sisters shouldn’t fuck each other. Barry said that’s only when you start cumming because if a brother makes his sister pregnant the kid will be crazy or something. He really told him he should do it now, before you start cumming, but he wouldn’t and kept saying it isn’t right. I didn’t mind and I would have let him if he had wanted to.
    About a week later Dave was wanking him self in bed and so was I, we were both doing it almost every night now. This time we had just started masturbating and he asked me if I would mind if he fucked me just once. I said I would really like him to and told him to come over to my bed. He just took his pants off and I pulled my nightie up, we didn’t get nude. He hadn’t done it before so I had to show him a bit about how to put it in. He had seen Barry and I but he didn’t know much and I had to tell him how to get himself into me.

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       Once he had it in he knew what to do and I kept telling him where I liked to feel him and he was fascinated by the fact I could feel it and knew what to do. He kept going and pretty soon had the rhythm right and I told him how good it was and he said it was better than he had imagined. He started to cum and he said is it alright if he does it in me. I said can you cum now and he said no but I didn’t know if you would let me finish inside you. I said I would love it and that’s the best part. He was almost the same as Barry when he came. As soon as he came he went all guilty about it and said he was sorry and all that stuff but I told him it was good and I liked it, but I didn’t tell him it wasn’t as good as with Barry. After that I often asked him if he wanted another lesson, and he always said yes, but he would never ask me first. I showed him a few ways and after a few times he was as good as Barry and I actually came with him a couple of times. He was fascinated the first time I came with him and said you can even cum when you do it with me. I said I could cum with anybody if their cock hits the right places.
    Once Barry knew I was doing it with Dave he said we must all do it together one day. A few days later the three of us did it all together and I just lay there as they took turns with me. Dave forgot I was his sister and did it quite often with me after that and he enjoyed it.  Some days I suppose I did it six or 8 times with both of them and we all enjoyed the fun.

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       It was during those sessions we tried different positions and Barry had a book we used read and work out the various ways to do it. It was hilarious some days trying to get into the right position as their cocks were not as long as the guys in the books.
    Another thing Barry and I started doing was sucking on each other and that was good too. We both came every time we did that and it was wonderful every time. We never did that when Dave was there and I never said I wanted to try it with him. I was happy enough when he fucked me and that was good enough.
    Almost a year later Barry and I were still fucking each other like we always did. It was still 3 or 4 times a week and often more often. Dave only did it to me occasionally as he was doing it with a couple of my friends who also started when I told them I was doing it. I asked him what they were like to fuck and he always said I was the best. I didn’t believe him but it was nice, I knew he really enjoyed it with Jan another girl I knew. On school holidays it was every day and 4 or 5 times or more each day.
    One day we were doing it like normal missionary style with Barry when he came. As he was cumming his orgasm was quite extraordinary and he said something just came out of my cock. When he pulled his cock out of me it was covered in this whitish slimy stuff and the lips of my cunt were all wet and slimy too.

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       He said shit I have just cum. He was really excited and kept touching it . It was his first time actually ejaculating and it went into me. I said now I will get pregnant and I was a bit worried about it. It was all inside me. Almost immediately he wiped it and began to wank himself and pretty soon it happened again and this time this stuff spurted out the end of his cock and it was the same slippery slimy stuff and it went everywhere. The both of us looked at it and touched it and wondered how that could make a baby. He was so proud he could do it. I asked if I could wank him again and I made it happen and it went all over my hands and legs. It was great fun. This time I even licked some off my fingers and it tasted funny but it was ok I suppose. It didn’t taste like piss smelled. We both talked about me being pregnant and how I would have his baby, we were very happy and concerned at the same time. We even talked about having an abortion. I believed I was pregnant and wanted to tell everybody.

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       Barry told Dave he had started to cum, and when he said he had done it in me Dave said I wouldn’t be pregnant because I didn’t have periods yet.
    I didn’t know if I were happy or sad, perhaps both at the same time.
    All the girls wanted to know what it was like when a guy came inside you and I was a star for about 2 weeks. Then Dave had his first ejaculation wanking himself. That night he asked me if he could cum inside me because he wanted to see what it felt like and I agreed and we did it and he came into me. He said Jan had said she wouldn’t let him cum in her when he started as she thought she was nearly having periods as there had been some blood spots in her pants recently. She was right because the day after Dave did it to me she had her first period. Then she was the star and all the girls including me wanted to see and hear all about it.
    After we found out that nearly every girl in our group was letting their bf or somebody else fuck them some of us started to do gang bangs with other couples when we would all get together and have an orgy of sex with anybody who wanted to do it to you. It didn’t happen often but sometimes about 4 or 5 couples would get together and just fuck each other. It was a huge party where everybody just got naked and had sex with any body they wanted to. That was the rule the girls had to let any boy do it to you and we all did. It was quite fun watching your bf do it with another girl who had her way of doing it. They had to wear a condom but I let a few do it to me without because of the fact I was using the pill. Some guys wouldn’t do it to me after they knew another guy had cum in me, and complained, so I had to comply with the rules.

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    The big talk from then on was did we or didn’t we make our bf use condoms. Once our periods started, and it seems we all started within a couple of months of each other. I was the youngest and the last. It took me about another 6 months before I started and in that time Barry came in me hundreds of times and it became messy then as it was always 3 or 4 loads he put into me. Some days I even borrowed sanitary pads to soak it up. Some girls said it was safe some days and not on others so we all wanted to know when it was safe etc. Pretty soon we had it worked out and most of us took risks up till a couple of days before it got dangerous, then we insisted the guys wore condoms during the conception time.
    I will never forget my first fuck using one. After Barry came he pulled his cock out of me and the condom stayed in me. It was hilarious pulling it out and seeing all his cum in the bottom of it. Amongst all the girls I knew, which must have been about 6 or 8 only one ever got pregnant that I know of. She got an abortion which her parents arranged. Immediately after that it became common knowledge we were all having sex together and the parents that didn’t know got all worked up about their slutty daughters and we had a couple of months of hell until it quietened down. Guys were not allowed to be seen with us but we all worked out ways to see them and do it.
    I had no problems because my mother had already found out about Barry and I and made me use the pill many months before.

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       That was better than condoms but his cummy mess all came back. She never found out that Dave and I had been incestuous but she caught him and Jan in his bed together. That’s when she found out about me as I had condoms in my drawer and a couple of nude photos of us together, one doing oral sex with him. My diary had a record in code of everything we had done on the days we did it right back to the first time. She found it and would not read it because she believed that was my personal affair and she would only read it if I asked her too. I said if she wished she could because she knew everything anyhow. Actually she only knew half of it and didn’t want to read it thank heavens, it was a bluff that worked. It was a very unhappy time for all of us for a while though. Dave and I had survived it all before that happened so we escaped a lot of the drama. My mother realised neither of us would stop now after being active for so long so Barry and I and Dave and Jan were allowed to have sex together but it had to be in our bedroom, but never at the same time.
    Shortly after that my mother arranged for me to be educated in a boarding school because she soon realised I was basically a nymphomaniac.
    I spent 2 years there and in that time got a great education but became a regular lesbian lover of two other girls, and also had casual affairs with a few more. That was an amazing experience and I thank my mother now for her insistence, although at the time I thought the end of the world was nigh if I couldn’t have sex.   I now am bisexual and have both my girl friend lover who stayed with me after we  left school and my boyfriend lover as well.
    That is another story.

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