my baby First time


Topic: my baby first timewat up errybody im bout to tell u bout ya boi first time
it all started when me an my baby been datin for a while i was 18 and she was 16, and she was really shy and she never talked really and one day we were both at home and on the phone and she hardly talks on the phone too so i told her,"if you keep on not talkin i was going to make you talk one day. she sighed and said,"if you say so ,and when are you coming over". because i never have time to see her an all.
That friday when i came over it was in the morning time her brothers and mom were gone and she left her house door open and when i went to her bedroom door i seen it was open and she was layin on her bed in her bra and panties watchin tv i walked in and she was shocked and tried to cover up but i said it was cool she didnt have to but she did anyway and she left her room and left me in her room an went to the bath room. After 15 mins past i went to go see what she was doing in the bathroom and when she came out i stared at her and she stared at me i took her by the arm and lead her back in her room.

When i got her back to her room i started kissing her until she kissed me back. With her towel still on i laid her on the bed and started kissing her again, finally i took her towel off i thought to myself,"my God shes gorgeous". While we were still kissing she telling me that we shouldnt be doing this and shes scared, i told her "but i love you and will take good care of you". She was staring hard at the bulge in my pants while i was taking my shirt off,then my pants and boxer briefs. i started kissing and sucking on her breast then i kissed her stomach and kissed her thighs then her pussy lips and everytime i licked and sucked on her clit her moans got louder and she yelled out " fuck my pussy with your tongue so i did so and she came in my mouth i like all her wonderful juices up.
She spreaded her legs wide then i smiled at her and said remember i said i was going to make you talk to me she said "yes". then i entered her tight pretty pussy and started fuckin her nice and slow then after 5mins she asked me to go faster all i could here is her moanin and screamin "fuck me harder baby", and she was tellin me she was about to cum then right after she came i was cumming the i pulled out and came on her tits. i went to go wipe her off i kind of felt sorry how i left her shaking. o yea i forgot to mention my girlfriend is puerto rican and mexican, 5 ft 1 and shes a c cup and a nice ass. . .

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   o and we are still together
sooo that was my story folks