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I obeyed, not knowing what the point was. The sensation of being treated like a fucktoy, a pretty doll for His pleasure, in this manner was completely different, and the uncertainty made me apprehensive. But all the same, I lived for the forbidden excitement and pleasing my Master. The moment I stood back up, I realised that the air around my upper body was so much colder in contrast. The bumps on my body rose and my nipples hardened to almost unbearable points, pushing against the suffocating corset, making Master smile. Master examined my body in this state, watching the rivulets of water run down my skin, down my throat right to the valley between my generous breasts. The light played off the pendant, its tiny reflection on the surface of the water. I knew he loved seeing me in that position, his growing erection beneath the briefs distracting my nervousness. His eyes sparkled with ideas as his eyes danced over my body, thinking of what he would be doing to me.

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