Im a first time dressed in stockings and SEDUCED


I have somewhat of a fetish I learned from my very first M/M liason. . . . but I only like doing it if my sex partner likes it! I'm bi-sexual too!When I was mid 20s, I met a guy on holiday (I worked and lived in a holiday seaside resort town) and he *seduced* me. First. . . . he and I went out drinking as 'normal' guys that have justmet do. We ended up at his hotel room at around 2AM. After raiding hisbar fridge, we were both totally drunk and I went to sleep in the extraqueen size bed. At around 5AM, still asleep, I felt something movingacross my lips and face. I opened my eyes to see him masturbating his BIG hard cock into mymouth. To his surprize I opened my lips and swallowed his hard cock. Hefucked my mouth without saying a word.


   I could hear his breathing andknew . . . seconds later he came and I swallowed it all. I 'milked' himand I went back to sleep without a word spoken. About two hours later the same thing happened and I swallowed himagain. I went home without either of us talking about the two episodesat about 10AM after having some coffee and setting up a time to meetthat night at the bar I worked. He came in late and we ended up back athis room again. . . . this time it was hot and furious. . . .

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  . We stood on hisbalcony over looking the ocean at around 2AM and he would rub his hardcock up and down my ass. . . . I knew what he wanted but didn't respond. Icouldn't fathom having all his 8" thick cock stretching me!After three nights of unabridged sex he said he wanted to fuck me. . . . his cock was at least 8" uncut and thick. I told him I wouldnt be ableto take it all. . . .

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   and said no. He didnt stop trying though. On the 4th night I was off work and he and I went out on a boat for theday as 'normal' hetro guys do. . . . . went back to the bar in his hotel. after a few drinks he handed me his hotel keys and told me to go to hisroom and get dressed in what was on the bed and he would be up in about30 minutes. In his room draped on the bed was a pair of lady's silk stockings, agarter belt, and see-through panties. I got undressed and put themon. . . . .

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  mmmmm. . . felt VERY horny! And my legs looked pretty good in themas well. I put my shirt back (unbuttoned) on and tied the tailstogether. . . . . my naked smooth chest topped off the 'feminine' sluttishlook. He came in and I was laying on the bed. He came over and sat downon the edge and stroked my stockinged legs and massaged my feet. . . hecouldn't keep his hands and fingers still! He turned me over and ranhis hands over my legs and ass.

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  . . . he reached into the side tabledrawer and took out some KY Jelly and massaged my already wet hole. Iturned over and said I couldn't take his cock, "I'm SURE!!" I said, "that cock will hurt like hell!". He said iwouldn't if he took his time and came up and straddled my head and Isucked him. . . . just as I thought he was cumming. . . . I could taste hiscum. .

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  . . . he stopped and turned me over on my stomach. I let him pull myass up and spread my legs wide open. . . . . he positioned himself and Ifelt the beautiful big head of his cock press hard against my hole. Hetold me, "hold still and you will feel like a real woman!" He pushedthe head into me and stopped. He told me, "take it bitch! You're awhore in heat so you'll take it all!!". I pushed back and begged him,"FUCK ME!" Go ahead fuck my pussy! NOW!!" I can remember how he held myhips and he pushed in and I pushed back. GOD! So GOOD!! He stopped withhis cock ALL THE WAY IN ME! He positioned himself again to be all theway in me and he rubbed his big hands all over my back and along thestockings.
    Slowly he began to pump me.

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       He pushed my head down, raisedmy ass and then he started to REALLY fuck me! Such an incrediblefeeling! I get very vocal when I'm feeling cock and a man's animallust! I couldn't say anything as he fucked me. . . . . I could only findpleasure in his cock deep inside my body! I that position I could reachdown between his legs and cup his BIG heavy balls and beg. . . . "Oh YES!Baby! Fuck me! Thats so damn good! Oh GOD!". It wasnt to long hegrabbed the tops of the stockings and held tight as he rode me and blewhis sweet cum all inside me. (Prior to the AIDS epidemic). I couldactually feel (it seemed like buckets) his cum spurt into me and histight balls pumping me full! We both laid there, he was on top of meand left his still hard cock in me. . .

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      . . it wouldnt have been 5 minutesand I had the most fantastic orgasm I think I have ever had to thisday! A deep overpowering orgasm!He stayed in that hotel for another 3 days and nights and we fucked inevery position. . . . always with me 'dressed' in stockings. So horny!Ever since it has turned me on getting dressed up for a man that LIKES it. . . . . Do you?!NOW I do it all. . .

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