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Alex was a well-liked friend of the family, so when he asked me out to see The English Patient, I begged my mom to let me go. Sure I was only 18 and he was 17, but he was trusted. Mom finally relented. The next night I dressed in my favorite short red skirt and a white sweater. Alex picked me up at 8:00. Mom let me put on earrings, the clip on kind, and lipstick. My first surprise was that Alex wouldn't be alone. There was another couple in the back, Max and Carol; I guess they were 17, too. OK, a double date, that was cool. The movie was wonderful, so romantic and sad. We all shared popcorn and I tried not to giggle at the good parts. After the movie, we climbed back into the car and drove into the New England country side. I was a bit surprised when Alex turned off the lights and pulled the car behind a rickety old barn. Max was already kissing Carol very passionately, and I thought it would be OK if Alex kissed me, too. Alex pulled the car up and looked at me so warmly I could feel myself get excited. "You're beautiful, he said.

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  " I never believed I was beautiful, that was so nice to hear. He leaned over close to me and soon he was kissing me. God how I liked that. I'd been kissed before, but not like that, and I'd pushed the boy away when he got fresh. I just wrapped my arms around Alex and let the feelings warm my whole body. Just then I heard noises from the back and turned and looked. Carol's breasts were out and Max's hand was up under her skirt. I couldn't see what he was doing but he was also sucking on her breast and she was starting to unzip his pants. Then I felt Alex's hand sliding up under my sweater. I got really scared, especially when he touched my bra. "No, Alex, no!" I said and pushed his hand down. "It's ok baby, be a big girl. " He folded the seat back part way. I did want to be a big girl after all and soon he had pushed my tiny little bra up over my tiny little titties. Carol's were so much bigger.

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   Alex must have been disappointed in me. But his hands were smooth and it felt so good when he touched my bare nipples. He had also slid over to my side of the seat -- we didn't have bucket seats then. He was kissing me still, and sometimes on the neck. I was amazed that I could feel that all the way down between my legs. I kept trying to pull my sweater down when he pulled it up, but then he was actually kissing my chest and sucking on my nipples. That was so wonderful. I'd never let a boy touch me sexually and I liked it now. There were spasms in my belly, too. It felt good when his hand was on my leg too. "Oh, Alex. "I hadn't anticipated the feeling as his hand moved up between my legs, and when he pushed my legs open I felt the cold air on my wet panties. I was so embarrassed. "No No. " "It's ok.

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   You like this, I can tell. "I turned to look in the back seat again. What a shock. Max's pants were off. He was sitting back against the seat. I could see Carol's rear over Max's testicles. She was holding her skirt up around her waist, bouncing up and down. When she went up, I could see part of his penis. I realized they were fucking!!!!Alex had pushed aside my panties and was actually touching me there, rubbing me, pressing his fingers between my lips. He was kissing me on the mouth too. I was losing control of my hips and tummy muscles; I couldn't help but rock my hips up and down against his hand. I tried to say stop, I was so scared, but all that came out was, "Oh, Alex. Oh, Alex. " Carol was moaning more now too. Then his finger was inside me.

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   I wanted him to stop that and I wanted him to keep going. God God God. I had promised to be a virgin when I got married. He had to stop. "You're so beautiful, baby!" He had a condom in his hand. I turned away and.



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