Humiliated by my best friend's mom!!!


Topic: Page 1This is a true story.
I was 18 years old at the time and had a best friend Rob that lived a few miles away from my house.   Rob and i were the type of friends that were inseperable as teens.   We would sleep over each other houses at least 3 nights a week and essentially made ourselves at home in one another's houses.   Rob's mom Kathy was about 44 or 45 at the time.   Im not going to say she was a total knockout with the perfect body becuase she simply wasn't.   What she was was a confident, sexy and alurring older woman who knew how to carry herself.   She was divorced at the time and was so used to having me around the house, she made me call her Mom.
Rob worked at the sneaker store at the mall and would sometimes have to be there in the morning to open up.   I had stayed at Rob's one particular Friday night when he had to work the next morning.   My dad was not going to be around, so Kathy told me she would drive Rob to work in the morning and then swing back and pick me up and bring me home.   This was pretty normal for me, except for this morning.   Rob and Kathy left the house and I jumped in the shower while they were gone.   I went back into Rob's room to dry off and get dressed and instinctively pulled out his collection of smut from under his bed.   I figured i had at least 18 minutes before Kathy got back which would have left me plenty of time to rub one out and get dressed.   Well i must have gotten pretty wrapped up in the moment and lost track of time becuase while i had my eyes locked on a spread in the magazine and had my dick in my hand Kathy walked in.

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    i had the TV on and had my back to the door so i didn't hear or see her come in.   i just heard a shriek of  "What the hell do you think you are doing!!!!"  I was mortified and must have turned white.   My hard-on completely disappeared, and I quickly covered myslef up with the towel.   She told me not to move a muscle as she just laid into me about how inappropriate this behavior was.   She was furious.   She said she was going to call my parents and I begged her not to!!!!
She looked around the floor and noticed the different magazines that I had out.   She proceeded to call me a pervert and a creep for doing this and asked me if the magazines were mine.   i couldn't sell Rob out so i said that they were and that i brought them last night.   This seemed to enrage her even more.   I made a move to go and get dressed and she told me out of nowhere to drop my towel and stand there naked.   I pleaded with her to not make me do so, but she absolutely insisted.   She said she wanted me to feel absolutely humiliated so i would never do this again in her house.   She said to do this or she would tell my parents what she caught me doing.   I had no choice.   I reluctantly dropped my towel and stood there staring at the floor.

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   She scowled at me to look at her and get my hands away from my dick.   I looked up and put my hands to my side.   She took one look at my dick and let out a bit of a chuckle.   It was at this point that i noticed her just standing there staring at me and then at my dick.   She was still wearing her coat and a pair of black leather gloves and for some reason i became aroused at all this.   I started to feel the blood flowing to my dick and screamed at myself silently in my head to not get hard in front of her.   That would be the ultimate insult to her and it was the last thing that could happen.   The more i thought about not being aroused however, the more aroused I became and within a minute my dick was rock hard and standing at attention.
She obviously noticed this and  looked right into my eyes and said "You little fucking pervert!  This is getting you off isn't it?"  I absolutely denied it but the proof was in the pudding!  "Did you plan this?  Why is that tiny dick hard right now if you are not enjoying this?  I apologized profusely and she again just chuckled.   She came towards me until she was standing directly in front of me.   Her nose about 6 inches from mine.   I could smell the scent of the perfume mixed with the leather from her coat and gloves and it was just too much!  I admitted to myslef at this point that I was in fact enjoying this.   She kept peering down at my dick which must have been jumping at the excitement of the whole situation.   She then suddenly grabbed hold of my dick in her leather encased hand and squeezed very hard until i buckled over.   She just laughed out loud and said "How's that feel little boy?"  She pushed me down so that i was now sitting on the bed.

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    She got down on her knees right in front of me and asked "Am i really turning you on right now Gianni?"  I just looked down and avoided and answer.   She screamed "Answer me!"  I just whimpered out an "i guess so".   She said "Well your dick is rock hard right now so that must be a resounding yes, correct?"  I answered YES.   She then put her hands on my thighs just slightly lower than my package and seductively asked "Do you want me to touch you?"  I didn't know what to say.   Of course I wanted her to touch me, but what if this was a trap question.   What if an answer of yes just angered her?  I said nothing.   She whispered "If you just say yes, i will.   I will touch you.   So, do you want me to touch you?"  I was so fucking turned on by now that i said to myself, fuck it!  I'll deal with the consequenses later.   So i said it, "Yes, please touch me".   A devilish grin formed on her face and she said "Please touch me, what?"  I answered, "Please touch me Kathy" at which point she snapped "That's not what you call me!  Try again. "  I stammered back "Please touch me, Mom".   She squealed in delight and moved her leather hands up my thighs and to my balls.   She gently massaged my balls and slowly worked her hand up my shaft.   This was too much for me.


    I had not been touched by very many girls at this point and this was going to be an embarrassing situation in which I was about to cum after about 18 strokes.   It seemed though she sensed my inexperience and pulled back.   "Gianni" she asked "Has a girl ever touched you down there before?"  I answered the truth which was yes, but not very many.   In fact only 2.   She chuckled and then asked, "Has a girl ever put her mouth on your dick?"  My eyes lit up and out came a definite "NO!"  She then smiled again and pushed me back so that i was resting on my elbows.   She put her mouth an inch away from the tip of my dick and blew out a warm breath.   My head was spinning but i did not take my eyes off hers.   She put her toungue out and started flicking it on the head of my dick and all the way down the shaft.   I couldn't belive this was happening.   This couldn't be the same woman who was furious at me moments earlier!  She came back up to the tip of my dick and suddenly wrapped her lips around the head and plunged her mouth all the way down to the base.   OH MY GOD what a feeling!!! It was wet and warm and I thought i was going to pass out. She came back up and then plunged down again.   It was too much for me.   I was going to cum, but how embarrassing!!!!  She came up again and plunged down a 3rd time and that was it.   My knees locked up and my legs started shaking and I just came gallons it felt like.

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    She was surprised but kept my dick in her mouth and took it all.   She then started hysterically laughing!  She got up and couldn't stop laughing!  I asked what was so funny and she just replied "That was definitely the quickest blow job i've ever given!"  I was humiliated.   i proceeded to get dressed as she stood there giggling.   When i was done getting dressed, she sharply changed her tone and scolded at me "Let that be the last time you jerk off in this house!"
She drove me home and as we were pulling down my parents street, she asked "So, i at least hope you enjoyed the blow job"  I answered her honestly "The was the best feeling I have ever felt.   Thanks. "  
She winked at me and i was on my way.   After that, every time i would slept by Rob's house she would act as if the episode never happened.   It actually upset me because I wished nothing more than for it to happen again and again.   i can't count how many times i masterbated to the whole memory of it.  
It would not be our last episode however.   that may come in the next story!