Hotel Meeting


Meeting in the Hotel:Steve had booked the hotel two weeks ago.   It had been a frustrating time waiting until he and Jane would finally spend time together since they had met at a mutual friends party.   But, she had a teenage son and it had taken time for her to be free – he was going to be at his father's over the weekend. He had changed after showering – a pale green cotton 'Oxford' shirt, putty coloured chinos and suede loafers.   He lay on the king-sized bed and texted Jane; letting her know the number of the room.   He had an hour left till she was expected.   So he mused as to how he would greet her.   While he gave an air of confidence which women seemed to like, underneath he was nervous; he thought that Jane would be just as nervous as he was, while on her drive from work to the hotel.   He decided what he would do and checked that he had everything ready for her. His mobile phone buzzed and he found he had a message.   Jane had jut parked her car, and was on her way to the room.   Steve sat on the bed and while his stomach churned, he ran through his opening moves. There was a knock on the door, and he arose from the bed.   He opened the door and took Jane's over-night bag from her, and with the other hand, took her hand in his and lead her into the room.   He slipped her bag onto the baggage stand.   He turned and faced her and lifting her chin gently kissed her.

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    “At last, young lady, I thought you'd never arrive. ”He lead her towards the bed and stood in front of her. He slipped her jacket of her shoulders and tossed it onto the nearby sofa. Her white shirt was semi-see through and he could see her full breasts in the black bra she was wearing.   From the pocket of his chino's he pulled a fine silky scarf; he made it into a loop and slid a wrist into it, and wrapped the other wrist in the  tail that was left and a knot tied in the gap made between the wrist, which securely held them together. Another scarf was then tied around her head so as to act as a blindfold. With that he took her over to the bed, and sat on the edge.   Still holding her hand he pulled her so that she started to fall and as she did so, he moved her so she was bent over his thighs.   Jane had moved so as to help Steve have her in this position. She to had been keyed up for the mutually satisfying reunion with the man that had sparked that special desire in her.   Not just the tingling in her breasts and vulva, but the feeling that he knew how to fulfil the other desire she harboured.  She had - since a teenager – needed a man to 'take her in hand', and apply a spanking and caning to her.   Now, single again, she had the confidence to find and at last have her bottom given the long awaited 'therapy' it needed.   This was not for 'punishment' but to give her pleasure – just like sex did.   If fact, to her it was now as important as sex.

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    The idea alone made her wet, and she knew that she would need to cum after she had received her spanking.   It added a frisson which added to the encounter she was about to experience.   Now she was bent over his lap. Steve had been so keyed up he had not noticed what she had been wearing.   Now he took in the sight that Jane presented to him.   He had helped her pull off the jacket of her black suit.   Her skirt was tight across her bottom, and her legs were covered by black nylons; he was now rubbing her bottom prior to the first spank, and he moved lower on to her thighs, where he felt them to be stockings, with the tell-tale fastenings of her suspender belt.   He felt a slight stirring just knowing she was wearing them. He raised is hand and brought it down one one of her buttocks, followed by 5 more – alternating between the two curved half of her rump, still tightly covered by her skirt.   He held the hem and eased it up her legs, past the darker band of her stocking tops, the fastenings of her black suspender belt coming into view.   Her skin above the stockings seemed a pale compared with  the dark lingerie.   Pulling the hem further up and over her bottom to the level of her white shirt, her lacy panties were visible, and then completely exposed.   Jane had squirmed so as to help the uncovering of her rear.   Steve again caressed her  bottom.   There was the start of the warming and reddening the spanking would cause.


    He now continued to spank each buttock in turn; not hard but allowing the sensation to develop.   He spent time between each series of slaps, exploring the area of her bottom and thighs; some of the slaps had been to the top of her thighs, which had Jane make muffled cries when he did so.   Steve found he was becoming hard as the spanking continued.   He now needed to see the bare bottom of this very attractive woman on his lap. His hands reached the waist-band of her panties, and slowly pulled them down, over the fleshly mounts and along Jane's long legs until they were at her knees.   Her passed his hands up her inner thighs – slowly and deliberately.   Jane let out a guttural sigh.   She too was becoming excited.   He took care to not touch the intimate area of her vulva, he wanted to tease her and bring her to a more heightened level of sexual stimulation before he touched her there; though he was finding it harder and harder not to touch her intimately.     As he reached her reddened globes, he could see Jane was becoming moist as her excitement increased.  He again started spanking her.   The bareness increasing the pleasure of it for him.   The tactile feel of bare skin was more sensual and erotic, especially with her bottom framed by the stockings and suspender belt.   As he alternated the spanking and caressing, he enjoyed the movements it caused Jane to make .   She kicked her legs and increased the squirming on his lap.

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    Her cries were becoming more those of pleasure than of pain.   Her panties had slipped down her legs and were now almost completely off, hanging from one ankle. Steve started to feel dampness on his right thigh.   As he caressed her bottom he moved lower, down on to her thighs; stroking first the left one moving down to the delicate, soft space behind her knee.   Then moving over to the right thigh, staying briefly behind her knee, lightly touching the delicate skin; and the traversing the length of this thigh.   He was careful to bring his finger as close to her labia as he could, but without touching them.   He could though feel the sticky female juices which had dampened his own lap.  Jane was wet, and as he drew his fingers up her thigh.   She was willing him to touch the delicate petals of her labia; they were ready for the attention.   Her wetness ready to allow even more attention, to allow the invasion of his fingers into her.   But he deliberately did not.   He would, but he was teasing her.   Making her wait, making her even more tense and excited.   She let a deep moan leave her lips.   She would have pushed back so that he touched her labia, but he was again making circular movement over her buttocks, and her opportunity was lost.

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    Steve continued with the spanking.   A warm glowing had spread.   From the red cheeks though her, so that the warmth was also running through her sex. As he continued, the warmth was spreading further up her body, up to her breasts, making her nipples stiff.   She could not tell if it was just the spanking or her becoming sexually excited – or a mix of the too.   She didn't care the sensations were delicious.   This was better than she thought it would be – much better. .