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I began to prepare the equipment and pressed the transfer onto her stomach. Lily shivered. "Are you okay?" I asked, noticing her hard nipples poking out from under her t-shirt. "yeah just a bit nervous. " she replied. After a few comforting words I began to tattoo Lily. The sound of a tattoo gun always gets me horny, and reminds me of the first time I got tattooed. I was 18 and it made me so hot I almost came in the chair and it was then I realised I had a fetish for pain. Ever since then I've had a desire to experiment with spanking, bondage, fire and piercing, but nothing is quite like getting tattooed. All this was making me really hot, and the sight of this sexy young blonde in my chair biting her lip and breathing heavily at the pain of the needle, was making my pussy tingle with anticipation. I pushed my long black hair out of my eyes and tried to concentrate. "My boyfriends gonna love this" Lily whispered wiping sweat from her brow. "Yeah you're gonna look fucking sexy. " I said trying to keep my eyes on her stomach and not what might lurk under her panties. "You know, the thing I was most scared about with tattoos, was having some old biker guy do it, not a cool pretty girl.

" Lily looked at me with her sultry brown eyes.

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  "You know. . . apparently having an orgasm is supposed to reduce pain. " I stopped tattooing and suddenly the room was quiet. "Is that so?" I said putting the gun down. Lily sat up and pulled her trousers down I took off my latex gloves and stroked her thigh, she moaned softly. I slipped a finger inside her thong. Her pussy was clean shaven and boiling hot, I rubbed her clit for a while before peeling off her pants and kneeling down in front of her. I breathed in her warm musky scent, and stuck my tongue into her pussy. she was moaning loudly now. "Oh fuck you're going to make me cum. " She shouted frigging her clit as i stuck my tongue up her pussy. I didn't want to let her cum straight away so I slowed down. "You came here to be in pain, not to be pleasured.

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  " I told her, sitting up. "Turn over. " She did as I said and I started rubbing her ass, then I struck her as hard as I could, she screamed and I could feel her pussy juice running down my leg. After a couple of minutes of spanking her I turned her back over so she was sitting spreadeagled on the chair, she took off her t-shirt revealing beautful 32 C boobs, with perfect pink nipples. I sucked on them eagerly and she grabbed my own snatch massaging it gently. Suddenly I heard the jingle of the front door of the studio. A muscular man in his twenties walked in, he saw me and lily and gasped. "I thought this was a- a tattoo studio?" He asked trying to hide his huge erection. "Either join us, or get out and don't tell anyone. " I whispered still fingering Lilys pussy. The man needed no persuasion. He pulled my skirt up pulled my thong down and started fingering my soaking wet pussy. I stuck my ass in the air and sucked on Lilys clit until I felt her jolt with an orgasm. The man had pulled his jeans down to reveal a huge 8 inch cock which sprang from his boxers. I knelt on the chair over Lily with my tits in her face and he began fucking me from behind.

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   I groaned with pleasure, each stoke making me tingle from my clit to my rock hard nipples. Lily began to gently stroke my clit until I could feel a powerful orgasm build up inside me. Lily stuck her tongue down my throat and carried on flicking my clit, while the stranger who was fucking me began to grunt as a sign he was going to cum. That was enough for me, As soon as I felt his hot load inside my pulsating snatch I let go and shuddered in orgasm. I collapsed on Lily , our tits rubbing together. She breathed sharply as I realised I was leaning on her half finished tattoo . . . but I didn't care, you never get just pleasure and no pain with me. I kissed Lily on the mouth and heard the guy behind me zip up his jeans. .