Her First Time


Topic: Her First Time    Nicole stood in the kitchen, cooking a quaint little meal for her and her unsuspecting boyfriend. He was at a friend's house, and would be coming home shortly. She wanted to do something nice, and his parents were out of town for the week. He wanted her to come down when he got home, but she lied and said she had dance class. She kew he would like her little surprise.     She was making beef stroganoff. It was his favorite. She looked up at the clock. 18 minutes and he would probably be home. She put the stroganoff in a fancy bowl, and placed it on the table. She looked down at her clothes and realized she still needed to change. She had worn older clothes in case she spilled anything on them. She got dressed in the bathroom and walked out, wearing a cute pink silk top that buttoned in the back and a cute blue jean mini skirt. She ran her fingers through her short blonde hair, getting a little nervous.     Wow. She thought, pacing through his living room.

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   I don't think I've ever been this nervous before. . . Her and Matthew had been together for 7 months and they had never had sex. They had done other stuff, but it never went as far as sex. He never pressured her, but she was waiting for the right moment. He was perfectly content with her decision to wait. But tonight, she felt ready.     Her pacing was interupted when she heard the front door open. She smoothed her hands over her clothes, and smiled as Matthew walked into the living room. He seemed a little shocked, but smiled as soon as he saw her. "Hey, baby. "     "Heya. " She put her arms around his neck as he approached her and kissed him on the lips.    "I thought you had dance class.

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  " Matthew hugged her tightly.     Nicole giggled. "I lied. But don't worry. " She pulled away from him and took his hand, leading him into the kitchen.     "Did you cook?" Matthew asked, sniffing the air.     "Mhm. " She stopped at the table and sat down. "Beef stroganoff. Your favorite. "    "Oh, baby. That's so sweet of you. " He sat down across from her.     Once they both had platefuls of stroganoff, and had begun eating a few bites, Matthew looked at his girlfriend. "Why'd you make dinner and get all fancied up for?"    Nicole shrugged, putting her fork down.

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   "I don't know. I just felt like doing something cute. I didn't know I had to have a reason for making my boyfriend dinner and dressing up a little. "    "Baby, I didn't mean it like that. I like this surprise. I just figured there was a specific reason you did this. I'm not saying you have to have one. " He chuckled a little. "I love you, and all your cute little surprises. " He smiled.     Nicole blushed a little, trying to hide her smile. "Really?"    "Of course. It feels nice coming home after a long weekend of nothing but jamming out with Hells Crisis to a delicious meal made by the gorgeous woman that I love. " He smiled as she blushed.     "Matthew.

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  . . ?" She looked up at him    "Yes, babe?"    "There is kind of a reason why I did all of this. But its a good reason. "    "Are you gonna tell me about it?"    ". . . I'd rather show you. " At that, Nicole stood up and walked next to Matthew, taking his big hand in her tiny one and pulling him to his feet. She lead him to the living room, where he stopped, refusing to go any further. She looked back at him and he suddenly took her into his arms, holding her close to him.     He stared into her gorgeous green eyes, the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. "What is it babe?"    Nicole blushed a little as she tried to find the words to say. "I'm ready. .

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  . " She blushed even deeper, unable to look away from his gaze.     "Ready for what, babe?" He almost whispered as he leaned in closer. He could feel her heart beating faster.     "I'm ready for you. " She choked and closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of being so close to Matthew.     This came as a shock to Matthew. He didn't know how to react to his girlfriend. "Are you sure? I don't want you to have any regrets. . . "    "Yes, Matthew, I'm sure. " Nicole put her arms around his neck and pulled her self even closer to him. It felt so good to be this close to him.     Matthew leaned down and kissed her passionately, causing her to moan quietly.

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   His fingertips slid gently up her back, causing her to arch against him when they touched her bare flesh. He slid his tongue in her mouth, and it quickly found hers. As their tongues danced, he gently lifted her off her feet, causing her to moan in surprise. She was very light in his arms and he carried her to his bedroom, laying her softly on the bed.     Nicole was breathing heavily now. The feeling she felt low in her stomach seemed almost foreign to her. She'd been horny before, but this was a new feeling. She was unaware of everything going on around her. She was almost in a daze, not even sure she knew where exactly she was. Matthew climbed on top of her, kissing her gently and teasing her tongue was again with his. "Matthew. . . " She moaned quietly.     He stopped, thinking she was going to change her mind.

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   "Yes?"    She opened her eyes and put her hand on his cheek, looking into his green-brown eyes. "I love you. "    "I love you, baby. " He moved his mouth next to her ear as he began to slowly move his hips back and forth, causing Nicole to moan quitely. "I love you so much. " He whispered in her ear and gently bit down on her neck. Nicole inhaled sharply as excitement rushed through her entire body. Matthew pulled away and stopped moving his hips, waiting for Nicole to look at him again before speaking. "We're not going to get very far with these clothes on, now are we?" They both chuckled.     Nicole sat up and Matthews hand went behind her, unbutooning the two small buttons in the back that held her blouse on. The straps slid off her arms and it slid down her body, exposing her petite, almost C cups to her waiting boyfriend. She bluched and tried to cover them.     Matthew smirked. "I guess I have to work for those. " He layed her back down flat and slid her top off, throwing it to the floor.

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   His mouth moved to her neck as he gently bit down, grinding his hips against hers once more. In almost no time, her hands were around his neck and she arched her body against him. He smiled as he moved down a little, his mouth above her right breast. He gently flicked his tongue over it, causing her to moan pleasurably. He let his teeth graze over it, but didn't bite down. He moved over to her other nipple and did the same. His hand slid up her skirt as he moved back up to her lips. He caressed her thigh as his teeth nibbled on her bottom lip. He smiled as his hand met her panties. He could feel she was wet through the black lace panties. He rubbed her lightly, causing her to squirm.     "What do you want me to do, babe?" He whispered in her ear before biting down on it.     She moaned before answering, "I want you to make love to me. "    Mathew sat up, sliding his own shirt off. Nicole quickly unbuttoned her skirt and slid it down with her panties.

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   She lay there blushing as Matthew removed the rest of his clothes. He quickly pressed his body against hers, making her even more wet.     "Oh God, Matthew. . . " She lifted her head and buried it in his neck, biting down gently. He moaned and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of her teeth on his neck. He too seemed to be experiencing new feelings. He'd never felt this close to anyone. He loved the way her warm skin felt beneath his touch, the way her heart fluttered when he kissed her with all the passion he had in his body. He wanted to do so much to her at once, but knew he had to take it in strides. He didn't want to overwhelm her.     He started rocking his hips back and forth again, letting himself slide up and down her wet pussy. She arched against him, craving more contact between their bodies. "Are you ready?" He whispered gruffly in her ear.

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      "Yes. " She moaned, almost desperately. Her hands went to his back and she dug her fingers into it as she felt the head of his big cock sliding into her entrance. "I need you inside of me. "    Matthew was extremely turned on when he heard those words. It was so hard not to give all of it to her at once, but he managed to control it. He slid a little more in, feeling her walls tighten around his cock. He moaned, enjoying the feeling.    Nicole moaned loudly as all of Matthew's cock slid into her. Her entire body arched against his, taking even more of his cock.    "Oh God, Nicole. You're so tight. " He clenched his teeth and stopped moving his hips as he felt her cherry pop. Nicole moaned a little painfully and Matthew looked at her to make sure she was okay. "You okay, babe?"   "Yes.


   Please keep going. " She moaned again as he started sliding in and out of her again. They were moaning in unison as Nicole started to move her hips against Matthew's, causing more friction between their wanting bodies. "Nicole, I love you. " Matthew moaned into her ear as he started moving his hips faster. "I love you so much. " He sank his teeth into her neck, nt biting them down, but making sure she felt it.    Nicole was writhing with pleasure, pulling Matthew even close to her body, making as much contact as possible. Her hand went to the back of his neck, where she laced her fingers in his hair and held his head to her neck. Keeping himself propped up on one elbow, Matthew's hand slid down, rubbing Nicole's clit in small little circles, causing her to gasp with pleasure. He looked at her face, and was satisfied at the sight of his girlfriend enjoying his touch so much. "I love you. " She moaned loudly, burying her face in his neck. This caused Matthew to moan. He moved his hips even faster, feeling her tighten around him once more.

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   "I love it when you moan when I touch you. It shows how much you love being with me. "    Nicole's moans became louder as she felt herself getting closer. Matthew dug his fingertip under the hood of her clit and rubbed it as fast as he could. "I'm gonna cum!" Nicole moaned as she felt something surging through her body. It was so intense, she felt like she was going to explode. Matthew moved his hand away from her clit but kept thrusting inside of her. His mouth went to her lips as he felt himself getting closer to. Nicole arched against Matthew as the orgasm rippled through her, making her entire body quake. As her pussy tightened around his cock, Matthew came as well, moaning Nicole's name as he came inside of her. He slowly stopped thrusting and pulled out of her, rolling onto his side and pulling a panting, blushing Nicole close to him, rubbing his nose over her cheek.     "I love you, baby. " He whispered into her ear, holding her close. He kissed her sofly on the cheek and kept his lips close to hers.     "I love you.

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  " She kissed him passionately on the lips and slid her hands around his neck. "I want to thank you. . . "    Matthew chuckled lightly. "For what, babe?"    "For waiting when I was ready. " She blushed a little, and Matthew kissed her on the cheek.     "Babe, its not my decision. It wouldn't matter if you wanted to wait until we got married. I would do it. I didn't fall in love with you so you would have sex with you, I fell in love with you because your so amazing. " He kissed her again, and saw her smile. "I never want you to feel like you have to have sex with me, okay?"    Nicole nodded and smiled. "Mhm. " She kieed him on the cheek and snuggled up close to him.

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   "Matthew?"    "Yes?" He said in a cute little voice Nicole just couldn't help giggle at. He giggled a little too. "What is it, babe?"    "I love you. "    "And I love you. "     



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