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    Derek smirked as he watched his girfriend, Rachel, get into the car. The door of his faded blue mini SUV van slammed shut, and she pulled the strap of her seat belt over her body. Rachel brushed aside her long highlighted blond hair and turned her head to smile flirtingly at Derek. "Ready to go?"
     Derek nodded, and reached over to give Rachel a soft kiss on her cool cheek. The air outside was brutal, and snow was starting to softly fall. The grounds were icy slippery, so he had to be careful not to drive too fast tonight. Derek regained position on the leather seat, then punched the gas. He slowly pulled out the parking lot, then drove onto the road. After about four minutes, he stopped at a red light.
     "Did you like the movie?" Derek asked, glancing at Rachel, who had her eyes out the window. She quickly turned around to stare into Derek's blue eyes. "Yeah, it was nice. So, we going back to your house?" she said. Derek noticed how she shivered and wrapped her scarf tighter around her neck.
     Derek laughed.


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   My parents are gone the entire weekend-Isn't it great? We can finally hang out together, just you and me. . . Alone. " The traffic light turned green again, and he continued his driving.
     Rachel's eyes suddenly flashed with excitement. "You mean they're gone tonight? That's great. . . " she murmured, her voice sounding a little full of mischeif. It was as if she had something planned. "Because, well. . . I kinda had something in mind.

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     Derek shrugged as he turned at a curb to his house. Just a few more blocks to go. . . he thought. He knew what Rachel meant.
    He, too, had been thinking about it. He and Rachel had been going out for almost three months now, and it was getting serious. Besides, he understood that she was still a virgin, and was already out of his mind thrilled to get her undressed to watch her perfect body work. He pulled to a stop in front of his house.
         "We're here. " he announced. Rachel shifted excitedly, and she got out. "It's about time. " she softly muttered.

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         Derek slammed the car door shut, then he and Rachel almost ran up the stairs to his house. He impatiently fished out a key from his jeans pocket, and unlocked the door. Oh god. Finally.
         Before he could say anything, Rachel was already half was up the stairs. She stopped at the tenth step to look at Derek, her face a blank expression. "Well, you comming or not?" she called.
         Derek knew she was taunting him. He threw his coat down, then practically sprinted up the steps. He caught up with Rachel in his room. Locking it behind him, he turned to face Rachel. She was already sitting in a stradle position on his bed, her legs stretched out in front of her. Her short black mini-skirt lifted up a little bit, and Derek could catch a glance at her thighs.



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