Could this be real?


"Well, how is my new footservant?" she asked with a sly grin as I greeted her. "Only too honored to be of service, milady", I said as I bowed and made a sweeping welcome motion with my arm, inviting her to come inside. She strolled casually into the living room, nodding with approval at the comfortable surroundings. She seated herself on the sofa, and I showed her how to extend the legrest. . . "Ahh, very nice. I see you have some wine. . . pour me a glass, will you?" I did so, and asked if I may join her. She approved of a glass of my own, took a sip, and said, "Very nice. What is this?""It's called Maui Splash. . . Hawaiian, made from pineapple.

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   Like it?" "I do. " she said, and placed her glass in the built-in cupholder. "Now. As you can see, I have the prettiest feet ever to walk the face of the earth. I'm sure you agree. " she said. "Without question, millady. " I admitted, for it was true. "And you must realize how very lucky you are, to even be in the same room with such pretty feet. " she said, and I agreed that I was very lucky indeed. "You bet you are. I would imagine that my feet are now the most important things in your life. In fact, I expect no less. Declare your devotion to me and my feet, you little slut!""Madame Linda, I hereby surrender my very essence to you, and focus my every thought on my love and commitment to the magnificence of your perfect feet and toes!" I said, with the utmost sincerity. "That's very good, sissy boy.

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   You may now remove my shoes. . . carefully, with all your love. " I gently unstrapped her lovely high-heeled shoes one by one, and removed them as carefully as the shell from a hard-boiled egg. "Breathe the scent in deeply," she commanded, and I obeyed. The next hour and a half, or so, was spent by my giving the most complete and (if I do say so myself) refreshing foot massage ever. . . near the end, Linda suggested exactly what I'd been hoping for - a chance to kiss and suck those beautiful feet and toes of hers. But, she told me there would be a condition:"Follow me into the bathroom. " she said matter-of-factly, and walked briskly to the toilet. She sat on it, and bent her legs in such a way that her feet were directly below her beautiful, closely shaved pussy. The next thing I knew, she completely covered her feet in her own pee! It was a sight to behold, and excited me even further. "I thought I would add a special spicy flavoring for your feast.

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  . . now suck my feet, boy!"Obviously, I did. . . and never had I tasted anything quite so exquisite! Finally, she offered her soft, smooth soles for one final massage. . . which I administered with the most intense hard-on I'd ever had. She had me use my mouth again to clean off the white salty cream I'd showered her soles with, and said, "Not bad, for a rookie. . . next time I'll teach you about pedicures, and maybe I'll start bringing some friends over for some free salon treatments!".