CollarSub - Part 1


Part 1.

She knelt at her masters’ feet and allowed herself a moment to think. She lazily continued wanking her masters’ cock and eyes firmly and adoringly on him, let her mind wander. She was so proud of her new collar and of being owned properly. She made a vow to serve her master even better than before. Somehow the collar removed the last of her inhibitions. It became a badge she could hide behind. An abdication of all responsibility. She licked the end of her masters cock as instructed and was rewarded with a grunt. This was her first time at a party that didn’t have other doms and subs attending but swingers. Her collar chafed slightly and forced her head up so the worship in her eyes was exaggerated. In the private bar beforehand she had been paraded and told to bend and assume positions for the pleasure of her master. It had made her very wet to see her master release his hard cock at her efforts. Other males around the room had also adjusted themselves at the sight and one or two had had their partners play with them. In her peripheral vision she could still see the large redhead sucking her man off hungrily while one or two others watched. It turned her on to think she was responsible for it and that she had been rewarded with her masters’ cock in public.

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   Again she was allowed to lick the end of his cock and cup his balls. She relished the precum that trickled from her master. The clothes she had been told to wear exposed her breasts vulgarly and allowed easy access to her cunt and arse. Her master had positioned her so that all was on view. She felt the eyes on her. It made her even wetter. She was beginning to want to suck her master. To need to. Or to feel his strong cock push into her. But she knew that if she acted without his instruction then possibly there would be no contact at all. She just managed to stifle a moan as her master rolled a nipple roughly between a forefinger and thumb as he spoke to the couple nearby;
‘Yes. She is mine to use,’ he was saying. ‘I may loan her to others but they may not fuck her ass or cunt. They may lick and touch there, even insert objects if I say so, but no penetration. ’
‘So if you give me permission and instruct her she would suck my cock without a blink?’ came the incredulous reply.

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‘Yes. Would you like to use her mouth? She is very …. Skilled. ’
The young man looked at his partner and received consent. The girl he was with was wide eyed and her nipples were showing through the thin cloth of her T-shirt showing her own reaction to the suggestion.
‘Deborah. For your masters pleasure. You will service this young man with your mouth. ’
She moved without thought. And knelt before the man indicated. He stood, unzipped himself and pulled out a rock hard erection. Deborah continued to look at her master.
‘Open your mouth Deborah. ’ She did so. Her master nodded at the young man and she felt his cock push into her mouth.

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   Her eyes stayed on her master.

    ‘ Deborah. I give you free reign within the limits of your instructions. I want to see you take this man’s cum. Now suck him like you were sucking me and perhaps that will be your reward. '
     Using all her acquired skills Deborah tongued and sucked the penis on offer. She recognised the signs and pulled slightly away and held her mouth open and wanked hard. The young man groaned and spurted forcefully. Some went on to her chin and she had to force herself not to wipe it away. When the young man had finished she turned her head to her master and opened her mouth. He nodded and indicated that she should swallow and return to her previous position. After a second she was instructed to wipe the cum from her chin and lick her fingers. She did so. She had not cum herself but had been close to it when the young man had shot blast after blast onot the roof of her mouth and tongue. Suddenly the master bid her to stand turn around and bend over.

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       She did. She felt her master pull aside her pants and touch her well-oiled arse and pussy. She could see the young girl of the couple touching herself at the sight. Her master inserted a finger in each hole and held them there. With his other hand he flayed her bare flesh. He did it hard enough so it stung but soft enough so that her juices flowed more. The flagellation continued until her legs were shaking. Her master removed his fingers and instructed her to assume her previous position. He offered her his fingers to lick and she cleaned them lovingly. Now came the real test…. .
    to be continued    
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