By Xandria
Maria watched in awe as Antony pushed the lawn-mower across her front yard. Shirt discarded, his broad chest and shoulders glistened with perspiration in the midday sun.
At eighteen, Maria was experiencing her first crush, and loving every second…
Antony was the jack-of-all-trades on the small island. He was 36, old enough to be her father, and surprise surprise, Maria didn’t care. All she knew was that he was beautiful; tall and strong. She watched as he paused from his work, stretching his long muscular arms in the air, wiping the perspiration from his forehead, and back through his thick black hair. Her heart beat faster, mouth dry and her eyes glued to his manly form, teeth biting into a corner of her lower lip as the heat began to build down below, her inner muscles contracting, instinctively crying out for something to grip on to.
Something inside her melted as she watched a wide smile spread across his hansom face, heart breaking a little at the knowledge that it wasn’t for her.
In fact he never smiled at her, never even looked at her…
He clapped his son, Michael on the back, his son smiling, laughing and saying something inaudible, pointing towards the house.
He had come to see her.
“Hey sweet thing”, Michael spoke, grinning even wider as he pulled two tickets out of his pocket, “You and me - the Bribie Island Hotel. - The Sharp - tonight”
Maria laughed, delighted by his enthusiasm and agreed. They had been dating for about six weeks now, and she liked him a lot.
“You’ve got 3 hours sweet-thing, not that you need it”.
Smiling into his, almost black, eyes, she allowed him to thread his arms around her waist, pulling her to him, crushing her lips with his own. Like his father, he was tall and broad, strong, but there was something missing.

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   That feeling she got from looking at Antony, just wasn’t there with Michael. But he was nice, and he made her feel special, so she continued to see him, ignoring the sparks of guilt.
Stepping out of the shower she became aware of the knocking at the front door. Maria quickly donned one of her fathers’ oversized shirts, before going to see who was there.
“Oh my god! What happened?” she squeaked shocked at the sight that greeted her. Antony nursing his injured arm, slightly pained expression across his beautiful face.

“It’s not as bad as it looks”, he spoke gruffly, “I just need a piece of bandage or something. Do you have a first-aid kit?”
“Umm, yeah”, she stood to the side, letting him in, “Just, umm, go and sit in the kitchen”. She watched him as he went, black jeans covering his long legs, chest still bare, the smell of sweat and aftershave assaulting her in the crudest ways. It was all she could do to pull herself away from the view, and get the bandages.
Grabbing the box from the cupboard, she ran back to the kitchen. As she layed out the supplies, and sat on the edge of the table, she noticed his dark eyes moving down her body, her face pinkening as she remembered how little she was wearing. The oversized white shirt barely reached mid-thigh.
“I umm, just got out of the shower”, she stuttered.
“Yeah”, he cleared his throat, “So! You and Mickey going out tonight”, he changed the subject, adding a little too much brightness to his voice.

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“uh-hu”, she nodded, pretending to concentrate on the job, while inside she screamed, begging, longing for his touch. She wrapped the bandage round his arm a final time, “There! All done - Want a lolly-pop?” throwing him a crooked smile, and trying to keep her voice light as she applied the last clip.
She trembled with delight as she watched him grin and chuckle.
Heart melting, he was smiling at her!
Laughing at her joke!
Toes curling…
Hands forming fists with the effort of not grabbing those muscular arms and lapping up that thin trickle of sweat running down his neck. God she wanted it, wanted him so much.
She could almost taste it.
Lifting his arm, he inspected the newly applied bandage, nodding his approval, as he stood. From her position on the edge of the table she allowed her eyes to wander slowly up his broad structure. So close, she could easily reach out and touch him. Her tongue moistening her lips, mind wondering what it would be like to run her hot tongue from the top of his pants, up the center of his muscular stomach, chest, nip his neck. . . . .
She felt his fingers under her chin, lifting her face.

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   His eyes much darker then usual, jaw clenched as he looked at her. Gently he stroked his hand over her soft face, fingers caressing her full lips, moving to touch her still wet hair that was hanging in loose ringlets around her shoulders.

“You shouldn’t look at me that way honey”

“I – I’m…” but the way his breathing sped up, his tightened jaw, the wondrous feeling of his large hand caressing her face was diving her wild with need. Before she was even aware of what she was doing, she clasped his hand and turned her face so that her soft lips were now in contact with his hot flesh. She flicked out her tongue tasting his salty goodness. Oh god he tasted as good as he looked.

“Maria”, he spoke, his voice shaking but stern. She looked up at him, her eyes wide, and never leaving his as she took his thumb into her mouth, damn he tasted good, and curling her tongue around it, sucking it deep.
“Holy Shit”, he gasped as he looked down at her, his breaths coming in loud gasps as he watched her full lips wrapped tightly around his thumb, feeling the soft heat of her mouth and her encircling tongue.
She wriggled across the table till her legs were on either side of his muscular hips. He tried to pull his hand back, but she held on tight.

“Stop this”, his voice gruff, “You don’t understand what you’re doing”

“Yes I do”, Maria returned, her voice soft, husky, as she threaded her fingers through the loops of his pants, pulling him towards her. A musical moan escaping her shapely lips at the feeling of his rough pants pressing hard against her exposed mound.
“Estimado Dios”, The Spanish words were out before he could stop them. What the hell was he doing! He had to leave right now, or he was going to do something that he’d never regret, but that would be very very wrong.

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But it was too late, even while he was thinking that he must leave, his hands were reaching for her, sliding up under that oversized shirt to grip her slim hips, pulling her against him. His mouth lowered, taking the place of his hand, tongue gently probing the hot depths.
God she felt good, so soft, so supple, his hands slid up her waist, thrilling in the smoothness of her perfect 18 year old body. Still higher his hands slid higher up over her ribs till he just skimmed the underside of her young firm breasts.
“Damn you taste good”, the words were barely audible as he slid his mouth across her soft face to kiss and nip the junction between her neck and shoulders. Soft; so soft, so smooth like perfect white satin under his large dark hands. Slowly, he ran his hands up her arms caressing each sensitive nerve, linking his long fingers with hers’, lifting her long arms above her head, holding them high, as he assaulted her neck, shoulders, cheek and mouth with hot passionate kisses and nips, before pushing her back so she lay flat on the table for his greedy eyes to admire, joying in the way she responded to him.
God how long had he wanted to do this with her, it seemed like forever. As he gazed down at the beautiful young women layed out to his pleasure, he allowed his mind to drift back – back to the first time he’d seen her. She’d been 18 then and his son had had the biggest crush on her, and not surprising either. He remembered Mickey pointing her out at his 16th birthday party. Her back had been to them, a pair of blue, very high cut-off jeans clung to her tight little ass, long tanned legs stretching down to a pair of colourful sandals, and those firm little breasts held by a deep-red bikini top. His mouth had gone dry and his cock pressed painfully against his own black jeans. God she’d been so fucking hot, and over the next two years she’d just gotten better. But she was way out of his league, and way too young – shit she still was.

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He sent a silent guilty apology to his son, as he slowly undid the buttons on her oversized shirt exposing her white creamy breasts, flat stomach and the tuft of jet black hair covering her tiny mound. Her back arched lifting her firm breasts higher, a uniquely feminine moan issuing from between her full red lips. God she looked damn good, and she smelt of fresh water and that floral soap she always used. How he loved that smell, how often had he come home at night, after she and his son had been hanging out in his lounge, and just stood smelling her sweet smell, jealously wondering what she and his son had been doing.
He dipped his head tasting, and gently biting soft white flesh of her waist, hips, across her flat abdomen. Then moving his hungry mouth up the inside of her silky thigh, continuing a hot wet trail up the underside of her impossibly long leg, flicking out his hard tongue to caress the sensitive nerve behind her knee, and moving up over her firm calf muscle, again stopping to caress another sensitive nerve in her ankle. All the time her soft mews and cries, reminding him of the sweetest of sweet kittens and he was determined to make her purr.
Suddenly she sat up; he looked deep into her innocent blue eyes terrified that she was going to tell him to stop. But she didn’t, instead she pulled him against her, capturing his lips in a deep passionate kiss, flicking her tongue into his mouth, her hands sliding down his chest to his pants, deftly undoing the button and zip, freeing his large painfully hard member. He had to pull back, gasping for breath as her soft hand encircled his stiff prick, gripping tightly, whispering into his ear,
“Antony – I want…”
She didn’t have to ask twice, he was way ahead of her. His lips capturing hers in a deep kiss as he pulled her to him, bending his knees a little in order to better position himself.
“Ahh”, she cried out softly as he pressed his incredibly hard Cock against her extra tight, untouched opening.
Oh dear GOD, his mind reeled at the terrifying and yet very stimulating fact that she was still a virgin. “Honey…?” his kissed is way across her soft face to whisper in her ear, pulling back a little “baby is this going to be your first time?”, his mouth moved down her neck and gently nipped the junction of her neck and shoulder. He felt her nod.

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   It was such a small action, yet it sent the most exciting shivers through him. He would be her first! He would be the first man to ever reach heaven inside this perfect teenage body.
“Well”, he once again kissed his way across her cheek, upwards till he found her ear, “This is the wrong place – A lady as sweet as you should never loose her virginity on a kitchen table, we’ll save that for later”, suddenly she was lifted in his arms, one under her knees and the other around her shoulders.
She Giggled, delighted, “Oh how Gone with the Wind of you”, she couldn’t help remarking, her delight growing stronger as she heard his deep chuckle.
Her heart raced, she felt like all her dreams and fantasies had just come true all at once, and in a way they had. She had had a crush on Antony for so long and now here she was…in his arms, and he wanted her! REALLY wanted her, so much that he was carrying her into her parents’ bedroom to make love to her. He could have taken what he wanted right there on the table, but he wanted to be with her, intimately, passionately. And her heart flipped at that knowledge, tears springing to her eyes, biting the corner of her lip as she looked over his hansom face.
Gently he layed her down on her parents large king sized bed, taking a moment to look down at her beautiful stretched out form. She layed back, hands above her head, long brown hair fanning around her lovely young face, the oversized white button-up shirt, barely covering her spectacular pert breasts, her neatly trimmed pussy totally exposed, one long silky leg bent just a little.
His painful erection poked out, huge and proud from the front of his black jeans, his plan to take her slowly, allowing her to undress him, and gently showing her the world of lovemaking, flew out the window as he looked down at the delectable treat that lay in wait on the bed.
    All thought was gone as he dropped to his knees onto the bed, covering her soft form, forcing her creamy thighs apart. His mouth covering hers, tongue plunging deep inside her hot mouth, as he pushed his large erection against her tight virgin slit. He was still almost totally dressed only the necessary parts free, as he pushed hard against her, red hot pleasure flowing through him as he forced his erection into her tight hole, muffling her soft cry with his strong mouth, taking her pain into himself as he forced his cock ever deeper.
    He’d wanted to take it slow, but even as his mind screamed for him to stop and take it slow for her, his body was reveling in the most intense pleasure, forcing itself ever deeper – deeper…
    “So tight!” the exclamation was pulled from him as he slowly drew back before plunging within her tightness again.

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       He felt her lack of response, but he was past stopping. Whispering in her ear, kissing her sweet face, as he delivered three long fast strokes before tensing, rapturous heat spreading from where he was tightly gripped inside her till now untouched pussy, his hot seed shooting into her with each pleasurable shudder…
    “I’m so sorry querida”, he whispered, still out of breath, “I wanted to make it good for you”, he held himself inside her, his soft shaft still gripped within her, even though he was finished, being there just felt so good. He was quite happy to stay as long as she’d allow. “You’re just sooo sweet, my perfect amante”.
    Lifting himself onto his elbows he looked down at her lovely face, gently wiping the stray tear that escaped her confused eyes.
    “I swear this can be wonderful for you, I’ll show you”, his mouth moved over hers again, his cock hardening again as he felt her inner muscles tightening in response to him, her back arching a little. Oh god, it was happening again, he felt the need to grip her soft hips and plough her delicious body till he found heaven again. But this time he was ready for the effect her body had on him and he gently withdrew, his mouth moving slowly down her neck, reveling in the sweet taste of her silky flesh.
    Maria moaned softly as Antonys’ mouth blazed a fiery trail down her neck…over her shoulder. . . to her firm breasts his lips clamping over one hardened nipple, sucking with his mouth as his tongue caressed her. She’d been shocked by his almost violent reaction to her, but at the same time it had excited her to no end. She’d done that to him, her body had made him loose control! She’d felt him shudder and heard his moans of intense pleasure. And now he wanted more, more of her, more of this, and he wanted to share what he felt.

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       She’d never been as in love with him as she was right now. Her heart hurt as it swelled with the emotions she felt for this man, even as her body sang.
    His mouth moved further down her body, over her flat stomach and down her abdomen, getting closer…closer. She knew what he wanted to do for her, and she couldn’t help the occasional excited giggle as he drew close. For a long time she’d wondered what this would feel like and now the man she’d been fantasizing of was about to oblige. The all of a sudden he was there, and she was in heaven. His hot mouth closed over her wanting mound, his tongue moving in for one quick long flick, cheered on by her mewing cries, and arching back. Slowly he circled his tongue around the tight area he had earlier plundered with his manhood, both soothing and pleasuring.
    “Antony – Antony – Antony…. ” She chanted softly over and over as his tongue worked expertly at her tingling pussy. Each stroke, each caress bringing her higher, higher, “Ooo!” she cried eyes opening wide, as a most pleasurable ball burst within her, sending wave after wave of blazing hot ecstasy through her, each wave more rapturous then the next, and still his tongue stroked on, bringing her to peak after peak….
    Suddenly he stretched up her body, capturing her trembling mouth as he pushed his painfully hard cock into her still orgasming pussy, shuddering with his own intense release as he felt her tight muscles gripping and rippling around his twitching manhood.
    They lay there for the longest time, neither wanting to close there eyes, afraid to sleep and miss even a moment of this bliss of being together, not speaking just….
    Suddenly a loud knock on the door signaled just how much time had passed. Michael had arrived for their date!!

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