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I finish my shower and towel off, wondering what came over me. “Must have been something I ate. ” I think to myself. Just as I am about to turn off the light, I notice a small bottle against the mirror. Picking it up, I read the words: “Liquid Laxative”. Walking out of the bathroom, I am about to ask what the hell is going on but instead I am stopped dead in my tracks. I stare at you dumbfounded. Gone is the powder blue outfit. Now you are dressed entirely in black latex. You hair is teased and wild; your lips blood red and your makeup much bolder. You have a mask across your lovely eyes. You body is now squeezed into a flattering latex bodice that is pushing your breasts up and together giving you fabulous cleavage. Around your slim waist is a black latex garter that is holding your stockings tight to your thighs. On your feet you wear an impossibly high pair of ankle wrap heels, the straps of which surround your ankle many times and are tied tight to you. On your hands you wear long, latex gloves, which extend just past your elbows. In your hand you hold a medium size crop, which you flex back and forth in front of you.

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   My eyes travel up and down your body, taking it all in until my eyes settle between your legs, where I stare at your big, black, cock!“What the hell is that?” I ask. “Silence!” You have been a VERY bad boy lately Alan. You have been coming far too quickly inside of me and you have not been spending near enough time pleasuring my button. ” “For that”, Monica continued, “I have decided to punish you. Perhaps you will come to appreciate what I am to you. ” “Monica, I…” “SILENCE!” “You will address me as “Mistress Monica until I say otherwise is that understood?” “Yes Mistress Monica. ” I replied. “Good, now that we have that settled” Monica mused as she casually stroked her “cock” up and down the length of the shaft “I must decide what will be your first punishment. ” I swallowed hard wondering whether or not I was going to be able to go thru with this. I decide to trust you and see what happens. Besides, I figured that I would always be able to stop you from doing anything that I really didn’t want to participate in. I began to doubt that thought almost as soon as I had it. “I have decided that your first punishment will be a sound spanking Alan. ” Monica stated as she sat across a large chair. “You will come over here and lay across my lap now.

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  ” “Yes Mistress Monica” I replied as I made my way across the room, my rock hard erection swaying back and forth as I walked. Lying across your legs, I adjusted my boner to a position that was somewhat comfortable. Bracing myself for the first blow from the crop, you surprise me with the next order. “Put your hands behind your back. ” “What for?” I ask. “SILENCE!” WHACK! You land a blow across my ass cheeks as I wince and jump. “Shit Monica!” WHACK! WHACK! I jump at the sudden blows but refrain from speaking out. I feel the red glow begin to spread across my ass and my cock is harder than I think it has ever been before in my life. “Now, put your hands behind your back like a good boy. ” “Yes Mistress” I reply as I fold my arms behind me. I feel the cold steel of the handcuffs as you snap them tightly over my wrists rendering me helpless. I now have serious doubts that I could change things at this point even if I wanted to. For the next few minutes you work my butt over with the crop, spreading the rosy glow all across my ass. After a while, you put the crop down and begin using just your gloved hand. I feel you caress my bottom with your hand before landing the next blow.

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   I can feel my excitement growing and you notice it too as my cock is draining pre-cum in copious amounts. Reaching around me, I feel you touch my rock-hard dick ever so slightly with your free hand. My cock is throbbing with each touch and I begin to ache for release. “Mistress Monica” I begin, “please make me cum. ” “Oh you want to cum do you?” you ask mischievously. “Well I need to cum first and you are going to make me before you do yourself” you reply. Getting up, you stand me up and lay me down on the bed. Straddling me, you lower yourself onto my face, taking care to move the harness and holding the plastic phallus out of the way. Spreading your lips apart for easy access for my tongue, I dive in with passion, licking and flicking for all I am worth. I lick and suck your button furiously, occasionally driving my tongue as deep into you as I can get it. I long for the use of my hands but you keep me locked up tight, completely under your power. I am under the spell of your sex and I worship your button like a primitive god. I feel your muscles start to contract and I hear your breathing coming faster and faster. Frantically I lick you until suddenly you moan and flood my mouth with your juice. I keep licking and you keep coming and coming for what seems like hours.

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   Finally, you roll off of me and lay on the bed exhausted. “Mistress Monica, please make me cum now. ” I implore. “Certainly Mr. Alan, you have done an admirable job. ” You reply. Getting up you lay over my stomach, slowly tracing your way around my belly with your gloved hand. You work your way slowly down, circling, circling, my throbbing cock wrapping first one finger then another around the shaft until you have your entire hand around my dick. Slowly you begin to stroke it up and down, each stroke a step closer to my impending explosive orgasm. Slowly you bend down to my crotch planting small licks and kisses on me. You give the top of my head a lick, tasting the pre-cum oozing out of the head. Suddenly you engulf my member, taking me deep down your throat. You suck me hard and deep for one stroke then two. Just as I am on he verge of exploding in your mouth, you stop. “You didn’t really expect me to let you cum in my mouth did you?” “Please Mistress Monica!” I gasp, my aching cock throbbing with every heartbeat.

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   “NO!” you state firmly, “Now it is time for your second punishment. ” Swallowing hard, I watch as you walk over to your bag and extract an adjustable rod with two leather cuffs on each end. “Turn over onto your stomach” you order as you pick up your crop. I realize that in order to get release I must comply and so I do so willingly. Resolving myself to the inevitable, I sit up and roll over onto my belly. Taking my ankles in hand, you slip first one then the other thru the end of the leather cuffs and tighten them. Next you twist a part of the rod and I can feel my legs spreading apart. When you have me satisfactorily in position, you pull me up onto my knees placing a pillow under my head. Walking across the room you pick up a bottle of KY and stand in front of me, spreading it liberally along the length of your “shaft”. “I promised you that I would fuck you tonight Mr. Alan and I plan to keep that promise. ” Smiling wickedly, you walk around behind the bed and take my hips in your hands. “You are going to enjoy this Mr. Alan, I promise. ” I try to relax as I feel the head of your “cock” pressing at my opening.

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   Slowly you push into me, filling me up like I have never felt before. I can’t help but moan as I feel the plastic phallus sliding deep into me. I feel you hit my butt with your “balls” and then slowly start to pull out. I gasp as you increase your rhythm setting a steady pace. I feel your hand on my rock hard cock, circling my shaft with your hand and slowly pumping me. All the while you continue to fuck me, driving me wild as you plow deep into my ass. I feel my orgasm start and then I suddenly erupt, shooting glob after glob of hot cum onto the bed. I feel like I have just shot my toes thru my dick and then you pull out. I collapse onto the still steaming pool of cum when it occurs to me what the laxative was for. I feel you next to me, your breath on my neck. You gently kiss my face and whisper, “I told you it would be good. ”.



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