Angel’s Surprise Homecoming.


As we guessed, about 3 am, we heard the key turning in the latch, G was on one side of the door and I on the other. As Angel stepped into the darkness, we grabbed her roughly, I put my hand across her mouth, to stop her from crying out and we held her tightly. D slipped the blindfold over her eyes and a ball gag in her mouth, to keep her silent. G and I led her to the centre of the room, which was prepared for her surprise. Silently, we stripped her, stroking her body, as it came into our view. I pinched her nipples hard, watching them as they grew to full erection, D, had her hand between her legs, getting her hot and aroused and G was paying particular attention to Angel’s anal region. She started to moan with all the attention and by her breathing and the scent of her juices; we could tell she was quickly getting aroused. I reached up and attached the wrist restraints and pulled the ropes tightly, which stretched her arms, high above her head. D put on the ankle restraints and G pulled those ropes taut, opening her legs wide. When he did this, D couldn’t resist dipping her tongue into Angel’s hot sex and tasting her honey. At last, we had Angel spread eagled before us, helpless to anything we may do to her. Not a word had been spoken, so, she was not even sure, who this bunch of intruders were, just that she was tied up and defenceless. A tingling of anticipation ran through her body. What is it they want from me? She thought, knowing that, whatever it was, she was going to enjoy it! She felt the warm liquid running over her shoulders and hands begin to massage it into her body. Scented oil, she knew that smell. And as our hands rubbed it into every portion of her willing flesh, she tensed; and then gradually, she relaxed and let the sensations fill her psyche with lust.

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   D had decided that Angel’s pussy was hers and for now, we let her have her way. Her small, delicate fingers coated her dripping fanny in oil. She mixed it with the free flowing juices, parted the fleshy lips and inserted her fingers, one at a time, until she had almost her whole hand inside. She looked up at me and I nodded my permission. She finished off; by pushing the rest of her hand through Angel’s engorged labia and lodged it deep in her cunt. Gasping at this intrusion, Angel tried to move away, but, to no avail, she was impaled! D formed a fist and slowly began to move it, in and out, giving her a mixture of pain and pleasure. G alternated between nipples, kissing them, sucking them and biting them. They were so sensitive; Angel could cum from just his mouth on her tit flesh. I picked up the riding crop, a new addition, since her meeting with J and began to swish it loudly. Hearing it whistling through the air, she shuddered, knowing what was about to happen. Thwack! The first stroke caught her across both of her soft buttocks, leaving an angry red welt. Thwack! Another, crossing the first, and again and again, until her tender skin was criss-crossed with stripes. Not hard enough to break the skin, of course, but enough to bring tears, seeping from her blindfolded eyes. I looked at G and nodded to him. He scooped up more of the warm oil and massaged it over the stinging welts, which patterned her buttocks.

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   His mouth followed his hands and with lips and tongue, he slowly turned the pain into pleasure, as his gentle ministrations took effect. I looked down at D, who was still working her fist deep inside Angel’s clasping cunt and I give her a sign. She slowly withdrew; keeping her fist clenched which opened her agonisingly wide, until at last, she was free from her clutching sex. As her hand cleared her pussy, with a lewd sucking noise, I brought the crop up sharply and the leather flap made contact with her puffy lips and clit. ‘Aggghhhhh!’ She cried through the gag, again I did it, until her cunt looked raw and tender. I told D to give her aching pussy the same treatment as G was giving to her buttocks. Meanwhile, I was getting the pegs ready!Angel’s whole body was quivering with lust, G and D had taken her, just to the verge of climax, as we had planned, but they stopped, just as she was about to cum! I started to place the pegs, four on each swollen tit, surrounding her nipples. I deliberately left the nipples free and watched as they filled with blood, hardening even more and turning white with the pressure. I put a row of pegs along the soft fleshy parts of her underarms and saw her flinch as the jaws clamped the sensitive skin between them. As I continued downwards, D and G, each took a suffering breast in their hands and licked the bullet hard nipples between their lips.
    They had found the ice in the freezer and had both filled their mouths with it, the coldness was like a heavenly kiss on Angel’s tortured tits. I, in the meantime, had started to peg her gaping fanny, three pegs on each of her outer lips, as we did; and one on her throbbing, unprotected clit! I suspected that, by now, she was beginning to realise just who it was, who was giving her such sweet torment, this being, oh so familiar to her! I handed D one of Angel’s three vibrators. She knew what to do with it, as I had told her previously and she ran it over the pegs on her tits. G was handed another and he did the same to the cunt pegs. I kept the last one and slowly, I inserted it, past her sphincter and into her anus! Angel’s body bucked against the bonds, the pain/pleasure was driving her insane, but, we persisted, until she was a quivering wreck! Her need for release was becoming an unbearable torture.

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       So, I relented and whispered,“Cummmm My Angel!” Her climax was awesome to behold, her sweet nectar gushed from her aching pussy and splattered her thighs and D’s hand. She expanded her lungs so full, searching for breath that some of the pegs flew from her tender breasts and she almost bit the ball gag in two. Totally exhausted, she slumped against the restraints, lost in sub space, somewhere between, Heaven and Hell. We gently held her, between us and I slowly removed the ball gag, followed by the blindfold. The light blinded her for a few moments, but when her eyes became adjusted to the brightness, she looked up to find the three of us, smiling at her! She cried out our names, so happy to confirm that it had been the three of us, who had caused her sweet torment. We hugged her tightly, released her from her bonds and said,“Angel, we hope you enjoyed your surprise? You have truly been ours!”The remainder of that night, Angel spent pleasuring each and every one of us, as only she knew how, until we were as drained, as she had been!.