Angel's Overdue Cherry


When I was a freshman in highschool, I attended this poorman's version of a Christian private school called Lakeview, in the state of Texas.   I was never the popular guy, having been schooled at a military highschool in the Netherlands beforehand.   So those low rent souls I attended school with wouldn't give me the time of day, especially the girls.   The only attention I could muster was that of a few grade school age girls, whom I'd entertain by playing my guitar for them after school on the bleachers.   One girl imparticullar stood out.   Her name was Angel, which was short for Angela actually.   She so lived up to her name.   She never dreamed of disobeying the staff or her parents for that matter. She was about 18 when I first met her.   She had amazing ebony black hair that fell at least 5 or 6 inches past her shoulders, deep dark brown eyes that glistened with pure unbridled innocence, and a china doll face that made it possible to entertain even the most taboo of desires concerning her sex even at her tender young age!  And on top of that a 18 year olds dream body as far as I was concerned!  She had a more than decent frame and 2 perky tits just beginning to bud out.   I thought she was a damn sexy 18 year old!!  But I wish I could say that I made good on those fantasies then but for reasons I'll forego, I couldn't.   I ended up leaving that school for another of the same kind, but the girls there were much more receptive to me and my desires toward them, so I quickly forgot about my Angel fantasies.   Well after I graduated, I moved away from Texas to Missouri to live with my Uncle and his wife, but soon got bored with country life so I returned to Texas where I could let loose.   It was when i was 20 years old that I decided to rent a small house near the lake where I attended that school where I met Angel, yet all thoughts of her were far gone from my mind.   I settled in and got a job at a video store, ( I'm independantly wealthy through a vast inheiratance ), just to keep life interesting and to meet new people.   I dated some, (dating for means hanging out at the lake getting a girl drunk or high and fucking them raw), and had some on again, off again girls, but it quickly got dull, scine this actually had been my ruitine scine I was 12, ( but that's another story).

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    I decided to find a girl, and see if I could attempt a relationship, I so chuckled at the thought, but went ahead full steam figuring failure was acceptable as long as I fucked the object of my hunt.   As fate would have it I guess my hunt lasted for only 4 days.   I decided one day to visit the old school ( Lakeview ).   It had shut down due to lack of funding, and some weak scandle.   I didn't care.   But some of the church members remembered me and invited me to look around for old times sake.   As I walked around I found an old yearbook from when I attented and flipped through it.   A warm smile and feeling crept up om me as I saw the photo of sweet little Angel.   My mind went warp speed back tp 9th grade, and I got swept up in my old fantasies of her!  I decided to ask around to see if anyone knew what became of her, scince she was rather highly reguarded by the staff back then.   To my absolute amazement I was told that she lived just in back of the old school in a rundown marina \ trailerpark!  My plan was formed in a split second!  Live out my fantasies with Angel!! I figured I'd use old memories of singing to her and telling her jokes, that she loved so much back then!  I did my math and figured her to be about 18 or 15.   I was given her number by a church member and called her up.   She lived with her Grandmother and it was her who answered the phone so I asked to speak with Angel.   When Angel came on I asked her if she remembered me, and she responded no.   I now thought this was going to be harder, but I wouldn't give up.   I asked to meet her and she agreed.

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    The next day I met her, and my God how she had changed!!!  The little girl had been replaced by a vision that was just shy of full grown woman.   Her hair still ebony black was cut slighty shorter but still ravishing, the same deep dark brown eyes with total evidence of still intact innocence, and that china doll face had not a blemish on it!!  But what stood out most was her beautiful ripe breasts.   The perky bumps had been replaced by well rounded suppulent tits that filled a 32 C bra as I was to find out later!  I was in heaven, and she also went throught he same yearbook and remembered me from my freshman photo!  At that point it time to stroll down memory lane and entice this beauty to be my first girlfriend, and lover to boot!  It wasn't difficult, and I learned quickly why her innocence was still intact.   She had an extremely overprotective grandmother, disenchanted and very ill mother, a gruff bastard of a stepfather, and a preacher uncle that told her to keep on the goody goody side of things.   She had no knowledge of sex at all, and even found her period to be something she dreaded, and first period sent her into a panic I found after sometime.   The grade of her innocence was astounding!  I'd never before encountered a virgin with her lack of sexual knowledge.   She was under the impression she was to wait for marriage.   I decided to hell with that.   I started taking her out to eat and to a couple movies, much against the wishes of her Grandmother, but some helpful church members told her I was a prince, yeah right, ha!  Anyway I told her to some degree that sex was what you do when you just like a guy and you want to express it beyond just words.   In a strange sort of way she seemed to get it, amd more importantly accept it for truth.   She never seemed to question the things I told her even when I said that a girl being naked for a guy is a spectacular treat that every guy rewards the girl with.   So with that she agreed to undress for me at my place.   I got her alone at my house 3 days later, by now i hadn't had sex with a girl for around 3 weeks.   I told Angel I'd put some music on and even dim the lights some to ease her nerves.   She really seemed to appreciate that, and responded by kicking off her shoes and taking off her socks.

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    Then she kinda just rocked back and forth, swaying her hips, which got my cock nearly erect on the spot, though I doubt she had any clue the effect she had on me!  after a bit I realized she needed some coaching, so I told her to start with taking off her shirt, which it seemed to take forever for her to do but finally she stood there in her pure white bra!  Her mounds hung there big and beautiful.   Then I told her to let her skirt drop to the floor, to my suprise she did it somewhat quickly, but I believe the weight of the sjirt caught off guard and fell faster than she had anticipated.   There she was in front of me nothing obstructing my gaze except her lacy underwear.   My eyes burned with desire as did my groin!  I could see absolute confusion and fear in Angel's eyes and it drove me wild.   I also knew if i took too long with such trivial things as foreplay I might lose this shot at her lovely cherry, I didn't want that!  I told her to remover her bra, but she hesitated at that point. She said she couldn't and it scared her some, so I told her I would help, and without waiting for a response I whirled her around and unclasped her bra, and jerked it free from her arms, right after I grabed her lovely panties and jerked them straight to her ankles.   I took an ankle in my hand and raised it out of her panties, and did the same with the other.   She was such a sight there standing naked, unshielded from my hot gaze!  She attempted to cover her tits but I quickly grabbed her hand and started pulling her in the direction of my room.   I wanted to see if she'd resist but to my pleasant suprise she did not, Angel followed behind with absolute fear in her eyes.   Angel's fear bothered me none, it just fueled my desire for her sex!!!  I brought Angel into my room and led her to my bed.   All she could do was stare at me, and then the bed, and back to me again.   This was to be my easiest conquest!  Then I pushed her gently down on the mattress and proceded to get some extra pillows for what I told her was her own comfort, to which she gave a small smile.   Then I told her I was going to explore her and when I finished she'd be rewarded.   Angel didn't say anything but her eyes gave me a kinda if you say so look so I proceded.   First I started by kissing her lips, but she wouldn't kiss back.

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    I told her that she needed to relax and let her mouth open just a little on do as I did.   Then my second attemt I pierced her mouth with my tongue letting it rest on hers before rolling it around her warm mouth.   After a bit she did as I was and I started tomassage her right tit.   I gently circled my thumb and index finger around her nipple.   She didn't resist so I leaned her back on the pilows and immediately moved my hand down to her virgin slit.   It was covered in soft ebony black hair, and I searched gently for her lovely little love button!  I found her clit with my thumb and rubbed small circles around it.   Then I sped up my rythm omly to hear a slight moan escape from her.   I felt I had her now.   So then spread her virgin lips and inserted a finger into her virgin hole.   This was met only by a stunned look on Angel's face.   She was so tight I thought her pussy would rip my finger out of socket, but I started pushing it in and out of her virgin fuckhole and returned my tongue to the confines of her mouth.   as we kissed I went to insert another finger in her cherry cunt, which brught a muffled cry from her.   I quickly withdrew my fingers which had a small trace of cunt juice and blood on them.   Angel finally spoke and said she wanted to go home.   Call me crazy but I allowed it, after all I wanted to fuck her not rape her, after all I was intending on making a girlfriend out of her.

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    ( This by the way isn't the end it's just the intermission. . . . . . her refusal to let me take her then was more a dis-service to her than to me, trust me.   Now the story really heats up!! )   A couple days later I took her to dinner and another movie of her choice, after which I took her back to her her marina \ trailer park and walked with her awhile.   Then I pulled from my pocket a small ring case and opened it up in front of her face.   Angel's eyes went wide then almost teary, she asked if it was really for her and I nodded.   I took the diamond ring out and intentionally placed it on her left ring finger, and told her this is your wedding ring hand, and Ive decided to make you my girl because I love you.   Angel looked at me for a minute of so and for the first time kissed me before I kissed her!  Then she said she loved me too!  This was an opportunity I couldn't pass up!  I told her that when love someone the way we loved each other you should do more than say it you should show it through sex.   Her smile vanished instantly, and was replaced by worry.   I then got more firm with her and said it's what is expected in this kind of situation.   For awhile it was like Angel was searching my face for the lie I just told her, but her naive heart never could bring her brain to believe I was anything but the prince some people had made me out to be.

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    She said if it was the right thing to do she would allow it.   I told it was and we left for my house.   After what seemed like an eternity we arrived at my modest abode.   I took her in and told her after such a long day we should clean up first, that we should take a shower together.
      Angel didn't respond so I led to the bathroom.   When we entered I instructed her to undress while I got the shower going.   She did and more quickly than before, till she got to her underwear again.   I didn't even ask I just went over to her and removed the top and her lovely panties, then I undressed myself quickly.   Angel immediately caught sight of my cock, the first she'd ever seen!!  My half erect member jutted out and she semmed breathless.   I took her hand and led her in the shower and started to soap her up good!  After she was all soapy I let the cloth drop and let my hands do the cleaning starting with her succulent tits.   Standing behind her with my hard 7" cock in her back, I took each of her mounds in my hands and started massaging them in small circles.   Then I turned her around to where the water hit one of her shoulders and her other shoulder was pressed against me.   Then I soaped up my hands and started to finger and rub her virgin cunt flesh.   I was amazed that she didn't jump or squirm, Angel just moaned some from time to time.   After I was certain Angel's cunt and the rest of her were clean I washed myself up quickly and shut off the water.

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        The coldness of the bathroom made Angel's nipples harden immediately, much to my liking!  I led Angel into my bedroom and placed her again on the bed.   No extra pillows this time and covers pulled off to the side.   Angel quickly pulled the blankets over her for warmth.   I then pulled open one of the nightstand drawers and pulled out a fresh latex condom and some water-based lubricant.   I had decided that I had to make sure I could peneteate her cherry without fingering her to wetness.   I opened the condom package and started to put it on when she asked what it was.   I laughed uncontrollably and told her it was for her own good, and to trust me.   She smiled and snuggled into the blankets.   I then told her I needed her to come out from under them.   She had a look that was protesting that call, but she complied and she lay naked in front of me.   I took the lubricant and placed some on my fingers, and put it to her awaiting pussy.   As soon as it touched her she yelped and said it was cold, which it was.   I just loved this torture treatment, especially cause she just allowed me to do it and endured it.   I rubbed the lubricant all over her sex, coating every inch.   Since it was water-based it was extremly slippery, again to my liking.

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        Then Agianst my better judgement I inserted a finger into her sweet, virgin, pussy!  She froze up a little but said nothing.   At this point I lathered my condom clad cock with lubricant and set the container on the bedstand.   I was ready, and as far as I was concerned so was Angel.   I knew sex but she didn't, and I couldn't think of one damn reason to tell her it would hurt like all fucking hell let loose in her virgin twat.   But I finally thought to say that it might be slightly uncomfortable but it would just last a second and she'd be O. K.   She just smiled and nodded with accepance, so I mounted her.   I was at the moment of truth I was going to pop the cherry of the most innocent girl I'd ever met!!!  I started to place the throbbing head against her clit, at which point every mucsle in Angel's sexy body went taught, not to my dismay though, I knew there way to much lubricant to prevent my penetration throught tight mucsle lock, so I proceded.   I rubbed my cockhead up and down the lenghth of her slit!  This brought some whimpering sounds from her trembling lips and body, but I didn't mind them any.   I then gently pressed against the mouth of her virgin pussy. . . . . .

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      . BIG  MISTAKE!  She screamed bloody murder, and I hadn't even taken her cherry yet.   Anger was my first emotion as Angel begged me to let her go home and we could try some other day. I told Angel no!!  I told her she had agreed to have sex and come to a point where she couldn't back out!  Angel just sobbed uncontrolably.   It was starting to make my head hurt.   I told her she had to do it, but she just kept pleading for me to let her get out of fucking ( not that she ever said fuck or fucking until some time later ).   At last I felt I couldn't just bust her cherry in the state she was in even though I thought that she cpouldn't scream and cry any louder if I did.   But my RAGE ended up telling her what to do.   I told her to get up and get dressed and in a minute I'd take her home for good!!  She looked puzzled after I shouted  " for good "!  I kept on and said once I got her home that was the end of us going out, or even hanging out!!  I was soooo pist off with her, I couldn't even believe the rage I felt!!  All the dates, the conversations, the I love you's, the nine hundred fucking dollars on her ring finger, and most of all, the beautiful naked girl who was primed and overdue to be fucked and ravaged!!!  After I yelled, I turned over on my side and waited for her to get up, and get dressed!  I was steaming hot, but not so much that I hadn't realized she was still lying there with this look of disbelief on her face, so I told her I meant it, and rolled back over!  Then she did it. . . . the dumbest thing possible, at least in my opinion.   Angel spoke softly and shyly and said to me that she was sorry for upsetting me so much, that she really did love me, she was just so scared by what we were doing.   Then she pushed me too far, since my cock was still rock hard and coated pretty well and I knew she was so primed, she placed her hand on my shoulder and massaged it gently, and spoke to me I wish I could make it better for you I really do, I don't want to lose your love.

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        With that it happened, almost lightning fast I rolled on top of her, much to her shock!  I said firmly don't say anything more just look up at the ceiling and lie there, and she did.   I again traced her slit with my cock, she whimpered some more but didn't speak, and I found her virgin hole. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


      . . I went in gently despite my anger, and her pussy resisted as best it could, I reached her maidenhead almost immediately, and told her the truth, that it would burn and sting and hurt, but I expected her to lie still, and just shoved as hard as I could, tearing her tender, flimsy hymen, and filling her pussy half way, which filled my bedroom with an earshattering scream and a flood of tears coming from her eyes, yet no words of protest to my astonishment!  I went to work, pulling back slightly and searing my cock into the rest of her virgin cunt!  I layed down on her with my full weight, and grabbed her shoulders with my hands, and rammed furiusly into her tight hole.   Scream after scream resonated through my bedroom, from deep within Angel's lungs.   Her body resisted instinctively, but still no verbal objection to my onslaught of her virginity.   I fucked her like I never fucked before!  I grinded my pelvis into hers and assaulted her pussy with long powerful strokes!!  Due to the comdom I was somewhat desensitized, but the tightness of her virgin twat, lubricant not withstanding, gave me only about 7 or 8 minutes in her before I felt that familar signal from my ball sac.   As I felt the cum boil within me I relished each mad stroke into Angel's little pussy.   My orgasm drew nearer and nearer, my breathing grew shallow and my grunts a little louder, still drowned out by Angel's crying and occasional scream.   Then with a succsession of rapid strokes I blasted my load into the head of the condom.   Spurt after spurt filled the comdom, as stroke after stroke tore into Angel's pussy!  Finally I was spent, and went half limp and pulled out of Angel's pussy.   She looked like someone had violated her, but I felt it was what she deserved, after all I gave her a more than decent chance to get out of it.   She lay ther with blood and some lubricant dripping ut of her ravaged hole, dripping down her cupcake ass and on to the bedsheets.   We lay there for about an hour and then I had to dress her pretty much, and I took her home, and put her in her bed.   I had made this sweet innocent Angel mine.   She was now ready to do whatever I asked of her.

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        Her will was broken, not that she had much of one to begin with, as well as her hymen, both victims of my lust, but I kept my pledge to myself that this girl would be my girlfriend!  In fact I right then felt that in her current state I could make her more if I chose to. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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      . they'll be more if the responses to this story are even marginal, also please don't ask if my stories are true, due to some of there themes I'd prefer you read them as fiction and just leave it at that, THANKS!    let me know what you think.
    e-mail at   haasenfeffer_72@yahoo. com     anytime. . . . . I'll try my best to respond.