Amy's Second Gift


Round TwoI pull on the restraints, making sure everything is tight.   Your wrists and ankles chained together, hogtied with leather and steel.   I bend down to kiss you passionatly, your eyes staring into mine, you tell me that you're ready for me in every way possible.   We exchange our loving words, then you assure me that you are ready for me. I pull you to the edge of the bed, your head over the side, letting your head fall back.   I get closer, reach across and begin to massage your already wet clit.   As my fingers slide their way inside of you, you open your mouth and first, suck on my balls, hanging directly in front of your face, when I'm as hard as possible, I take my cock into my free hand and push it through your lips.   Your tounge works over my smooth member, as I work it in and out of your loving mouth.   You extend your neck, wanting more of it.  "Are you ready for it?"  I ask, your mumbles and continues sucking tells me that you are, so I take place both my hands on either side of your face and slowly slide my cock deeper into your mouth,  you cough as I hit the back of your throat, I begin to pull back, but you signal to me not to, so I shove it back into your throat.

  I feel the breath from your nostrals against my sac, and know that you can handle it all, so I slowly begin to rock my hips, bringing my dick in and out of your mouth, slowly building momentum until Ive achieved a steady motion. . . . "You like me fucking your little face, dont you?"  I ask, you mumble a definite affirmative.   My hands slide farther behind your head and pull it closer, my humping slowly gets faster, shoving my cock as far in as I can, occasionally pausing to hold it deep in your throat.

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    You occasionally gag, but I keep pushing, breaking every few seconds to let you take in some air before returning to the fuck fest.   We continue for several minutes until I feel the build getting ready to erupt.   I pull your face as close as possible and shove my cock deeper then I have yet, pulling back only as I begin to flow.   I release jet after jet of cum into your mouth, your loving tounge moving to catch every last drop, as the smile on your face widens.
     As I dry out, I give your throat a couple final thrusts, ensuring that you've recieved every drop of my juice.   When I'm sure I'm clean, I pull out and wipe the sweat from my chest.   I look down at your smiling face, and I know that you want more.   So I grab your legs and spin you around on the bed.   I pull out a condom and slide it over my still hard member, then climb onto the bed, push your legs back to spread you wide and shove my cock hard into your soaking pussy. You scream in pleasure, as I push my self into you and bend so that our lips can meet.   You slide your tounge into my mouth, as I drive my cock in and out of you.   Our mouths release as you scream in pleasure, your pussy lips clench tight around my cock, as your body tenses in extasy. I shoot another load, as I finish you off.   I release your binds and fall tired to the bed.   You roll over, wrapping your arms around my neck and we kiss once again.

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        I wrap my arms around your waist and hold you close to me, our legs entwined, our arms embraced and our lips connected for a few more moments.   We release our kiss and fall alseep, wrapped in each other's warmth, knowing that life is perfect as long as we are together. .