All I Ever Wanted


Tugging at his shirt, I couldn’t believe that this moment had come. I was finally about to make love to the only guy that I truly loved. Feeling his arms around me was making me melt. I wanted him THEN. Breathlessly, he looked at me and asked, “Are you sure that you want to do this? I mean, I want to, but I can wait if you’re not sure. ”
“No, I want this, you, more than anything. ” I answered. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. ”

As he kissed me, I began to imagine what it was going to be like when we finally became one. The fantasy was more real at that moment than it ever had been before. I pulled away from his backbreaking embrace and looked at him with seduction in my eyes.   I pushed him onto the bed and stood before him, watching his eyes follow my every move. I turned my back to him and slowly unbuttoned my shirt, letting it fall to the floor. Then I felt his arms around my waist as he pressed his face into the small of my back. I caught my breath at his warm, arousing touch.

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I spun to face him as his hands follow my backbone until they came to rest on the cross point of my bra and spinal column. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pressed my mouth into his as he unhooked bra, and slid it off my shoulders. I slipped his plain t-shirt over his head and pressed my unclothed chest into his. We fit together like puzzle pieces; each curve having a place to rest on the other’s body. I had waited so long for this. It seemed that this was what all the other problems in our relationship were resolved for.
He picked me up and laid me gently on the bed. His lips went from my mouth, to my left nipple, then to my right. Everywhere he touched me, and electric shock seemed to be sent through me. He moved his kisses to my stomach. It tickled so badly, but I kept myself from laughing aloud. Luckily, for my sake, he became bored with my stomach and move to more sensitive areas. He pulled my skirt and thong off my hips and threw them somewhere on the floor. My heart was racing and I felt as if I was ready for anything.
As he ran his fingers along my hips and thighs, he began to kiss and massage my vagina with his tongue.

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   I couldn’t help but allow the moans that had been building up inside of me out. His lips and tongue on my clitoris felt so amazing. I ran my hands through his hair and pressed his face into me. It seemed as if he knew exactly where I wanted his mouth exactly when I wanted it. I was amazed at his attentiveness to my most sensitive areas. As he continued to massage me with his mouth, his slipped two fingers into my vagina. I drew in a quick breath and he hastily pulled his fingers out. I lost all track of time or place. All I knew was that I wanted to bring this man all the pleasure that he was bringing me.

I pulled his face up to where I could look into his eyes. Without words, I conveyed that it was his turn. We switched positions with a fluid grace that I didn’t think was possible. I didn’t remember when he had taken his boxers off, but when we had gotten situated, his penis stared me in the face. I had no idea what to do. All the advice about giving a blowjob that I had read in women’s magazines was gone.

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   I couldn’t remember a single thing so I just made it up as I went.
I focused on the head of his penis first, licking the head while I ran my fingers gently along the shaft of it. Then one piece of information came back to me: “Treat his penis like a delicious ice-cream cone”. I thought to myself “Hey, it’s better than nothing!” So that is exactly what I did. I licked and suck on the sides and head as my hand roamed around on his chest, hips, and thighs. After that, I slid his entire penis into my mouth and down my throat. I was startled when he moaned. I had never seen him in a vulnerable situation before, but it was then that I realize the power that I had over him. I knew at that moment that I must do everything that I possibly could it bring him the maximum amount of pleasure. While all of this was running through my head, I lost track of what my mouth and tongue were doing. But before I knew it, he was pulling away from me. What had I done wrong? Did I hurt him? What is he doing?
"Girl, you are going to have to stop that. ” He said.
I was shocked. What HAD I done? Was it that bad? “Why do I need to stop?” I questioned.

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“Because you are going to make me come before we even get started!” He said with a smile.
Relief swept over me and I grinned back. So it wasn’t something that I had done wrong, it was that I had done everything right, maybe a little too right!
I had no idea what to do next so I let him take over. He stood up by the bed and presented me his hand to help me stand up. I had no idea what he was doing, but I went along with it anyway. Once I was standing next to him, he bent to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and was amazed at how romantic he really was. As he continued to kiss me, he scooped me up into him arms and laid me gently back onto the bed. He knelt beside the bed and pulled away from my kiss.
“Are you sure you want to do this? Do you think we’re ready? He asked.
His concern for my security was the cutest thing. “I’m naked and really horny. Do you really think that I am going to let you stop now?” I answered with a smile.

He chuckled and said, “Yeah, you’re
I stared at him between my legs as I rested on a mountain of pillows. He was so timid that it surprised me and I realized that he was just as nervous as I was.

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   He took his penis in his hand and slowly glided it into the open of my vagina. He pushed it inside of me until the tip came to rest on my virginity. He looked up at me in shock.
“I’m your first?” he asked. He had a look of confusion on his face that was almost comical.

I looked deep into his eyes, bit my lip, and nodded sheepishly. Our previous love lives had never come up in conversation and I had seen no need to bring it up. I had never thought that it would be an issue. Until now.
“Well, this is a first for both of us then,” he admitted.

He was a virgin! This macho, know-it-all, lady’s man boyfriend of mine was just as inexperienced at this as I was. Every previous apprehension that I might have had, were then gone. I became completely comfortable with him.
He picked up where he left off. He moved so slowly, making sure that it didn’t hurt me.

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   But the pain was inevitably. I felt the tissue rip inside of me as I gave him the one thing that I could never get back. I tried not to whimper because I wanted this to happen no matter how much pain there was. But despite all my efforts, I groaned with pain and he stopped going in any farther.

“Do I need to stop?” he questioned
“No, don’t stop. Keep going, it won’t hurt for much longer,” I assured him. Actually, I had no idea how long it would hurt but I wanted this to happen more than anything. Before I knew it, his penis was completely inside of me and the pain was bearable. He moved his body in a rocking motion that pulled his penis in and out of me. I couldn’t stop the whimpering then. It HURT. But I told him not to stop no matter what I did.
    I never knew until that moment how pain and pleasure could go so well together.

    We stayed like that for a long time and I didn’t want him to get bored. So I leaned up and wrapped my legs around his torso so that I was sitting Indian style around his body.

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       This allowed me to be able to kiss him and whisper in his ear instead of shouting at him from the head of the bed. That position was so intimate and personal that I truly felt as if we were one.   He placed his hands on my hips and helped my grind into his pelvis. His right hand moved to my pelvis so that he could massage my clitoris while I grinded against his body. My breathing became heavier and I was moaning more frequently now. I knew that I was close to an orgasm but I didn’t know if I was supposed to tell him or just let it happen. So I just let it happen and he figured it out rather quickly. My breathing became more of a panting than actual breathing and I let out a tremendous moan.
    I was exhausted. He laid me back on the bed and laid down beside me with my back pressing into his stomach. I arched my back encouraging him to put his penis back into me. He really didn’t need my encouraging. I had never realized how intimate spooning actually was until I experienced it. I knew that he thought it was intimate too because I could tell that he was getting close to orgasm. His body became clammy and he began to move in and out of me faster and faster.

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       I twisted my upper body enough so that I could look at his face. He kissed my neck then pulled his face away quickly and moaned and sighed loudly and shuddered once, twice, three times. He knew that I was on the pill so it wasn’t necessary for him to pull out.

    He wrapped his arm around my stomach and pulled me close to him. He kissed the nape of my neck and ran his hands through my tousled hair.
    “I love you,” he whispered.
    "I love you, too,” I responded and I meant it with all of my being. I really did love him. I knew that for sure now.
    We laid in silence for a while, just enjoying each other’s presence. There was nowhere else I wanted to be and I couldn’t have been any happier. Or so I thought.

    “Marry me,” he said
    “What?! Are you serious? Did you really mean that?”
    “Of course I meant it. I love you and you said that you love me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

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       You complete me. I’m so sorry. I don’t even have a ring, but I know that I want you with me forever and I couldn’t wait another minute to ask you. ”
    I just looked at him. First, I gave my virginity to the only guy that I had ever loved and I didn’t think that I could have been any happier. Now, he has asked me to marry him! Could life get any sweeter than it was right now?

    “Are you going to answer me or just look at me with that dumbfounded expression?” he asked.
    “Oh, I’m sorry!” I said repentantly. Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times YES!”
    “Really? We’re getting married? You said yes?” he staggered.

    I just nodded, smiled and kissed him. I fell asleep that night in the arms of that man that I loved the most, my best friend, my comforter, my fiancé, my soon-to-be husband. Those words sounded so sweet and I couldn’t have been happier