Alice, The Sex Slave


Topic: Alice Shows Her ColorsI met Alice at the hospital in a small town that I was a policeman in, she was weet and seemingly conservative. We became friends and every night that I was on shift we had to go by the hospital since all they had in the way of security was a maintence man that hung around at night. Alice came on at 3 P. M. and was a secratary in the E. R. and we always walked to the vending room for a cup of coffee when I got there. HEr husband had passed away about 6 months before and I was newly divorced so we shared a little of a common bond.
While walking she would move against me but totally innocently it seemed. She was attractive, about 5'9", red hair and about a 36C with a middle age waist and 42 hips that were very nice. She worn the smocks that she changed into when she came on duty and I of course worn a police uniform, full duty belt and weapon, ASP and radio and two sets of cufs. She used to joke about me cuffing her if I ever wanted to "have my way with her" and we both laughed. She would be totally helpless she told me to resist. One evening while walking down the hall in the deserted wing that we cut across that was having construction, the lights half off, She said that again and I said, "Would I have to cuff you to get my way?" She looked at me and said, "Well, no not really. " With that we kissed a short shy kind of a kiss and kept walking.
We got coffee and talked as we walked and passing a rest room she stopped and asked me to hold her coffe while she went in to relieve herself.

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   I did and was waiting outside in the semi-dark hall. The door opened slowly and she motioned me towards it and looking in I saw her totally naked standing there. She was lovely and her skin was smoth, her nipples erect and her closlye shaved red pussy hair shining with moisture. "What do you think?" she asked me. "Absolutely beautiful" I told her. She reached out her hand and pulled me into the rest room and locked the door behind me. We kissed passionately as I ran my hands all over her body and she spread her legs as she stood there and guided my hand between her legs. I slid a finger into her and she moaned loud and began moving on it soon reaching an orgasm and bracing her self against me so she could stand. "That is the first time I have been touched since I was alone. " she said kissing me. Then her hands found me cock through my uniform pants and she smiled, "Good to see I make you hard. Now what shall we do with that?" "Whatever you want to do" I said and she looked at me her eyes geting glassy. "I want an ice cream cone" she said and went to her knees taking out my cock.
She began slowly licking me up and down and massaging me slowly. She loved to take her time and soon she was making pre-cum drip out of the head of my cock.

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   Finally she sped up and was taking all of me down and she sucked the cum from me swallowing it and shaking with an orgasm herself. "I love ice cream cones" she said again and I kissed her deep. "Now that I know I like it you have to bring me one every night. " she told me. "My pleasure" I told her and she dressed and we walked back to the E. R. I hung around a while then had to leave on a call. Before I left she told me to call her after work and I told her okay. I called and she told me that she really liked me and hoped I did not think she was bad or anything. I made sure she knew I liked how the evening had gone. "Good, can you come over this weekend and see me at home?" "Sure" I told her.
I met her two more nights to give her her ice cream cones and then Friday night I went over to her house. She opened the door and had on a bikini and shorts. "I just came from the pool" she said and her hair was wet. THen she was in my arms kissing me hard.

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   She moved my hands over her and removed any doubt that we were going to stay dressed. I removed her top and then bottom and she was naked and stepped back telling me to strip too. I did and was hard as a rock and suddenly she took my by the cock and led me to the couch. She pushed me down and instead of siting on it she was on her knees in front of me sucking me again. Slowly then wildly as she fingered herself. The rest of the night we spent in bed and she did not sleep or let me sleep hardly at all. She was constantly in motion, massaging, kissing, licking and riding my fingers when my cock was not hard. "I have to go out for a few hours" she told me as she dressed and kissed me bye. "I have some important things to let you know about me" She told me. "Okay, we can talk when you get back. " I told her. "No, there are some videos on the VCR, watch them while I am gone. The dates and situtation are on the titles, start with number 1, that is my honeymoon. " she said and left.
I got up and went to the living room and there was a stack on videos on the VCR.

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   The first was labled "Honey Moon. " I put it in and there she was loosing her virginity to her husband. She was shy and did not know she was being taped. It lasted about an hour and then the next night was there. She and her husband were naked and stading in the living room. Suddenly he turned her around and began spanking her, more than normal. She began crying and tried to get away and he pulled her back and slapped her hard. She fell to the floor and he dragged her to the chair and tied her to it. Her arms behind her and her legs to each leg. Then he was in front of her making her suck him and his cum filled her mouth making her gag as she protested she did not want to do that. He clamped her nipples and she began crying and he slapped her again telling her to shut the fuck up. She tried and again her clamped her tits. "As for not liking to suck cock and swallow cum we are going to take care of that litte slut. " he told her. He picked up the phone and caled someone, "Yeh, she is all set, bring over a few friends.

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Soon the door opened and 5 men walked in all drunk and abusive. "So, this is the bitch you married, guess we all have free sex for the duration?" "Damn right" her husband said. "Okay guys, feed her cock and cum, make her like it. " Followed be this was hours of fucking Alice both orally, anally and shoving her cunt full when they felt like it. One scene had her tied up, arms streached out and blindfold in a frame. One man was holding a dildo to her pussy making her cum and scream to be raped more even as tears flowed from her eyes. Then she had a type of neck scarf around her neck nd was having it tighter and tighter until she could not breathe and finally passed out. Then the scarf was removed and she was revived. This was repeated over and over again and soon she was begging to be let down. "Please, please just kill me, kill me please. " she was begging.
Another tape showed her being dropped off at a house, her husband giving a chain with a leash around her neck on the end. She was naked and her hands tied behind her back. Her face was towards the ground. "Train her to do all she is told and make sure she learns.

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  " he told them at the door. A woman asked, "What is she does not survive the training?" she asked. "Then she dies. " he said and left. Alice walked in with them and they tied her to a frame and began torture, slowly making her do everything imagined. They tied her tits off and made her drink from a glass that I could not tell the contents of but the man told her to drink piss until they said to stop. She gagged several times and was made to drink till she no longer gagged and began asking for a drink.
After several hours of these tapes Alice came back and she smiled, "Well, do you see how I am?" "Yes, I guess I do. " I told her. At the end of the tape the man had given her husband her chain again and gave her a elabortate collar. She will always wear this and be a slave all you must do is command her. " "Good" he told her. Alice striped and turned off the tape, she walked to a drawer and took out a collar, the same one in the film, she got on her knees in front of me and gave it to me and leaned forward offering me her neck to place it on. I did and then she gave me the chain and attached it to the collar ring. "I was trained to do absolutley anything with anyone at any time, all you do is tell me or let me know what you want me to do during the day and I will do it.

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  " she said.
Everyday when I got there )we had moved in together) she would present herself and ask if there was anything I wished. I took her to bed and made love to her as often as she liked. One day a couple of our neighbors was there when I got home and she introduced me to them, Jackie and Bill. Both good looking and he appreared to be hung and interested in the bikini Alice wore. We were in the living room and Alice served drinks and slipped into her "slave mode" and put her collar on. Jackie was laughing and said, "So are you a slave and is that your slave collar?" Kidding around. Alice looked at her and said, "Ask my Master. " Bill and her looked at me, "So is it?  Jackie said. I took a drink and smiled, "AS a matter of fact it is. " They stared and laughed. "Yeh right" Bill said, "So what will she do?" "Anything I tell her to. " I told them. "No way" Jackie said sipping her drink. "Alice" I told her.

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   "Yes Master. " "Stand up and strip now please. " She did as quickly as I had asked and was naked in front of us. Bill was hard and Jackie was moving around telling me she was excited too. "So stripping is nothing, tell her to do something extreme. " Bill said, his cock straining against her zipper. "Alice, pull out Bill's cock and suck him off. " "Yes, Master" she said and had him out and in her mouth. Jackie was watching saying, "Damn, I don't believe it, she is sucking him. " Bill was moving his hips and soon filled her mouth with his cum.
Alice sat there waiting for the next command. "Now suck me Dear" I told her. She did and I filled her throat with cum also. "Jackie looks like she is hot Dear, eat her pussy. " "Yes Master" Alice said and then Jackie was having her shorts slipped off and Alice had her face in her pussy.

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   "Bill, would you like to fuck her in the ass while she eats Jackie?" I asked. Alice herad and moved her hips up so he could. He filled her ass and she kept eating Jackie. All three had an orgasm all together.
We were stiing around nake and Bill asked if anyone wanted to order a pizza. I did and soon the guy came to the door and knocked. "Alice get that and give him a good tip. " "Yes Master she said again and got up. The guy at the door had his mouth hanging open and gave her the two pizzas and she got on her knees after paying him. "Now for your tip" she said. She pulled out his hard cock and sucked him off. He lft and we ate the pizza. Bill and Jackie asked all kinds of questions about Alice and her slave life and she told them she had to be a slave and could not live any other way.
"I do anything and ask not questions ever," she told Jackie and Bill. "anything?" they asked.

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   "Next week Master can show you of you want to spend the weekend. " "Sounds great to us" they said.
Next week we had 18 couples over and that is another adventure.