A Summer to remember


This is a story about a series of ‘firsts’ that happened to me the summer of my freshmen year of High school.
         It was toward the end of the summer and the weather in Rhode Island was scorching hot. With the start of school less than a month away I was trying to acquire a “killer tan” for the start of my high school years. This was proving quite difficult because I had fair Irish skin (w/ freckles) and I tended to burn rather than tan. For this reason I went to the beach later in the day when the sun was not so hot. Most of the summer I spent working in a local Vets office (for no pay) and hadn’t been to the beach since last year. Since that time I started to develop, my breasts (finally!) were becoming more than a handful and I was growing soft batch of reddish/blond hair on my ‘privates’. I was (am) a very petite person. At this time I was about 4” 10’ and weighed 85 lbs. My hair was almost to my waist and it was more red than blonde. My father was a local Dentist so my teeth were straight and white.
        My first day to the beach I rode my bike straight from ‘work’. The Rhode Island beaches still have changing rooms adjacent to the bathrooms. They are housed in large wooden free standing buildings set back from the boardwalk. As I went in to change into my suit a saw a large group of “A list” kids packing up their stuff and getting ready to go home. A few of the girls I knew from school and a couple of the guys as well.

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   One of the guys, Jimmy, was a good friend of mine until a few years ago. We had lost touch and frankly I missed his friendship and honesty. He was walking with another guy from our neighborhood Sean, who I had not seen in years. His Parents had divorced and he went to live with his Dad in the next town. He had certainly grown up. Sean was at least 6”3’ and had a slim tight body that I’ve only seen on Calvin Klein ads. As I entered the changing room I could have sworn someone called “hey Kelly!” Thinking it wasn’t me they were talking to I went in to change.
Going into one of the changing rooms, I shut the door and began to undress. Looking at my self in mirror I ran my hands over my body, turning to look at my self in the mirror and thinking “in a few years it will be my turn to be on the A list” I took my suit out of my bag and pulled the bikini bottoms up and realized it was alttle tight . Before I put on the top I examined my boobs in the mirror. Holding them in my hands I pinched my nipples and felt a warm feeling course through my body. I had never even heard of masturbation yet and I thought this feeling was some type of secret that I had discovered. Pulling up the top I realized that this was last year’s suit and my boobs had grown much fuller since then. Looking in the mirror at the light pink two piece I was wearing it was defiantly too tight and my nipples were sticking through the material from my “examination”. Knowing that the beach would be deserted, and the A liters had left I decided to go get some sun and get out of this stifling hot changing room.

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         Locking my stuff up in a locker I took a towel, my Walkman and started walking to a secluded part of the beach. Where I like to go there are lots of large rocks on the waterline that can give you cover, shade or privacy (I once went pee behind one of the rocks). Lying down I started to day dream about Sean and what it would be like to kiss him, wondering if he touched my boobs if I would get the same feeling I got when I did it. Despite the # 30 sun block I had on I felt I was starting to bake. Time for a swim. The waves were cool and large. When I plunged in I could feel my top lift up exposing my boobs to the cool water. I felt the same feeling of “warmth” run through me as my nipples were exposed to a combination of cool water and warm air. Checking to make sure no one was around I went back till the water was waist deep and got on my knees and let the water keep hitting me in the chest. My nipples were rock hard and my privates were tingling like never before. Just then a large wave sent me flying backwards. As I regained my footing I realized that my top was missing. Panicking, I turned to see if anyone was watching while covering my boobs with my arms. The only people I could see were two lifeguards and they were walking in the opposite direction. Franticly I searched for my top.

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   I still had a funny feeling that I was not alone but when I scanned the beach I saw no one, not even the lifeguards. Just then I spotted the tiny top floating near the shore. As I ran towards the shore to get it, the feeling of my boobs free in the air turned my nipples hard again and the warmth returned between my legs. My body seemed to have mind of its own. Trying to ignore the feelings I put my top back on while looking to see if anyone was watching. Again I could find no one.
        Having enough excitement for one day I grabbed my stuff and started the ½ mile walk back to the changing room. No sooner than I started than I had to go top the bathroom. Remember the rock that afforded me privacy last year I headed right towards it. I went to the rear of the formation and did my business quickly. As I started to leave I heard some sounds coming from the other side of the massive cave-like rock. It sounded like someone had been hurt and was moaning. Then I heard a voice say” you like that Jennie, you like the way it feels don’t you. ” Climbing up the rock I could see the two lifeguards I had seen earlier. They were lying in the wet sand and the guy had his hand inside the girl’s bathing suit bottom.

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   Just then I saw the girl face. It was Jennie Walsh a girl who went to my fathers Dentist office. She was about 3 years older than me and was a senior in H. S. and a cheerleader. I thought she was so cool and pretty. Now her she is with some guy with his hand in her shorts. Just as I was going to leave I hear him say “you promised Jen come on don’t back out on me know” I looked back and the guy was standing now pleading” Jen you promised, help me out, please” Jen was still lying down and replied “you better not tell anyone Brad, I swear if you do I’ll kill you” quickly he said “I won’t I won’t” Just then Jen said “are you turned on enough?” He replied “ I’m getting there” Then Jen pulled her  top off revealing her firm well tanned boobs as she got to her knees in front of Brad. She reached up and pulled the top of his shorts down and let them drop to the sand. I could see his naked butt. As she moved closer to him he said “just put the tip in your mouth” she said “I know what to do!” I saw her hand go to his waist area and then her head was moving back in forth. As this continued, he turned slightly, and I could see that Jen had his penis in her mouth! It wasn’t like the penises in our Biology books this was much longer and didn’t bend down but up. When jenny took it out of her mouth it stood straight out of Brad. Jen then took one of her own boobs in her hands and brought the nipple to her own mouth and suckled it. “Are you turned on enough Brad? She said as she licked her nipple and stroked his penis.

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   He mumbled something but I was too busy staring at Jen. As she pulled him back into her mouth I involuntarily let out what I thought was a soft moan. Jens eyes looked up as she continued to take more and more of his penis in her mouth. Our eyes meet. She was looking right at me. Just then Brad started to buck back and forth. Jen pulled him out of her mouth and said “close your eyes Brad” and he said “what?” sternly she replied “ do it or I stop” he said “O. K …just don’t stop. Here I cum Jenny please don’t stop” She started licking the head and pulling on his penis all the while starring at me. Brad grabbed her by the head as his penis started shooting jet after jet of silver liquid all over her boobs and face. Jen then took him back in her mouth and I could see the cream coming out of her mouth. She was still trying to catch my eyes but I was almost in shock at this point. Brad started talking and I climbed down the rock and started running back to the changing rooms.
 As I started to go in the changing room I glanced back and saw Brad and Jenny going into the water, to clean off no doubt. As I started to change I noticed that my Bikini bottoms were damp.

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   The wetness was coming out of my privates. I reach between my legs and touched my clit for the first time in a sexual way. It was sooo sensitive. I pinched it like I do my nipples and my body started to shake. I thought that I was having some kind of seizure. But I could not stop playing with my clit… I reached up with the other hand and pinched my nipple and then I felt a feeling like never before, like a dam releasing inside me. I keep pinching and rubbing until the feeling slowed down.
    I had lost all concepts of time and space. I was sweating from the event of the afternoon, the heat of the changing room and my hands all over me. Forcing myself to dress I got on my bike got my stuff from the locker and headed home. When I got home I was ashamed of myself for what I had done yet couldn’t stop thinking of Jenny with that big penis in her mouth and the cream on her face…. .
                The next day I was trying to stay busy to try and avoid thinking about the day before. About 2 o’clock my Dad asked me if I wanted a ride to the beach. I said O.

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      K. and before I knew it I was walking down the same beach in the same tight fitting suit heading to the same spot. Having brought a book to read today I wasn’t consumed with thought of yesterday. Trying to stay cool I headed back to the water to cool off. Avoiding touching my boobs was a little difficult but I managed. As I wadded out of the water I saw the same two lifeguards walking towards the rocks again. I had on my sunglasses so I wasn’t worried about them seeing look at them. Just as they were about to go behind the rocks Jen stopped, looked at me and waved. I stared at her, she waved again and I waved back. She smiled and gave me the A. O. K. sign. I sat back down and tried to concentrate but I could not stop staring at the rocks. Just then Jen came out of the rocks and waved to me again.

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       I waved back and she pointed to the top of the rocks were I had watched her and Brad the day before. Then she walked back in. Confused I gathered my stuff and started walking back to the main part of the beach. When I got near the rocks I could hear Jen’s soft moans. I had to go see what was going on. Climbing back to my spot from yesterday I looked over the top of the rock and saw Jen lying on her back. She was completely naked. Brad was lying on top of her; he still had his shorts on. He was sucking on her nipples, on the sides of her boobs and on her neck. She was moving her head back and forth. Her moans were louder. I felt my nipples craving to be touched, sucked. I put my hand inside my top. Pinched my nips and let out a moan. Jen looked up and saw me but Brad had his back to me.

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       She looked me in the eye and smiled, I just keep rubbing my boobs. Then she pushed Brad by the shoulders, I thought it was time for her to suck him like before. Instead Jen pushed his head down towards her pussy. Brad kissed and licked her belly as she smiled at me. Brad then put his mouth on her pussy and Jens face changed. He was sucking and licking and I could hear slurping sounds. Her face was one complete ecstasy. She was biting her lip as she tried to look at me. Brad had moved a hand up to her pussy and had inserted two fingers into her pussy. Jen said she was going to cum. And then she started thrashing as Brad buried his tongue in her pussy. As she came we locked eyes again as she floated in and out of reality. Brad moved up to kiss her on the mouth with the juices of her pussy still on his face. She gladly accepted his tongue. My hands were now inside my shorts and I was stroking my own clit.

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       I thought I was going to have leave before I started screaming. Looking at them again, I saw Brad step out of his shorts, his penis was sticking straight out. Jen asked if he had a condom He replied that he won’t cum in her. Jen rolled onto her tummy and stuck her ass up in the air. I couldn’t believe my eyes when Brad grabbed his penis and started rubbing it on Jens pussy. She turned to help him and looked up at me again, and then she blew a kiss at me. I almost fainted. Then Brad pushed his penis into the folds of Jens pussy. She gasped, told him to go slow. He began to push in and out faster and faster. Jens head was trying to look at me but Brad was pushing her too hard, her head was being pushed into the sand, harder and harder. Jen said” Brad, your hurting me, slow down, Brad please” he said “ shut the Fuck up” Jen cried “Brad please don’t cum in me” He replied in a mean voice” this is for all the times you teased me you bitch” then he pulled his penis out of her. I thought he was going to shoot his cum but instead he grabbed Jen by the hips and rubbed his penis tip on her ass. She said “Brad don’t even think about putting that in my ass” What I thought? Just then He grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face into the sand. Jen was crying now and I saw paralyzed.


       He grabbed his penis and pushed near her asshole. She started to scream. He slapped her in the side of the face and pushed harder. From my angle I could see it sliding into her ass. Her face a mess of tears, sweat and panic. Harder and harder he slammed into her ass. Looking at Jen again I could see she was starting to moan again. She liked it. Brad said “I’m going to cum” and she replied   “cum in my ass Brad. . harder. . harder” and then Brad went rigid as he shot his cum in Jens ass. He keep pumping and grunting. She turned to see if I was still there, we locked eyes again.

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       Her face was scrapped up, she tried to smile. Brad pulled out of her and stood, she turned and he grabbed her head and said “ clean my cock off now bitch” and put his penis in her mouth. As she sucked and cleaned him I looked at her and she at me. I saw that she was rubbing her clit as she sucked him and I was rubbing mine as well. Brad grew hard again and came in her face. Just as he did I climbed down and made my way to the changing rooms. The last two days had been ones that I’ll never forget but I still wasn’t ready for what was to happen next………. . .



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