A gymnasts first time (part 7)


jason and i walked into his room. i walked over to the bed and sat on the end of it.  
"so. . . " i said "what do you wanna do tonight?"
"i think you know" jason said walking towards me.
he took off his shirt and then leaned towards me and kissed my collarbone. i threw my head back and pulled his head closer to my neck. he worked his lips expertly over my collarbone and neck working his way to my lips. i slid further back on the bed and jason followed, not once moving his lips from mine. he leant over the top of me and ran one hand up my side while holding his weight on the other. he slipped his hand under my shirt and slid the side of it up. i stopped kissing him for a minute and slowly slid off my tank top revealing a sexy black bra.   then i ran my hands down jasons back and took his hands. i put them on the waistband of my skirt .
"im all yours" i whispered into his ear.

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   with that jason waited no longer. he ripped my skirt off and left me lying there in my black bra and matching thong as he got off the bed for a minute.
"wait here" he instructed before picking up his shirt and leaving the room.  

about 5 minutes later i heard the door open. jason walked in hand in hand with jess.  
"im back. " he said " look whos here" 
jess walked over to me on the bed and took off her clothes. she was wearing a hot pink lace bra and matching panties.
"she crawled over the top of me and kissed me deeply. i kissed her back pulling her close. i ran my hands through her hair and down her back. i got to the hook of her bra before i felt jasons hand stop me.
"not yet. " he said" tonight, your ours. we do everything to you, and you only do what we say, or we'll stop.

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   got it?"
i nodded. jess leaned down and kissed her way down my stomach and to my thong. she slid them down revealing my wet pussy and over my thighs and off my legs. jason joined us on the be and spread my legs apart. he kissed my pussy right above my clit. i moaned from his teasing. jess pulled me up and took off my bra. she started to suck on my already hard nipples. i let out a gasp as jason slid a finger into my pussy.
"now. take off jess's bra and panties. i did as i was told, not wanting this to stop. jess was already wet and her hard nipples we begging me to suck them.
jason slid another finger into my pussy and began finger fucking me. then jess positioned herself over my face.

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"eat me" she said simply, bracing herself on the bedhead. i ran my tongue all the way up her slit and circled her clit with the tip of my tongue. she let out a moan letting me know she was enjoying it. i licked back down her slit and then stuck my tongue deep into her hole. i felt jason take his fingers out and tried to look down to see what he was doing.
"dont stop" jess instructed lowering her pussy further. i flicked my tongue back in and out of her pussy. jess stared to grind her pussy into my face. cum started to drip onto my chin . jess grinded her pussy harder and faster into my face as i worked my tongue faster and faster. all of a sudden she stopped and let out a scream as cum came pouring out. i cleaned up her pussy before she slid off next to me panting. i saw jason in the corner, now naked rubbing his cock. it looked so amazing. a big strong cock with a nice purple head and pulsing vein.

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   he walked over to me and told jess to go get the "stuff" jess got up and walked weakly over to a cupboard. he came back with four pairs of handcuffs and a pile of sex toys. jason picked up two pairs of handcuffs and handed jess the other two. jess straddled over me and handcuffed my wrists to the top of the bed and jason handcuffed my ankles to the bottom. i was spread out on the bed and jason leaned in close to my pussy. he kissed my clit gently and then licked ever so softly. i moaned loudly.  
"ready?" he asked. once again i nodded. he picked up a dildo from the bed . it was about 8 inches long and 3 inches round. it had bumps all the way down it. he rubbed it along the outside of my slit, covering it in my own pussy juices. her prodded it against my hole before thrusting it hard and fast in. i let out a scream.

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"oh fuck"
"like that?" jason asked me.  
"yes. please i want more. "
"okay then. jess" jess walked over to me with another dildo. this one slightly thinner but just as long. she crawled onto the bed and sat up o her knees. she dipped the dildo into her pussy covering it in her cum. jason lifted my hips off the bed as jess pulled the dildo out of her own pussy and slid it into my ass.  
"oh fuck" i gasped.
jason started fucking me with the dildo. he worked faster and faster. at the same time jess was working the dildo in my ass.  
"FUCK, OH YES!!!! SHIT KEEP GOING!!!!" i screamed. just as i was about to cum they both stop.

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"no please dont! please keep going. " i begged on the verge of tears.
jason crawled over he top of me and leaned down kissing me. i could feel his hard cock poking my thigh. he pulled away and breathed into my mouth "down worry. im not. " he positioned his cock just outside my pussy. then he thrust it deep inside. i screamed in pain and in pleasure. he started to slowly fuck me.  
"faster. "
he remained at his slow pace. jess once again crawled over my face.
"eat me again" 
i was so out of breath from panting from jasons fucking that i couldnt do anything.
"now!" she demanded.

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"i. . . i. . . i. cant. " jason pulled his cock out.
"no!" i protested.  
"you have to do what she tells you. remember. "
i licked jess clit and made her moan.
"thats better. " jason said.

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   i felt his cock push back into my pussy. she louder and more frequently i made jess moan, the faster jason fucked me.
after a good 5 minutes of hard and fast fucking and licking, jess and i started cumming followed by jason just a few seconds later.
we all collasped.
"is that all you got? "i asked cheekily.
"oh baby. we're only getting started. jason said, his mouthing moving to my pussy.
 thats all for now.
  email me with your comments. dont ask for me to send you any other parts of this story because i wont do it. if you ask i willnot reply to your email



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