The Impalement of Valerie


" The Impalement of Valerie" by Marq Satyr

Valerie's missionary father decided she must return stateside as soon as possible because of the civil war that had erupted in the African nation in which they lived. A cruel tribal leader known only as Mbulu and his men had been terrorizing the nation for the past month and now had moved close to the capitol. Mbulu was a sadistic and angry man who had supervised the rape and mutilation of numerous women and girls and the slaughter of hundreds of natives. The lovely young 18 year old Valerie did not want to go, but nevertheless she was hustled away from the missionary compound to the airport early that June morning. She would never get to her destination.
A group of Mbulu's men waylaid the car a few miles from the airport. They commanded the driver to get out and searched him. A young man pulled the lovely girl from the back of the sedan, and soon several of the gang had surrounded the beauty.
Valerie was 5'4" tall and a stunning brunette. Because the weather was warm, she had dressed in a light cotton dress with bobby sox and flats. Her dress was demure enough with a hemline below the knees, but it could not hide her fine swelling young breasts and firm round hips. Her firm breasts jutted forward against the cotton dress proudly on display for the leering men who now stood threateningly around her. She felt trapped, and wondered if anyone would be able to help her escape from her captors.
She tried to be brave and managed to put a severe though obviously false front as she confronted her tormentors.
"I demand that you let me and my driver go. We are under the protection of the U.

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  S. Consulate and are . . . "
Her speech was interrupted by a tall man who stepped forward and grabbed her by the throat choking off the words from her beautiful mouth.
"Mbulu does not recognize any U. S. consulate. You are not protected, white missy," he said.
He released her and she got her breath.
"You hurt me, you savage," she managed to say.
The cruel men roared with laughter and two of the men grabbed her by the arms. As they took her away into the thick underbrush of the jungle she heard rifle shots and knew that they had murdered her chauffeur.

The men forced her to walk double paced to a small clearing and encampment about a mile from the road.
It seemed clear to her that she was now clearly in peril.

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   The first thing she noticed was the young black girl who was cruelly tied to a tree stark naked. Two men were beating her with a switch on her twitching body. The young girl's body was lashed by leather thongs facing the bole of the tree, her hips exposed to the cruel whipping. The cruel switch had cut into the skin of her fine young ass and she was bleeding profusely.

The leader of the pack of men leading the white captive turned to her and said,
"That is what happens when a girl does not please our leader, the great Mbulu. She will be beaten and fucked to death by us. "
The men around Valerie laughed and one of them grabbed her arms from the men who led her andtwisted them behind her back and tied them firmly. He pulled her shoulder length hair and bent her head back and placed a sharp knife at her throat.
"You will come before Mbulu stark naked, missy, so he can see your lovely white body," he snarled.

He fronted her and picked up the hem of her dress and tore the front wide open and ripped the dress from her body. She stood in bra, half slip and panties, her pale beautiful white body partially exposed to their lusty stares.
"Let's see those big white tits of yours, missy," said the man with the knife.

She felt the cold steel edge of the knife as he slid it underneath her bra and jerked it through the snug elastic band and cut the bra away from her fine proud breasts. The c cups fell away from her sharp pointed firm breasts with their large pink nipples and light brown aureoles.
"Mobil will like those fine mammerys," the man said with his eyes growing wide and white as he stared.


She knew her breasts were a big attraction to the men around her. She had felt their eyes taking them in before. Now she felt her nipples grow hard as the man reached up and gently fingered them. She blushed in shame as he looked into her eyes telling her how much he would like to rape her fine young body but telling her not with words but with his lustful eyes.
"Strip her underthings off. Let's see her sex," an older man said stepping forward.
"Better, let her take them off in front of us before we take her in to Mbulu," said the man with the knife.
She could see all the men had become excited with her half nude body as she glanced around herself desperately. Their ragged pants all showed signs of swelling penises and at least one or two men's cocks had already pushed out either the bottom of their short trousers or through the waist. One man's cock protruded its crown out of the top of his khaki pants.
"No, I won't take them off," she declared.
The man with the knife put the tip of the blade at the young girl's navel. Once again she felt the steel against her firm young white flesh, but this time the threat was palpable. She glared at the man, but decided she had better obey him. She slowly pulled down the half slip and stepped out of it.

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   She clutched the silken half slip in her hands as she stood trembling before the men. Sweat had formed on her body in spite of the chill bumps that now stood out on her firm young flesh. She was more frightened than she had ever been. She feared for not only her virginity but her life.
She now was naked save for the black briefs that covered her sex and well shaped hips. The man looked at her, his mouth dry with lust, fingering the blade of his long sharp knife. Moving behind her he cut the rope that had bound her hands. He swallowed hard and commanded,
"Bend over and take your shoes and socks off!"
He moved around her to observe her beautiful buttocks as she stooped to remove her shoes and socks.
Her panties did not fully cover her fine full ass, and as she bent over her ass cheeks were partially displayed. Her panties were forced between her butt cheeks as she bent over. He reached out and caressed her distended ass as she was bent over. She grabbed his hand and tried to pull it away from her hips. He grabbed both her arms and pulled her back against him. She felt his had cock pressing against the small of her back. He held her arms with one hand and grabbed her right breast with the other and squeezed it harshly as he held her firmly.

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"Maybe, missy, you would like to have me remove this fine young tit from your sweet white body, huh?"

"No, please, let me go. I'll do what you ask," she pleaded.
"Good, now take off your panties. Mbulu will want to see your sweet young pussy as well as the rest of your fine white American body. "
The men standing around her laughed, lust filling their greedy eyes as they beheld the fertile young beauty's nakedness.
She slowly lowered her eyes and pulled the panties down revealing her full beauty. The men gazed at her ripe pink pussy lips surrounded by its light brown hair. She peeled her panties down and stepped out of them dropping the garment on the ground. The man with the knife picked them up and put them to his nose and sniffed. He smiled and said,
"Your panties smell of cunt juice, missy. Soon we will see it cunt juice flowing from your proud cunt as the great Mbulu fucks you. "
Now she was forced into a large tent at the center of the encampment. The man with the knife pushed her forward until an extremely tall black man with noble bearing stood before her looking down at the young naked beauty his strong muscled arms folded across his naked chest.
"What have you brought me, now, Chukwa," the man said, his deep voice filling the tent.
She looked up at the man.

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   He was massive. He stood at least 6' 8' and he was muscular and very black. His face seemed cruel, and his mouth seemed locked in a constant state of smiling snarl. His face and chest were scarred from knife wounds. He was obviously a man who had been in many battles. She knew that he was often referred to as the liberator of his people. She also knew that he was called that because he had "liberated" several hundred from their lives.
"A new white beauty for your pleasure," replied Chuckwa.
"You are a pretty young bitch, aren't you?" Mbulu said his snarl turning into a lustful leer.
"Please, sir, you must let me go. My father is a missionary and he was sending me back to America," Valerie managed to say fighting back her tears of desperation.
"Tell me, young lady, how old are you?" he replied.
"I just turned 17. " he said.
"And have you ever had sexual intercourse with a man," he asked.

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She hesitated, a deep red blush covered her face. She felt totally vulnerable in her completely bare state, but the finally replied in the negative.
"Good. I just sentenced another young virgin to be beaten and raped to death because she did not please me. If you please me, I will not have you raped to death. "
"Do you mean to---to rape me," she sputtered.
"Of course, my girl. I will ravish you as youwill never be ravished again," he said.

He ordered the men to bind the young girl's wrists behind her back. Once that had been accomplished he pushed her to a chair behind a table and turned to the men as he removed his trousers,
"You may watch as I deflower this lovely young thing. "
They sat on the dirt floor as he sat in the chair. He pulled Valerie to him and she stared down in utter fear and amazement at the enormous man's equally enormous cock. It had already hardened and stood boldly at a full 12 inches of thick black firmness. She knew she could not take either the full length or girth of the large erection in her slender young body. She had never even been kissed by a man, let alone fucked by one.

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He grasped her firm round jutting ass with both of his hands and pushed her cunt lips against his huge cock head and she cried and struggled as she tried to avoid the penetration of the large rod. It did no good. She soon felt the cruel penis pushing into her as the monstrous man held her hips firmly and pushed his large organ up into her virgin orifice.
"Fight me all you want, bitch. It increases my desire to take you," he said, his mouth fixed in a snarl.
"No, no, no, please! You're hurting me terribly,' she sobbed as she felt her Hymen ruptured by his terrible tool.
He had stretched her beyond endurance with his penetrating massive pole and had managed to get only a third of his cock wedged in her tight virgin hole. He had broken through the thin membrane, but he had to raise her hips up and thrust upward again while simultaneously pushing her hips down to meet the thrust. He plowed deeper into her tight young vagina with the second thrust getting about half of his cock into her.
"You are so tight, missy. Yes, I am enjoying this," he said.
She screamed as he forced his huge rod deeper into her with a third and fourth thrust impaling her pussy with at least two thirds of his brutal tool.
The men in the tent watched with lust filled eyes as the leader rammed up into the helpless young girl's virgin cunt and knew she could not take the full length of his rod into her body. Some of them began to stroke their own hard cocks as they watched the spectacle of the beautiful young virgin being raped.
Mbulu now grabbed Valerie's breasts in both his hands cruelly squeezing them and using them as levers as he pushed deeper into her body.

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   He stood up with the girl impaled on his massive dick and laid her on the tableon her back and brutally fucked her. She felt his rod penetrating her so deep that it thrust into her womb. He had now impaled the young beauty with the full 12 inches of his rock hard organ.
He plowed her violently rocking her lovely tits as he rammed in and out of her hole. She felt herself growing excited as he raped her. She was aroused against her wishes and found herself responding to his deep hard thrusts. Against her own will she was being taken and had become wanton in response. She began to thrust her cunt back against his violent and deep penetrations. She was soon screaming wildly and going out of her mind with wild desire. She wanted to be taken violently, and he complied.
He came with a violent eruption deep in her womb. He filled her with his enormous cock and it spewed forth like a great volcano. He pulled his cock from her triumphantly, but there was more to come to the helpless beauty. He picked her up and inserted a finger into her tender anal passage. She was almost out of her mind with passionate intensity and hardly realized what was happening.

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   He positioned his still erect cock against her anal eye and violently pushed it up into her sphincter holding her by her breasts as he penetrated deeper into her anal passage. She felt a stabbing burning pain like she had never felt before as he firmly stretched her second virgin passage with his huge pole.
The men watched with growing lust as Mbulu impaled her ass with the full length of his pole slowly and when he had forced the full length of his cock into her he pumped his rod in and out of with ever increasing deep strokes. He fucked her ass even more violently than he had fucked her virgin pussy. She was overcome with the pain and pleasure and swooned as he held her breasts cruelly and plowed her anus. He emptied a second load of cum deep in her bowels before he pulled his cock out of her ravaged body.
"Now, you may put her on the pole," he said.
The unconscious beauty was carried out by Chuckwa to the center of the encampment where a large sharpened stake set beneath a cross beam with a rope hanging from a pulley. Valerie awoke to find Chuckwa fucking her as she hung by her wrists by a rope from the pulley. He had been fucking her unconscious body for over 30 minutes, and when she cried out he told her.
"Your ordeal will soon be over, white missy. "
"What are you going to do to me?" she asked
You will be raped in each of your holes by six of us and then you will be impaled on that stake," he grunted out as he finished coming in her cum dripping ass hole.
He stood admiring her fine young body stretched so that her breasts stood out firmly over her extended rib cage. He watched as each of the other men fucked her in both her orifices. She marveled at her own enjoyment of their incessant violation of her body.


   When they had finished, she asked for more of their cocks, but they laughed and taunted her as she hung over the sharpened stake which would soon be pushed through her
lovely young vital body.
Chukwa heated a sharp steel rod over a fire until it was a glowing red. She watched with horror as he approached her with the almost flaming steel. He pushed the flaming rod into the side of her left breast. She felt the rod scorch into her tender flesh and screamed as he pushed the hot rod through each of her fine jutting breasts. A rope was tied in a "V" to the pulley and her body was aligned over the sharp wood stake. She suffered enormously as she was now hanging by her wrists and breasts from the cross beam.
"Mbulu promised I would not die," she cried out in her torment.
"No. He only promised you would not be raped to death, white Missy," said the smile Chukwa.
Chuckwa cruelly removed the rope from her wrists and the young beauty found herself hanging only by the rod impaling both her lovely breasts. Chuckwa began to lower the rope and the beautiful young girl soon felt the sharp stake push into her anus. She screamed and kicked horribly as the stake slowly impaled her. Before she died, Chukwa climbed up a ladder and cut her nipples off with his knife.
"To remember your beauty by, white missy," he said.

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