Taken - Chapter 1: So It Begins


Thinking back to my school days in Romania I was never the most beautiful, most popular, most desired, or most asked out among the girls my age. I was taller than most girls, thinner than most girls and boys my age had bigger boobs than me. Well, that is until I turned fourteen then like magic the long slender legs became shapely, my black hair grew long, thick and beautiful, my tummy became tight, flat and toned, and I finally had more to put in a bra than tissue paper and wishes. But before this transformation I had to discover myself and of course at thirteen and fourteen discovering myself and my little buttons was not a problem.

At fourteen I had been able to bring myself off many times and as time passed I became better at it each time. I would just think of a hot guy at school and my hands would move to my most tender young parts. I would shower and use the shower wand on my little bud. All the while I thought I was having orgasms and if they were orgasms they were nothing like what I was about to experience. As I think back, maybe as my body matured the orgasms grew in intensity, or maybe not.

Our house in Romania was very old and dates back beyond the time of Vlad the Impaler. For a time when the communists were running Romania we had lost the title to our home as it was taken over by the state and used by the Romanian intelligence service (Securitate of the Socialist Republic of Romania). We had to remove the holding cells and such in the basement and most of the plaster had to be removed and redone, including mybedroom. My bedroom was large with two walk in closets and my own bathroom with shower, tub, sink and toilet and bidet. My bed was a queen size with four posts of medium height. From my bedroom window I could look out and see Bran Castle and the road leading up to it. Our house was on a steep hill opposite but below the castle.

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  My room also had a deck on the back that over looked the road leading to the village center.

Like any other night after school I came home, had dinner, did my homework, and watched a little TV with my friends who stopped by as planned earlier. My friends and I spent the evening watching TV then watching the tourists with my father’s telescope. It was always fun to pick out a couple of tourists and follow them around with the telescope and imagine why they were here, where they were from. We’d talk about the cute guys and fantasize about some of the really studly guys, and yes, even some of the older guys. On this particular late spring evening we stayed out on the deck until past 18 PM when my mother came in and said that it was time to break up the party because we all had school in the morning. As always we hugged, kissed and bid each other good night. Yes, it was a full on the mouth kiss, not the little cheek kisses. Mom used to call us future lesbians but looking back, none of us ever went down that road for eternity.

After we dropped my friends off at their homes I went back and had my usual shower, and even had a little fun with the shower massage as I thought of the tourists in town that we had been watching. Closing my eyes and dreaming as if one of them was a James Bond type taking me hard and fast as he used me for information on the international villain. As usual with the hot water and the soapy hand on my small firm budding breasts, I came as always. I dried myself off as my breathing rate and pulse returned to normal and headed off to bed.

I always sleep naked, even in the winter. I love the feel of the cold sheets on my bare skin.

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  My sheets are always the softest Egyptian cotton and feels so soft against my skin and I enjoy the freedom of being naked. My breathing and heart rate had just about returned to normal when I snuggled in under the sheets and comforter and turned out the light. I lay on my back for a time, still thinking of the tourists and my friends before going to sleep. Another good part about sleeping naked is that I can touch myself and not worry about having to deal with clothing, and this night I fell asleep with one hand on my breast and the other resting between my legs. Yes, this night I went to bed happy.

I suppose it wasn’t long before I felt the covers being pulled back from me and I felt the chill of the night air on my naked body. Stirring slightly on the soft sheets I felt as if my hands were being pulled away from my body and it wasn’t long before I felt lips pressing to mine. On instinct I kissed back, thinking of my friends and the tourists earlier on in the evening. I tried to wrap my arms around the person that the lips belonged to but I was unable to move them. It was as if a great weight was pressing down on them. My nipples hardened as the kiss deepened, my lips parting on autopilot as I felt a tongue brushing against them. I felt a thick firm tongue pressing deeper into my mouth as I gasped out acceptance.

It wasn’t long before I felt my legs parting as if being pulled apart and a great weight settling down upon my tall slender form. I could feel something grinding against my now swelling clit and wanted to wrap pull my legs up to allow better contact with my clit but like my arms, my legs refused to move. Panic seemed to be the thing to do now but no, this was too good, this had to finish, had to play out as I cooperated in every way.

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  I kissed back with as much passion as my fourteen year old body and soul could muster. Breathing deep and loud as I kissed back and enjoyed being kissed more than ever before. Well, at fourteen I didn’t have much experience but damn I sure was getting some tonight.

It wasn’t long before I felt the lips pulling away from mine and move down my neck, sucking and biting gently until the lips locked around my left nipple. I moaned loudly as I tried to arch my back to push my breast toward the sucking lips. It wasn’t long before I felt the grip on my left arm shifting. I as still unable to move it I thought as I felt another set of lips press to mine, kissing me as hard as the previous set. Once again I surrendered myself and gave in to the kiss, allowing the tongue to fill my mouth. My mind was swirling through the kiss and from the now alternating sucking of my nipples. I so wanted to move my hand between my legs to get myself off but still was unable to do so. It wasn’t long as if I felt that someone was going to do this for me. The grip on my legs eased and I felt what I thought to be a chilly wind against the tiny wisps of black fur sparsely covering my young mound. As what felt like a tongue slipped against my little rosebud of a clit I gasped out loudly into the mouth of the lips kissing me.

Soft whimpers began to escape my lips against those kissing me, and as my whimpers and moans became louder the kiss was broken and moved down to my unoccupied breast. My mind struggled to process all that was happening with two sets of lips on my breasts, sucking and licking them, and a mouth covering my vagina.

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  As I felt the lower mouth move from my clit, I felt a long thick tongue press between my nether lips and slide in deep. I so wanted to buck up with my hips but still, I could not move. With each motion of the long thick tongue my moans became louder and louder until I felt another kiss on my mouth. These lips seeming familiar, seeming young, feeling like my friend Vickie that had left me a while ago.

It wasn’t long before my muscles were tensing as I tried to push against the tongue probing between my legs. It also wasn’t long that the tongue moved from my lips back to my clit. I wanted to cry out, I wanted to tremble, I wanted to do so many things but all I could do was lay there and spasm through the best orgasm I had ever had. I could swear that with each wave of orgasm that washed over me I was wetting myself as I felt a cool wet spot growing under my ass. As the last wave came and went I tensed one last time then relaxed totally. My arms became light as did my legs, and I was now free to move and move I did. I moved my hand between my legs which was soaked. Soaked more than any other time that I had played with myself. My other hand moved to my breasts which were wet around the nipple area only.

As I struggled to understand what just happened I reached for and turned on the light to find myself alone in my bed, the covers tossed off almost halfway across the room, and the sheets disheveled and soaked. Scared now I sat up to look around, and in looking around I saw nothing, no one there at all.

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  Looking down between my still spread legs and noticed a long wet pattern which extended out in a straight line about 2 or 3 feet from my vagina. As I looked down my long slender legs toward my feet I could see what seemed to be hand prints in the form of darkening bruises just above my ankles. I wanted to scream, I wanted to know what had just happened, I wanted to wake up… then I came to the realization that I was awake and that the wetness and the bruises were still there…I was fully awake…