Repayment 2


After that amazing night of fucking sucking and even being ass fucked. I was hooked. She had me by the balls. Why the heck not I had to repay her or she would call the cops. And I loved haveing grate sexually exsperances. So I was going to be back there to get my first client. So come that next weekend I show up a half an hour early. She has me come in to a spare bed room to get me dressed. I was nevuse as hell. She say the client is a high power women that could take me places or She could stop me in my tracks. She is going to push me father and do things to me that Might make you sick. But it will be worth it when your done. I could not think what was going to happen to me. But I would find out soon enough. A taxie arived and I was off. She told me to always take a taxie.

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   Never drive your pice of shit truck. Looks bad for biss. I arived at a pretty small house in the middale of the woods. As I walked to the door all I was trying to think of was what the couger told me. Nock on the door and when it opens drop to my knees and tell her Im yours for the night. And just Do what she says when she says it. Dont ask qustions and only talk when asked a qustion. Knock Knock Knock. A women dressed in a black ball room danceing gown. Tight fitting around her very tight body. She had long black hair with a face that I reconized. but could not figure out were from. It took me about three sec. to see that then remeber that I need to get on my knees. I went down so fast that my knee hit the thresh hold and I was in pain.

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   But I tryed to hold my conposure. The lady in black let out a laugh. What took you so long to get to your knees. I was blown away by your butey. And Im yours for the night. then get your ass in here. I went to stand up then got pushed back down. No crawl in. You dont desearve you feet yet. You might get to walk out. As I crawl in With a throbing knee. Just as I get in the door she stops me. Now get un dressed. And dot even think about getting up. I was wearing a tux so It took me a bit to figurur out how to un dress on the floor.

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   Ha Ha you look like a fish out of water. I got the top off easy But I had to roll on my back to take my pants off. So I laying there on my back pullin my pants off. When she stattals my head. With her long selitoe heels. From this veiw I can see her black lacepantys. She says you better be thersty. She slids here panttys to the side and squts just inches fro my face. I go to start licking. She pushes my head to the floor. "No Just open wide. " Oh shit I think just as she lets loose. With a hol lot of presure. The stream hit me in the nose and eyes. It burns.

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   I try to move away she holds my head stright. Open the fuck up. I open my mouth and she shoots it down my throught. It was not as bitter it was more sweet and salty. The only thing I could do was swallow. Just as she would slow and I think shes done she would have anouther gush. She had to of held a lot of water for a long time to piss this much. Finally she was shaking the last drops over my face. Now roll over and clean the mess you made. Suck it up. I hesatated And felt a relly had smack to my ass. Faster you dirty slut. I sucked the puddals up. My brain was not really working other then what she said. As I licked the last puddale she put a collor on me.

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   Then pulled. Crawl. She drug me into the bathroom. She went right to the tub. and told me to get in. I did. she turnd the shower . And pulled my head around in to it. She started rubbing soup all over my body. Mainly my ass. It did nt take long for penatration. "Shit you are fucking dirty back her I fucking have to fix that. Then I fet her probing around with some sort of plastic nobe. the shoved it in It was a round like ball with a tube conected to it. It was a enama.

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   I felt warm water fill my ass. She was sqeezing it to push it in there. It was to much to fast. I filled up fast. I beged a pleded. for relife. With a shap no. She kept it coming. When the bag was emty she said Stay right there and Ill be back. If you release that You will think what your feeling know is grate. I had my face planted to the drain of the tub. I have never felt the presure like this before. It felt like hours before she came back. she told me to sit on the tolite and pull it out. When I did it was wounder fule.

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   I did not notice that I had a hard on and when I pulled uot I shot a load across the room. It hit the wall. After cleaning my self She had me lick the cum off the wall. Thats what all that cum eating the was for with the couger. Then she pulled me in to a bed room were she promtly bent me over the bed and ramed a strapon in me. but she was not waering it. she climbed up in front of me an put her ass hole right at my mouth. Lick. I twierlled my tounge around and around. Know fuck it. I shuved my toung in there. It was bitter. But I did not care. I was getting in to it. I was tounge fucking her as fast as I could.

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   Just as I thought she was going to get off she pulled away. And steped in to the srap on still in me. She was not at all easy with it. She pounded my ass. Riding me hard and fast. I was pushing back. I did not get off again but she did. So she un staped leaving it in me And rolled me over to sit on my face. She was wet really wet. she had to of sat on me for a half an hour getting off mutibale times. I had to of swalloed a gallon of cum. She passed out still sittin on me. I must have passed to. I woke up to her pulling the strapon out. Now you little ass slut I have a big suprise for you.

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   she led me to a mideavile device on the floor. It had a stool that hade four arms cuming off it. She staped my legs and arms done so my stomche was on the stool. She left for a bit the came back in behinde me. I could hear more then one set of foot steps. From behind me were I could not see. I felt sothing I did not exspect. A cold nose. It was a dog and not a small one. I felt his rufe tounge Slid up my crack and find my hole. then he starts pushing it in. I could feel his tounge deep inside me. going round and around. I could not help to like it. Then I felt him trying to mount me.

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   I could not move or do any thing about it. His pawls fall to my side. And feel him probingMy hole. She helps him out. And he find entery. He starts going to it. His member slid much nicer then the strap on. He was going faster and harder then she could. He cam in gushes. It illed my ass full. with dog cum. I knew it was wroung but it felt good. She pulled the dog around and rulled him over and sucked him clean. After that we fucked and sucked all night long. I left with a huge smile on my face come to find out I paid $1000 on my repayment.


   It was the crazyest night I ever had but I think Im going to injoy this job. .