Young Girls At The Pool 2


Well! As I had promised the young girls I showed up at the pool at about 18 am like the day before, but this time the girls were already there waiting on me. When I walked through the gate they all ran up to me and said hello. I was wearing the same very thin skin tight pair of white spandex bike riding shorts I wore the day before. And of course I was not wearing anything underneath except three women’s ponytail bands as cockrings. I also keep my whole package completely clean shaven and had shaved fresh that morning. I noticed there were three more girls in the group and Cindy introduced us. One of the other girls said the water was great and I should try it. I quickly dropped my stuff by theirs and dove in the pool. I quickly came back to the wall and pulled myself out. As I walked around to where the girls were, the new girls were looking at my very visible, rock hard cock and balls, through my now completely transparent shorts, with their mouths dropped open. The new girls looked even younger, but two of them had on thong bikinis along with Cindy and the other girl that wore them the day before. I lay down on my towel on my back, propped up on my elbows and they sat all around me. I could not believe how extremely excited I was again. We all started talking and they were all taking really long looks at my swollen cock and balls. After about 18 minutes I noticed my suit was drying and not as transparent. I told them I was getting hot again and jumped into the pool.

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   I was right back out and lay back down in the middle of all of them. All eyes were again on my cock and balls.

After a few more minutes of talking and looking Cindy took her top off again and her nipples were as hard as rocks. She asked me if I would put some lotion on her and sat down between my legs with her back to me. I started rubbing lotion on her back and all the way down to the top of her butt cheeks. When I was done I said,

“How’s that?” Cindy asked,

“Can you do the front for me too?”

As she said that she leaned back against my chest and my rock hard cock and balls were pressing into the small of her back. My cock, involuntarily, pulsed right into her back several times. Cindy leaned her head back and looked up at me and whispered,

“That felt really good. ”

I put some more lotion on my hands and started rubbing it into her upper arms, shoulders and upper chest. I then moved down her sides and onto her stomach. She whispered again,

“Are you teasing me?”

I kissed her on the top of the head and told her I was. Then I put some more lotion on my hands and started massaging it into her gorgeous tits. They were young and firm yet soft at the same time. I was talking away to all the other girls, but could feel Cindy’s breathing becoming very deep and quick. I was tweaking her nipples and messaging her tits at the same and she was starting to squirm.

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   I was still talking to the other girls but they were all transfixed on what I was doing to Cindy’s tits. I moved my right hand down her tummy to her bikini bottoms. I slid my fingers down into her bikini front and found her little love button and started to message it. She jumped when I touched her there but did not resist. She even opened her legs a little so I could slide my finger between her soaked pussy lips to get some lube for her clit. I continued fingering her clit and messaging her gorgeous tits until I felt her shutter and I was sure she had had a very strong orgasm. I said,

“Anyone one else for some lotion?”

There were three more tops that popped off and the youngest of the new girls said,

“Do me next, please?”

All the girls agreed and she lay back against my cock, balls and chest and said,

“Just do my front and do me the same way you did Cindy. It looked like she really enjoyed it. ”

 She had really cute little tits with about half dollar size, puffy, cone shaped nipples. When I started to rub the lotion in, her nipples shrank to hard quarter size and the center poked out about the size of the end of my little finger. Oh how I wanted to get my hungry mouth on those young juicy tits. I just knew that I had died and gone to dirty old man’s heaven with all these beautiful young angels hovering around me and wanting to be my favorite. After the last of the lotion was put on the other three, the same way I did Cindy and I had gotten wet again and we were all sitting around talking, one of the younger girls blurted out,


The other girls started chiming in that they wanted to, too. Cindy said,

“Oh! Please, we all really want to see it. Please, can we? We can go into the boy’s locker room and no one else will see us.

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  ” They were all saying, “Oh! Please let us see it? Please?”

I knew it was dangerous with them all being so young but how could I say no and I really wanted to. We went into the boy’s locker room and I had them sit very close to each other on one of the benches. I stood facing away from them and slowly slid my shorts off revealing my real naked ass. I heard a couple of them say,

“God, he has a nice ass. ”

I turned around and showed them my throbbing cock with its huge fat cockhead. It was bigger than I had seen it in a long time. My cock was over 8 inches and my cockhead looked to be almost 3 inches across. My cock was just two feet from Cindy’s face and she was still topless as were three of the other girls from the lotion brigade. She asked,

“Can I touch it? It looks so huge. I’ve never seen anything so big this close before. What are those bands around it for? Girls, don’t you just love the way he keeps himself all clean shaven down there? ”

I explained my cockrings to them and all the other girls were saying they wanted to touch it as well. I stepped up to Cindy, who was sitting on the bench with the other girls, and my cockhead was just inches from her beautiful mouth as she started fondling my cock and balls. One of the other girls said,

“Cindy, save some for us.

    I was doing all I could to keep from cuming all over one of them as I made the rounds and had gotten pre-cum all over their young hands, and was almost ready to burst; I was back in front of Cindy again and she said,

    “Would you beat off and let us watch? We peeked at you doing it yesterday but the new girls have ever seen a man do that before. If you will, I’ll let you squirt on my tits.

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    Now I knew I had gone to heaven. Exposing myself to young girls is my fetish and here I was in a harem of them and they were begging me to jackoff for them. All the girls crowded around as I sat on the bench between them. Cindy sat on the floor between my open legs with my swollen cock only inches from her gorgeous tits. She leaned forward and rubbed my cockhead on each of her nipples and they got covered with my pre-cum. I wrapped my hand around my very sensitive cockhead and massaged in some of the pre-cum, that was flowing like crazy. I started stroking my cock very slowly. I knew I was not going to last for long but I wanted to enjoy every beautiful second of the most intense feels I had had in a long time. Then in a rush the tickling in my cockhead became so intense I knew I was gone. The tickling radiated down through my cock and into my balls, that Cindy had been fondling the whole time, and into my whole groan area. I felt my cum boiling up from deep inside and as it rushed to get out I said out loud,


    I tried to get my cock aimed down to Cindy’s tits but I was too late. I watched as my first white rope of cum exploded out of my pisshole and hit Cindy right in the face around her nose and mouth. The second one gave her a pearl necklace and the third and forth squirts found her gorgeous young tits. My cum stopped squirting and just flowed out like a river as I kept jacking off all over Cindy’s tits. All the girls were ooing and awing the whole time and then one of the other girl, Cindy’s friend with the thong on, announced she wanted to taste it.

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       She was sitting next to Cindy and leaned over and started sucking on the head of my cock. My cockhead was so swollen she could only get about half of it in her mouth but it felt amazing. My cock pulsed and pumped the last squirt of cum into her mouth. She kept sucking on it until it stopped jumping then sat back and said,

    “It tastes really good, you should try it. ”

    Cindy scooped some off her tits and tasted it and several of the other girls followed suit and they all agreed that it did taste good. I lovingly wiped Cindy’s tits clean of my cum and we all agreed to do this again. I told them my next days off were the following Tuesday and Wednesday. They all said they would be there waiting for me. I warned them to be careful who they told about our little meetings. Cindy said this was their little circle of friends and no one else would ever know. That was one of the best summers of my life.