The School Stripper


    Some of the boys at my school call me the school whore, or the school slut. Others call me a stripper. In reality, I'm just a regular 18-year-old girl that just loves to show off. An exhibitionist, really. I know I'm sexy and I'm not afraid to show it. With my flowing brown hair, evenly tanned skin, bright, sparkling blue eyes, perky and ever-growing boobs, and my picture-perfect ass, I know that the boys go crazy over me.

    I vaguely remember how I started. When I was around nine or ten, I would walk down to the pond about 5oo yards from our house. We lived on the edge of the neighborhood that bordered on a forest, so there were a lot of trees surrounding the pond. The summers would get hot, so as I walked in the forest, sometimes I would take off my panties, leaving only a skirt between my pussy and plain sight, and I would take off my shirt. Wearing only a skirt, I would keep walking and let the cool breeze blow across my tiny, nonexistent boobs and my little pussy. It felt wonderful, and by the age of eleven, I had stopped wearing panties altogether. Of course, I had transitioned from skirts to extremely short shorts, but occasionally I wore a skirt, just for fun, still without panties. It was on one such occasion that it happened.

    I was twelve, in seventh grade. It was just like any other day at school, except it was very hot, so I had decided to wear a skirt (and no panties, of course) to let my pussy get a little breeze.

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   I was making sure to be careful and not let anyone notice my bare pussy. That is, until lunch came. I was walking with all of my friends when I tripped over a rock. I managed to keep myself from falling, but I had dropped some books. In the heat of the moment, I completely forgot about the skirt, and bent over to pick up my books. When I felt the amazing coolness of the breeze licking my ass, I knew I had messed up. I quickly stood up and looked around to see if anyone had noticed. Right behind me, there was a group of eighth grade boys. All of them were talking to each other, except one, who was looking right at me with his mouth gaping open. He had just caught a glimpse of my ass. I was expecting to be embarrassed beyond words, but when I looked down and saw the little bulge in his pants, a warm, happy, wild feeling came over me. I had just turned him on! It made me feel so free, so hot, and so sexy. After that experience, I wanted more, and it just kept escalating from there. And now I am where I'm at today, as a freshman in high school.

    Anyways, now that I've given some background, on with the present.

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   The alarm clock goes off at the usual six thirty. I pull my naked body out of bed and get ready. Today was Friday, and I was hoping it would be just like any other day this week, or the week before that, or any other week of ninth grade. A quickly eat my breakfast and get ready to catch the bus. The bus ride is just as boring as usual, and, finally, I arrive at school and see my friends. "Hey, Megan. " They all say. "Are you going to put on another show today?" As always, I answer, "Of course. " My friend Natalie steps closer to me and says, "One of these days, I'm gonna come watch, Meg. Heck, maybe after seeing you do it once, I might get the courage to come and put on a show with you. "

    "You totally should, Nat. You're hecka sexy," I say. I'm not joking. She's just as sexy as I am, with her wavy blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes (just like mine), and breath taking smile. She is taller than me and her skin is much whiter than mine.

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   Her ass isn't near as spectacular as mine, but her breasts more than make up for it. They're not the biggest, but they're definitely big for her age. She would do just as well as I do.

    "Eh, I'll think about it. " She smiles as the bell rings and we go to class. As always, first, second, third, and fourth period go by at snail's pace. At one point during third, while we're supposed to be taking notes, I think about what I'm going to do at lunch. Just the thought gets me excited and I can tell my pussy is getting wet and my nipples are getting hard. I keep looking down to make sure that my shorts don't get a wet spot on them and the bell finally rings. I walk off to fourth period, biology, which is a little bit better than the first three. Usually we are free to daydream to our heart's content as she gives us a lecture on the lesson. Finally, after a fifty minute lesson on DNA replication, the bell rings and lunch comes. I rush to the cafeteria and meet with Natalie. I set my backpack on the table and pull out a small duffle bag.

    "Good luck in there," Natalie says.

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    "Thanks," I say back. "You sure you don't want to come? It's really fun and you'd be perfect for it. "

    She hesitates before answering. "Uh, maybe some other day. " Her usual response.

    "Oh, ok, well, I'll see you in fifth," I say.

    "Ok, see you later," she says. I leave my backpack with her but bring the duffle bag. I walk out of the cafeteria and head to the back of the school. The very back of the school is home to the auto shop class, metalworking class, and the athletic hall, which contains the boys' and girls' locker rooms, bathrooms, and a small gym that freshman P. E. uses. I enter the hallway and walk down towards the boys’ locker room. During the afternoons, there are plenty of coaches, assistant coaches, and athletes wandering down this hallway, but now, it's almost deserted. I keep walking until a reach the bathrooms.

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   I stop, take a breath, and go into the boys’ bathroom. Yep. That's right. You read correctly: the boys’ bathroom.

    You see, for several months now, I've been putting on a sort of a show for the boys. I go into the bathroom, strip down until I'm wearing next to nothing, and then play with myself while they watch. It feels great to masturbate and a boy watching me turns me on and makes it feel even better. It started back the first month I was here. One day, I was so horny, I knew I had to have an orgasm or two. So I rushed into the bathroom at lunch. I went to the one in the athletic hall, since it is always deserted. Except, when I got there, I accidently went into the boys bathroom. Paying no attention to the tree urinals I pass, I lock myself in a stall and drop my shorts to the ground. I stuck a couple fingers in my dripping pussy and started to moan. I brought myself to orgasm three times, and I was satisfied, so I put my shorts back on and left the stall.

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   But when I opened the door, I say a big junior guy standing next to the door, stroking his cock. He was jacking off to my moans. Again, I should have been embarrassed, but it really turned me on, and it turned out that he ended up being the embarrassed one. After that, I started to come back in and play with myself until it grew to be a whole show.

    So, back to the present. As I walk into the bathroom, I see two regulars, Ryan and Isaiah, and a couple of guys I don't know off the top of my head. I have a quick chat with Ryan and Isaiah, who have been coming to watch since my first show (Ryan was the junior who was in the bathroom jacking off the first time I was in here. ) After we have chatted for a minute or two, I go to the stall and get ready. First, I strip down completely, taking off my shorts, shirt, and bra. Then I take a very short skirt out of the duffle bag and put it on. It's the only thing covering me. I put my clothes in the duffle bag and then take out a black dildo and a red vibrator. I bring them with me and leave my bag in the stall. As I leave the stall, they start clapping, even though the show hasn't "officially" begun. A few more boys have showed up, and now there are eleven.

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   Normally, by the time the show starts, there are over twenty, trying to cram themselves in to see.

    To allow time for more guys to show up and for them to get ready (whip out there dicks or just drop their pants), I put on a "preshow. " I take my stage in front of the urnals. I squat down over a drain in the floor, used to drain out any water when the toilets are backed up, I guess. I lift up the skirt to give a full view of my pussy and close my eyes. I relax my muscles, and pretty soon my hot pee starts to trickle out and go down the drain. Some guy requested I do this a while back, saying that it turned him on, and since I have no objection to it, I pee down the drain every day now.

    As the last of the pee drips out of me and goes down the drain, I stand up and open my eyes. Now, just about everyone has shown up and most are now slowly stroking their cocks, waiting for the main event. Every day of the week has a different theme, today, Friday, being anal day. That is why I have two dildos. I pick up both of the toys and go lay down in the corner, by the door. I start off by licking and sucking on the black dildo. When it's good and lubed, I slowly stick it in my pussy. My wet pussy accepts the dildo and it slides in with ease.

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   I close my eyes and start pushing it in deeper, and then pulling it back out again. I start to go faster and in no time I come to my first orgasm of the day. The pleasure and ecstasy rock my body and I here a couple of the boys moaning. A few have already finished jacking off and are leaving.

    When I recover, I get the vibrator and change position. I get on all fours and point my ass towards the audience. I flip the skirt up to give them a full view. I arch my back and try to stick my ass out as far as I can. This is by far my favorite position. I feel so exposed, so helpless, and so defenseless. And I know that the boys are drooling over me, wishing that they can reach out and grab my ass cheeks. The black dildo, being lubed with my saliva and my pussy juices, slides into my ass nicely. It does hurt at first, but the pain quickly subsides, leaving nothing but pleasure. I start to moan loudly, and so do the boys. I push the dildo in and out, and while I'm doing it, I push the vibrator into my pussy and turn it on low.

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    One by one, the boys are going into the stall, standing in front of the sink, or gathering by the urinal to cum and shoot their load into it. I have strict rules against cumming on the floor, since no one ever wants to clean it up. I, too, feel the need to cum, so I put the vibrator on high and let it do its job. I moan louder and louder until the waves of pleasure shake through my body. For some reason, having something in both holes makes the orgasm far better as I almost collapse as my pussy muscles quit contracting. Most of the boys are gone now, and only a few are left, finishing off their cocks. I go back into the stall and put the dildos back in the bag and put my shirt back on. Before I put on my pants, I look in the bottom of the duffle bag and gather up all the coins and dollar bills. I count it and make out around twelve dollars in tips. I pull a plastic Easter egg out of my bag, put all the money inside, and then slowly push the egg into my pussy. I used to carry my tips in the duffle bag, but when more people started learning about my show, they started stealing my tips, so I had to hide them somewhere safe. It turns out, my pussy is the perfect place.

    I put my shorts on and left the stall. The only boys still there were Ryan and Isaiah. We talk and they tell me how good I did until the bell rings and we all go to class.

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   It went very well today. Now, if only I could convince Natalie to join me. . .

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