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I was pretty shy and reserved and was very reluctant to my hubby when he first brought the subject of public exhibition up. I was very conscious of what I wore in public and what might be showing and such.

It all finally got started when he bought me a one-piece bathing suit that tied up behind my neck. We were at the beach and only a few couples and a couple of guys tossing a frisbee were anywhere near us. Unbeknownst to me when I had my hubby tie the string behind my neck he made sure it wouldn't stay and before I knew it my suit was untied and on the sand and the guys were enjoying the freeshow. I was so nervous and embarrassed that I made him pack our stuff and leave right away.

When we got home I was angry at him, and still a little embarrassed, but also oddly excited thinking about the fact that other men had seen me and had enjoyed it. And since I didn't know any of them I finally conceeded that it wasn't as big an ordeal as I had thought it would be.

Before the next trip to the beach hubby bought me a white bikini, which, wasn't sheer, (dry), and also unknown to me was that he had done it once again, (he had cut out the lining in both the top and bottom), so here I was out in the water and a few guys honed right in on the fact that my top was now quite sheer and was hiding nothing, they could clearly see everything.

Well, not knowing any of them and with no children around, much to my husbands surprise, I figured, they've all seen some before, no kids and nobody I know, so why not? I tossed my top over to hubby and let the girls loose and within a few minutes was quite excited and enjoying the attention. So, without further adu, I reached in the water and tossed hubby the bottom too!!!! I think I had an orgasm almost immediately! I was so nervous, excited and was trembling unsure of where it came from, but from that moment on, things were about to get more and more exciting when I knew we were headed out of town, or going someplace where we didn't know anyone.

The next step for me was, hubby started buying me short skirts and either stay-ups or stockings and a garter belt. Well, where better to show them off than to have hubby take me to a nearby town or city and go to a shoe store with a male employee! I would sit on the edge of the chair and wait for the salesman to come over and slip on the first shoe, and naturlly if he showed an interest, I would sit back a little further on the chair and open my legs a little, (hubby got quite aroused watching from outside the store). Almost every time it would cause me to have an orgasm sometimes several.

From the shoe stores it next led to going for Sunday Drives! Sunday drives were and are anything but boring for me. Hubby picks out an outfit, usually consisting of a sheer button-up shirt or blouse, a sheer bra, short skirt, if he does have me wear panties they’re crotchless, then stay-ups/stockings with a garter or pantyhose with the crotch cut out.

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   I wear a long coat overtop to get out to the car, and he brings a few towels to put on my seat.

Once we get to the other side of the city, (where it’s less likely to run into neighbours), he has me remove my overcoat and gets me to spread my legs a little bit. After we get outside the city limits, he gets me to unbutton the top and spread my legs a little more. Once we pass through the neighbouring small town, he has me remove the top and bra and toss them into the back seat. He also has me raise or remove my skirt at this point, (which causes my pussy lips to swell and I start getting a little wet), and gets me to put my right foot up on the dash and my left leg over top of the console. As we have a very small car, it affords passing motorists a pretty good view. Not too mention that if there is a man/men walking at the side of the road, he slows down to allow a good look or just comes to a stop and asks them for directions. At this time he starts to caress me until I finally orgasm. But that’s not the end of it.

He has me put the sheer top back on with a few buttons undone and without the bra, he also has me pull my skirt down as we get into the outskirts of the next city, where there are many full serve gas stations. He scouts them out to find one that has a young male or two pumping the gas, then chooses one of them. As we’re pulling in, he has me spread my legs slightly, until the attendant goes to wash the windshield, at this point if the young man shows an interest in what he sees, I'll spread my legs all the way placing both feet up on the dash and I pleasure myself. Needless to say, I usually orgasm all over again, and my side of the window gets cleaned for a little longer than necessary.

It's gotten so that I really enjoy showing off, although I still get just as nervous as I get excited because you never know if you will run into somebody you know. There are many other stories I can tell but I think I'll stop here for now and see if people want to hear more.

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