First Time Ride


Just in case you haven’t read any of my other stories, my main fetish is exposing myself to young women. This is another one like that.

The first time I ever had a woman get it the car with me when I was naked happened many years ago. I was cruising around and jacking myself off and trying to expose myself to young women. As I was cruising through this one shopping center parking lot I spotted this young woman walking toward the main street. I threw my shorts over my package as I pulled up beside her to ask her if she needed a ride. My cock was still as hard as a rock and making a huge tent in my shorts. I knew I was taking a big chance that she wouldn’t turn me in as it was very obvious that I was naked. I had no shirt on and the shorts barely covered my cock and balls. I asked her if she needed a ride anywhere and as she leaned down into my open passenger window she saw the side of my naked ass then looked back up at me. She said,

“I need to go downtown. Are you going that way?”

Then she looked back down at my naked ass again and took a nice long look. I told her to jump in and I would be happy to take her where ever she wanted to go. She got in and as we started to drive out of the parking lot she looked over at me and said,

“You look like you’re enjoying yourself. If you want to continue what you were doing, don’t let me stop you. I appreciate the ride and the least I can do is let you finish taking care of that big boy.

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   I always try to dress sexy because I love having pervs like you expose themselves to me. I love watching a man beat his meat but my boyfriend won’t do it for me. He says he doesn’t like to jackoff. ”

I told her that my biggest fantasy was to have a young woman like her sitting in my car next to me and watch me jack myself off.

She said her biggest fantasy was to have a million dollars, but she would love to watch me jack myself off. I took my shorts off myself and she was looking directly at my cock and balls. She said I had a very nice cock and loved guys that were circumcised. She said that it made their cockhead look so much fatter. Then she noticed that my cock and balls were completely shaven and that I had three multi-colored women’s ponytail bands on as cock rings. She said she liked my shaved cock and cock rings. I put some lube on my cock and started stroking it. As she watched me she told me she was a stripper and she was looking for some silk scarves for her act. She asked,

“Aren’t you afraid of getting caught out naked like this? Most women would report you for doing that out in public, although I can tell you that most women really like watching a man beat his meat. It’s just when they get surprised by seeing a man naked out in public it’s like they don’t have control and at first are afraid. I’m sure you don’t want to hurt any of them but they react first and usually get mad.

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   Just be careful, OK?”

I told her that the possibility of getting caught was what made it so exciting and made me keep exposing myself to so many women. She said she really liked watching me jerkoff as we drove toward downtown. I kept jerking off as she watched me and my cock was feeling so good. I asked her if we could pull into a store parking lot so I could stop and enjoy beating my meat in front of her without having to drive. She said if I wasn’t afraid of being seen by someone to go ahead. After we were parked for a few minutes another car parked right beside us. A nice looking woman in her late thirties got out and came around behind her car. The young woman with me warned me that, that woman was going to walk right by my open driver’s window. She did and looked down and saw what I was doing.

As she walked around the front of my car she looked in the windshield and gave me a dirty look. We watched her go a few cars down then turn between them. The young woman with me said,

“You better cover yourself; I think she’s coming back. ”

I said I wanted that woman to really see me jacking off. I was sliding my hand up and down my cock and could feel that amazingly intense tickling starting on my cockhead as my hand stroked it.   Just then she came up beside my driver’s window again and stopped.

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   I rose up off the seat toward the window as both women watched me stroking my cock. I said out loud,


My cockhead was tickling so much as my hand pumped up and down and the tickling coursed down deep into my balls as my cum exploded out of my pisshole. It felt fantastic having these two women watching me and seeing me shoot my cum everywhere. As I stopped cuming and sat back down on my cum covered seat the woman standing by my window, very angrily said,

“You dirty old pervert. That is so nasty. I hope you get caught. And your friend should be ashamed of herself letting you ride around doing that in front of other women. If she were taking better care of you at home you wouldn’t need to do that to yourself. ”

She quickly headed for the store and we quickly left the parking lot. My cock stayed rock hard and I kept jacking off and butt naked the whole time I drove her downtown and dropped her off. We laughed about what the other woman had said and she gave me her phone number and said if I ever wanted to do that again she would love to join me. I really enjoyed being seen jacking and cuming that day.




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